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Power Kernel (and overclocking ability) disappears after firmware upgrade

If you use the Power Kernel for overclocking (or other benefits) after each firmware upgrade you notice that it is gone and the device reverts to its default CPU frequency range, no longer supporting additional frequencies.

This is because the Power Kernel gets overwritten with the default one during the firmware upgrade.

The easiest way to reinstall the Power Kernel and get back the support for overclocking is as follows:

  • open X-Terminal
  • type sudo gainroot to become root (you need rootsh to be installed for this)
  • then type apt-get install --reinstall -y kernel-power kernel-power-flasher
  • and after flashing is done reboot the device.

Once you reboot the OS, you can go to X-Terminal and type uname -r. If the version shown contains "power" in it then it means that you've successfully reinstalled the Power Kernel. If not, repeat the steps listed above.

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