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New Release: PuzzleStones out now for Symbian!

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PostPosted: Thursday, 03.Oct.2013 14:00    Post subject: New Release: PuzzleStones out now for Symbian!   Reply with quote   

Hi everyone, I'm part of an independent video game company called Akies Games and our debut release has just come out for Symbian phones. It's available at:

And you can check out our trailer here:

It's an innovative colour-based puzzle game that brings something new to the genre. We've worked hard to create a game that's easy to pick up and play but has had the luck factor removed, so if people want to delve a little deeper they get an entirely skill based system that rewards player ability.

The game features:
-100 levels to complete, offering hours of entertainment.
-Multiple difficulty levels, catering to gamers of all abilities.
-5 different modes, delivering radically different experiences.
-10 beautiful locations to explore.
-2 player mode on the same phone.
-16 pre-populated leaderboards to compete in.
-10 special challenges, providing added longevity.
-3 song soundtrack, made up of original music.

We have 2 main innovations that set us apart:
-Gap based gameplay: The player makes matches of 3+ pieces of the same colour, but they don't have to be next to each other - you can have gaps of up to 2 spaces between each one. As such, there's loads of potential matches on the grid, but the fewer the gaps and the more pieces in the match, the better the score. There are large bonuses for matches without gaps, and scoring scales accordingly.
-No gravity: Matches are made in horizontal or vertical lines, by the player swiping from one end to the other. When we refill the grid we refill in the direction that was swiped. So say you make a horizontal match we slide the remaining pieces along from right to left or left to right based on the which end the player started their selection at.

The end result is a system where the player can get going and making matches immediately, but as their skill grows they can start to shape the grid layout themselves, moving pieces across the board to where they need them.

This way, with some planning, the player can actually construct high value matches with few gaps through a sequence of moves. There's no luck, no punishing rounds just because the game decided to give you harsh refills. It's even possible for highly skilled players to build 8 piece matches with no gaps on a regular basis! This need to scan the whole grid also helps to make the game more involving.

The various modes all play really differently, some even encourage long matches with lots of gaps to really turn the game's mechanics on their head. Most use entirely different scoring mechanics, such as grid coverage or targeting specific coloured matches at specific grid locations.

We also have a 2 player mode where gamers can choose any combination of scoring options, taken from the different modes available in single player.

We've got high quality, original art throughout, plus an original soundtrack.

At the moment we are available on the Nokia store for almost every Symbian touch screen phone that's been made:

It's only £1.50 and runs on the following phones
N8, 808, C6-01, C7, C7-Astound, E7, T7, X7, 500, 603, 700, Oro, 801T, 5228, 5230, 5230 Nuron, 5233, 5235, 5250, 5530, 5800, C5-03, C5-04, C5-05, C5-06, C6-00, N97, N97 Mini, X6

But we are also porting the game to a whole bunch of other platforms - we want as many people as possible to be able to play PuzzleStones.

We're a small company, operating on a very small advertising budget, so for anyone who thinks it looks fun, but doesn't have a Symbian phone, we'd really appreciate any tweets/facebook likes/etc. or just following our Twitter or RSS feeds in case we port it to a system that it can be played on.

-Website -
-Twitter -
-Facebook -

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our game,

Moderators: I hope it's okay to post this under each sub-forum for S^3 and S60v5 as we support all these devices and wouldn't want to miss someone who didn't check all the areas.
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