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Not enough space on the device for Over-The-Air firmware upgrade. What to do?

When a new firmware update comes out, the N900 will notify you about it showing an orange icon with exclamation mark in the system area and "Maemo 5" will appear on the list of available updates in the Application Manager.

Updates done via the Application Manager (as opposed to flashing the firmware update file using the flasher software) have the benefit of preserving all user data on the device, so you don't have to restore any data or reinstall any applications after conducting a firmware update this way.

However, sometimes (especially on pre-PR1.2 devices) it happens that the Application Manager refuses to download and install the firmware update due to insufficient space (not enough free storage memory) on the device (in the rootfs partition).

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround for this. Prior to starting the firmware update download, go to Application Manager's settings and temporarily (for the time of the update) disable some of the configured software repositories, especially the Extras-Devel and Extras-Testing repository which contain a lot of packages and thus their local databases take many megabytes of space on the phone.

To do so, launch Application Manager -> tap on title bar -> select "Application catalogues" -> choose a catalogue and in its settings window tick "Disabled" and then "Save".

This way you should get enough free space to successfully update the firmware of your device Over The Air (OTA) using the Application Manager. After the successful update, simply repeat the steps listed above to re-enable the temporarily disabled repositories by unticking the "Disabled" button in their settings.

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