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mount SMB / CIFS for Nokia N9 - Aegis restrictions

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My first post!
My first post!

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Phone: Nokia N9

PostPosted: Sunday, 18.Aug.2013 16:33    Post subject: mount SMB / CIFS for Nokia N9 - Aegis restrictions   Reply with quote   

Hi !

I'm a glad user of a Nokia N9.

Recently I got a new NAS and I was wondering if it could be possible to get access from the N9 to the shared folders of my NAS.

Especially I would like to play mp3 files stored on the NAS with the N9.

So if the N9 would be a completely open Linux, the normal would be to mount the NAS-shared with CIFS on a folder at /MyDocs/Music.

This could be done from the bash with mount or with an entry in fstab.

I tried this but I seems these ways are not possible due to the Aegis restrictions.

The only app I could find so far is MyExplorer.
But for my goal this is not working.
With MyExplorer I get access to the NAS only within MyExplorer. But the musicplayer has no access to the mp3-files stored on the NAS.

So I was searching for more information on this issue the past days.

I could not find a clear answer for it.

So my question is, does anybody who is experienced in developing apps for the N9 know if it is possible to write an app, which mounts the shared folders with CIFS to a folder in /MyDocs/Music ?

I read on the Nokia Developer pages for Harmattan that apps need a kind of certifation to do certain from Aegis restricted features.
Does anybody know if this is also possible for mounting folders or change the fstab ?

Best regard

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Site supporter

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PostPosted: Sunday, 18.Aug.2013 21:22    Post subject:   Reply with quote   

Sorry, I don't have a direct answer to your question, however maybe it helps you somehow anyway. First of all: I only know MyExplorer being able to access CIFS shares. I don't know if there are other possibilities.

But: if you wanna play music from your NAS on your N9 (and I presume, that this is your intention), maybe you could try with a Helium ( dAuto=1601 ). If your NAS provides the music as a UPnP Server, maybe you could hear them on your N9 through Helium (never tried it though).
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