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PostPosted: Tuesday, 01.Oct.2013 16:59    Post subject: Neo900   Reply with quote   

A new lease of life for the N900? Would this be practical?
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Site supporter

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PostPosted: Tuesday, 01.Oct.2013 19:42    Post subject:   Reply with quote   

Sounds great at first.
But I think that is only something for real enthusiasts.
Cost estimations on (thread started by the initiators of that project) show prices between 400 and 600€ will be likely (depending on the number of boards that can be sold in one batch).

In my opinion that is too much for a new mainboard put into N900 housing - they plan to actually use "...housing, display, digitizer aka touchpanel, cameras etc sourced from the commercial N900 spare parts market."

And Maemo 5 has not yet been ported to that hardware - this is another project.

I really like the idea behind that project and whish them all the best, but I don't think this will be feasible for me personally.

Maybe if Jolla will not work out the way I hope it will, Neo900 might become something to think about, though.
It would be a TRUE Open Source project.
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Michal Jerz

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PostPosted: Wednesday, 02.Oct.2013 02:36    Post subject:   Reply with quote   

Considering that both my N900's can be overclocked to 1.1 GHz (and remain fully stable, so I think most N900's can do it), that Neo900 device doesn't seem to offer much speed improvement compared to such overclocked N900, maybe except for 512 MB RAM instead of 256 MB, which should reduce swap usage and thus make the device smoother. So the only important improvement is LTE support, and the remaining things (like gyro, barometer, etc) are quite minor...

For me it would make sense (especially at that price) to replace the N900 only with something providing some CONSIDERABLE speed improvement, or else there's no point in doing it. I don't really need LTE, either. So while it is nice to see that the N900 might get a new life, in this form it probably isn't something I'd be interested in.
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Site supporter

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PostPosted: Thursday, 31.Oct.2013 11:26    Post subject: Fundraising Campaign for the Neo900 Project started   Reply with quote   


I think it is a great idea, but my hopes are with Jolla at the moment as well.
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