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Nokia continues to FINISH OFF MeeGo, Symbian and ITSELF

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PostPosted: Friday, 15.Sep.2017 14:49    Post subject:   Reply with quote   

I just don't get the fuss about those gestures. What is so "groundbreaking" about them?

It seems to be a lot of completely empty arguments all over the Internet (just like when Hintry kept repeating like a mantra that the iPhone was groundbreaking over and over).

Gesture control did arrive with the Neonode N1/NeoShell and is now standard in every smartphone with a capacitive screen (and also some resistive ones like the N900 and swirl-to-zoom) so what exactly is the groundbreaking thing here? I have been using gesture control for the last several years so what is the fuss?

I don't know what iOS brings to the table in the area of gesture control in comparison with Android, BB10.x, MeeGo Harmattan and Jolla Sailfish?

My only conclusion of the whole iPhone X launch and promotion can just be:

It is a device for ignorant "iDiots" without critical thinking.

Sorry for the harshness but I just can't find anything intelligent about that device, its design, its features, its design (it looks like a toy, probably the ugliest device launched in 2017) AND the promotion of it is clearly targeting people without a clue about smartphones and their features. Please don't tell me that Apple is targeting an "adult, intelligent" audience with a sales pitch as the one quoted by Michal...

I think Apple set the standards of marketing really low, can't even think about what other product in the current market that are being sold in such a silly way. It is like a car being marketed with "groundbreaking power steering, AC and the new revolutionary thing called 4X4 that enable all four wheels to be powered". I can't remember I have seen such an ad - ever.

Microsoft were promoted in such a dishonest way once upon a time (by paid/bribed journalists and "experts") but even during the period when the Windows hype was at its top (around 1995-1996), the arguments were as bad as they are with the iPhone now. I can't remember anyone claiming that personal computing started in 1995 with Windows 95 or that graphical interfaces were pioneered by Microsoft with Windows 1.0 or that the ability to edit video with a personal computer started in 1995 with the MiroVideo cards etc. The iPhone promotion *is on that level*, though.

I just can't consider the iPhone to be a device for "intelligent" people when the following always happen:

1. Every feature is promoted as being "introduced with the iPhone".
2. Its users are defending point 1 by disregarding everything that contradict the aforementioned "fact" using different arguments (marketshare etc).
3. Ignoring 11-14 (depending if we start the timeline from the IBM Simon or Nokia 9000 Communicator) of smartphone development, giving Apple all credit for inventing/introducing/popularizing smartphones (completely ignoring facts in the process).
4. Crediting Apple as the inventor of such things as high resolution displays (see point 1).
5. Defending every decision made by Apple as a "good" one - including iOS restrictions.
6. Arguing that it is "good" that "feature X" is missing because "regular people can't use it/don't use it" (doesn't it mean that those "regular people" are dumb, then?).
7. Arguing that everything is "opinions" including hard facts, i.e. "because I think so" is considered a "strong argument".
8. Blind faith in "experts" - i.e. articles praising the iPhone is "the truth" and hard "facts" that can be used against anyone having a different viewpoint.

It is TEN YEARS since the iPhone 2G was inflicted upon the world. It is TEN YEARS without a single INTELLIGENT argument for said device. I have heard a lot of "arguments" for the device, the problem is that every single one of them is just either pure ignorance, pure stupidity or a combination. I have never heard a proper technological, intelligent argument for the "superiority" of the iPhone and iOS based on critical thinking.

The most common theme is "simplicity" and arguments revolving around that point, typically centered on the idea that other platforms are "too complicated" followed by a piece of Apple propaganda: "It just works".

So the iPhone is really a "trashcan" for human ignorance and stupidity. I am used to the argument "but my highly educated [whatever] use it!" - OK, even if someone is an expert in a particular field (other than technology) - there's absolutely no guarantee that they are able to think critically and ownership of an iPhone (especially bought on contract AND defended using the typical arguments) is a strong indicator.

Just by looking at the proprietary vendor lock-in, disregard of industry standards and different serious restrictions tell me that the iPhone is a "market problem" since it is a device supporting monopolization. I.e. it bring a lot of market/conceptual issues to the table and buying it is a statement that competition and honest business practices aren't important or even something generally disliked.

It is amusing to argue about "the free choice" of buying an iPhone when that device is completely against every kind of "free choice" - it is the Apple way or the highway here.

I would also add that blindly repeating Apple marketing such as "iOS is the most advanced mobile OS!" just can't indicate anything else than stupidity (not to say brain failure). A system that in 2017 just can't do things that were possible on a Nokia 9210 Communicator in 2001 - AND not because it is "technically undoable" but simply because Apple has a customer base that just doesn't mind because they are extremely happy with everything they are being served.

Just look at the way some people start to complain about fingerprint scanners - just because Apple told them that their facial scan is "more secure" (it is like reprogramming a computer...).

It seems like the Homo Sapiens were replaced by Homo Programaticus in 2007 - The Programmed Human, a "robot" fully controlled by Apple (and certain other companies and political parties) that do exactly what they tell them to do, without any kind of critical thinking (especially not when they are told A on a Monday and then the new, contradicting B on a Tuesday).

It feels like Apple managed to bring this "defect" to the surface and leverage it - but it also verify another thesis: "Where an iPhone is present, ignorance is also present".

The day I encounter "intelligence" and "intellectual" arguments AND the iPhone at the same time I will go and buy a bottle of champagne since it will be worth to celebrate. The current level of arguments can be singled out and down into: "It is too complicated to think critically so I need Apple to take care of everything so I don't have to learn anything or do anything!"

When Apple say something or do something - just follow AND repeat their marketing propaganda in order to get more followers.
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