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Accelerometer / Sensors
Software taking advantage of the accelerometer and/or other sensors of Maemo smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Andrew Flegg
Attitude / Horizon   Free   80% (2 votes)    2 comments

An artificial horizon and spirit level. This application shows the pitch and roll of an accelerometer enabled device. In the absence of accelerometers, it shows a twisty turny p...

Clovis Peruchi Scotti
accDisplay   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

With accDisplay you can view/record/playback accelerometer's raw data in a graphical form. ...
N900 Fly   Free   60% (1 votes)    2 comments

Completely useless but funny :-)) This app uses the accelerometer to measure the time your N900 was flying. So... just throw your phone in the air, watch it falling down and the...

David Hautbois
Triskell   Free    

Shake the device to control the Media Player, e.g. to switch between songs. It also adds a small desktop widget which can be used to Start/Stop accelerometer control. The widget...

Felipe Zimmerle
4x4 Inclinometer   Free   80% (2 votes)    3 comments

Inclinometer for use in your 4x4. Shows two independent meters showing both pitch and roll respectively. ...

Accelemymote   Free    

Accelemymote takes input from the accelerometers in the N900 and converts it into joystick events. This makes any game that supports a generic joystick interface tilt compatible. ...

Forum Nokia
QtBubbleLevel   Free    

Qt Bubble Level is a simple application that uses accelerometer sensor information to calculate the inclination of the device and presents this as a traditional Bubble level. The a...

Ivan Gorinov
AMeter   Free    1 comments

Graphical acceleration indicator. This application displays a 2-dimentional acceleration indicator with gravity/inclinometer scale, using the phone accelerometer. Defau...

Shake-N-Surf   Free   10% (5 votes)    5 comments

Tilt your phone from side to side to scroll your web browser. Shake to reset home position and use push/pull gestures to go back and forward. ...

Kurt Korbatits
Goblin Utility Knife   Commercial    

Torch, Level Gauge and Distance Measure in one. ...
Step Hound   Commercial    

Keep track of your steps and distance walked. This tool counts your steps and distance using N900's accelerometer. It is a paid software. Free alternative is available - see Ped...

Marco Poletto
ShakeToWake 2   Free    

Enable/Disable wake up/rest by shaking. The shaking code has been optimized especially to reduce CPU consumption and the widget code has been adopted for this need. ...

Angle Meter Touch   Free   60% (7 votes)    6 comments

Measure angles with your device! Measurement is displayed in digital and analogue formats from 0 to 180 degrees. With the reset button you can set the zero degree reference point. ...
Level   Free   10% (1 votes)    3 comments

Use your device as a builder's level. Level Touch features both horizontal and vertical bubble tubes. Readings are based on device's built-in accelerometer. ...
Seismograph Touch   Free   100% (1 votes)    

Measure movement with this fun seismometer! It uses the device's built-in accelerometer for vertical measurement. ...

Sampo Savola
Shake2Control   Free   70% (4 votes)    1 comments

Control mediaplayer with accelerometer....

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