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What are repositories, how to use them?

Repositories are catalogs on Internet servers containing software you can download for your device.

In order to be able to use a repository, you need to add it to the Application Manager of your Maemo phone. Launch Application Manager and select "Software catalogues" from the pull-down menu. You will see a list of already configured repositories and a "New" button to add a new one.

To add a new repository, you have to enter its name (whatever you like), URL (web address), distribution (should be "fremantle" in case of Maemo 5), and components (which vary depending on repository so you'll need to check it; it's usually "free non-free" but there are also custom ones).

Once you add the new repository, application list under the "Download" button of the App Manager will be refreshed and apps available in the newly added catalog will be listed. Now you can just tap them to install them in your device. You will also be notified about any updates available for installed applications.

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