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Maze Of Galious  by  Maciej StankiewiczGames & Entertainment category

 My-Maemo user rating: 70% (1 votes) (1 votes), No comments yet

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A port of an enhanced remake of Maze of Galious featuring changeable graphics and soundtrack.

The Maze of Galious (MoG in short) was originally a Konami game for the MSX computer system. Its real name is Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious and is the sequel of another Konami game called Knightmare.

Maze Of Galious for Nokia N900 / Maemo 5

MoG is a very addictive game where you have to kill thousands of enemies, collect items in order to obtain new powers and defeat some really great demons at the end of each level. The gameplay of MoG is not the boring linear one. In MoG you are free to go everywhere you want from the beginning of the game. You have to be very careful of the order in which you visit all the rooms in the HUGE map if you want to keep your character alive. The map is structured in a main map (called the castle) and 10 submaps (called the worlds). Initially you are in the castle and you have to find the keys that open the doors to go to each of the worlds. To complete the game you have to defeat the boss at the end of each one of the 10 worlds. You are free to revisit each world as often as you want in order to see if you have missed something. To defeat all 10 demons you control two characters: Popolon and Aphrodite. Each one has special abilities, i.e. Popolon has a greater ability to jump and Aphrodite is able to dive.

Keyboard layout:
  • Q - Jump / Climb up
  • A - Climb down
  • O - Go left
  • P - Go right
  • CTRL - Use sword / Activate harp
  • W - Use secondary weapon
  • E - Item screen
  • U - Pause
  • SPACE - Use bible
  • BACKSPACE - Options menu
  • M - Change the graphic tileset
  • N - Change the soundtrack
  • CTRL+X - Quit the game
  • L - Pressed in the title screen allows to enter passwords
  • Z,X,C,V,B - Save to respective slots (when receiving a password from DEMETER) / Load from respective slots (when entering a password).

Note: Names of evil demons, dagger password, etc. must be entered while holding SHIFT. Feather is activated in item screen by pressing SHIFT+(Q/W/E/R/T/Y/U/I/O).

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70% (1 votes) (1 votes)
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