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Health & Medicine
Medical software for Maemo smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Alvaro Manera
Weiight   Free    

N900 + BalanceBoard = How fat you are. With this application you can connect your N900 via Bluetooth to the Wii BalanceBoard and show your weight. ...

Edwin Marshall
MaeGym   Free    

A program to help you organize your exercise routines and track your progress. ...

Eero af Heurlin
maeCalories   Free    

Track your "points" and diet. ...

George Ruinelli
SleepAnalyser   Free   80% (5 votes)    5 comments

SleepAnalyser records your movement during your sleep. It is able to visualise it on a graph to show how much you move during your sleep. This can help to indicate how you sleep...

GI Meal Planner
Diabetes Meal Planner   Commercial    

This software calculates the overall Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) for individual meals and for the entire day to help build a healthy diet for: diabetes weight loss...

Eye4   Free   60% (3 votes)    4 comments

Eye4 is a simple Qt application for testing eye vision acuity. ...

Jan Pahkala
Personal Chart   Free   70% (1 votes)    

Personal chart detects blood pressure measurements from the display of a measurement device. Capture the display of your blood pressure test device and let the program rec...

Ken Young
MaeFat   Free   90% (1 votes)    2 comments

maeFat is a Maemo 5 app for the N900 which helps you to track your weight history. It is similar to the Hacker's Diet tools, but not identical to them. It allows you to log your we...

Kurt Korbatits
Food Hound   Commercial    1 comments

This application allows you to record your calories,fat,carbs and protein for each item. Then you can generate html reports that you can email, MMS to your doctor or personal train...

Ludwig Andersson
QExercise   Free    

A program to help you track your training at the gym. ...

Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh
CardioAlert   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

CardioAlert is an application showing a huge single button on the desktop to instantly call an emergency number. The number to call, as well as the dimensions of the button, can...

Salvador Cabrera Lozano
Marhythm   Free   90% (1 votes)    

A biorhythm application that displays your and contacts biorhythms. The theory of biorhythms claims that one's life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles, and seeks to make ...

Stefanos Harhalakis
MaeGirls   Free   90% (2 votes)    1 comments

Monitor woman's cycles. MaeGirl is a program to monitor woman's cycles. Inspired by MyGirls for Java ME phones....

Stephen Lacey
Accelerated Calorie Tracker   Free    

A calorie counting assistant - calculates the cost of food to your diet, counts calories, tracks weight loss, lets you add and edit your own food items. ...
Exercise Rep Counter   Free   10% (1 votes)    1 comments

An exercise/physio reps counter for people undergoing physio or people who need to carry out repetitive exercise. You can set the number of reps and duration of each rep. The app k...

Tim Teulings
WeightJinni   Free   80% (2 votes)    1 comments

A tool to monitor your weight and measure your eating behaviour. ...

Visa Putkinen
WeightGraph   Free   30% (4 votes)    7 comments

Keep track of your weight. WeightGraph is a Nokia N900 utility that helps you keep track of your weight. It lets you record daily weight measurements. As the name sugg...

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