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My-Maemo Repository: our own repo - why? what does it contain?

We decided to launch our own repository.

Why? To be independent :-) and to be able to offer you whatever we want. And also to make it as convenient as possible for you to get the files.

While in our Downloads we also offer these files as standalone .debs which can be installed using the Red Pill mode in the Application Manager or with dpkg -i [package_name] command in the X Terminal, getting files from a repository is much simpler, quicker and easier...

In our repository we are going to host applications which at the moment aren't available in any other Fremantle repository. This mainly applies to software written for older Maemo devices (Internet Tablets), not yet ported to Maemo 5, but tested by us and found to be correctly working. While they're usually available for download in countless Maemo repositories addressed to the Internet Tablets, configuring them in your Maemo 5 device isn't recommended as it would cause that a lot of other applications (many of them incompatible with Maemo 5) contained in those repositories would also be listed and make a lot of mess.

Therefore, our repository is going to be a selection of software that we tested and found working on Maemo 5 without any problems.

However, the usual disclaimer applies: while we test all applications before making them available via our repository, it isn't us who wrote them so we cannot and DO NOT guarantee that they're of top quality and won't cause any problems in ANY circumstances. Therefore, our repository should be treated just like Maemo's Extras-Devel, which means that you use it at your own risk and you are asked not to use it if you don't know what you are doing.

Having read the above, now you can add our repository to your device. The details are as follows:

Web address:
Distribution: fremantle
Components: user

... or simply click here on your Maemo device to have it configured automatically.

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