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Programming and development tools for Maemo smartphones

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Andrew Flegg
Vala   Free   100% (1 votes)    

Vala is a modern programming language compiling to C. Vala is a new programming language that aims to bring modern programming language features to GNOME developers without impo...

Benoit Hervier
KhtEditor   Free    

KhtEditor is a source code editor specially designed for devices running Maemo and MeeGo Handset. ...
Py2Deb   Free    

Py2Deb generates simple deb(/rpm) from Python....
PyFlakes   Free    

PyFlakes is a passive checker of syntax of Python programs. It parses the code and shows an analysis including potential warnings and errors in the code. PyFlakes is also used f...
PyGTKEditor   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

PyGTKEditor is a source code editor specially designed for devices running Maemo. ...

Bruno Araujo
Ipython   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

Enhanced interactive Python shell. IPython can be used as a replacement for the standard Python shell, or it can be used as a complete working environment for scientific computi...

Fred Lefevere-Laoide
ContactInfos   Free    

DBus services for accessing contact information...

Giuseppe Di Bona
GTKTouch   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

GTKTouch is a library to extend GTK functionality for touchscreen control. Using Python you can import GTKTouch instead of GTK, which includes all GTK classes and some additions....

Jacek Milewicz
CGDB   Free    

CGDB is a curses fontend to the GNU Debugger (GDB). The goal of CGDB is to be lightweight and responsive; not encumbered with unnecessary features. The interface is designed to ...

Jeff Moe
d-feet   Free    

D-Bus object browser, viewer and debugger that allows you to: view names on the session and system bus view exported objects, interfaces, methods and signals view the full com...

Kees Jongenburger
GoLang   Free    

The Go compiler and standard libraries. Go is a programming language. It is expressive, concurrent and garbage-collected. See for more information....

PyPackager   Free    

With PyPackager you can generate simple deb or source deb from Python....

Lance Colton
Tolua++   Free    

Tolua++ is an extended version of Tolua, a tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua. Tolua++ includes new features oriented to C++....

Lauri Vosandi
Transifex-Mobile   Free    

Mobile translation application linked to Current version supports logging in to, pulling PO-files, editing them and pushing them back to server. U...

Mad Developer
Mad Developer   Free   90% (4 votes)    3 comments

Lightweight and robust way to ease developer access to a Maemo device....

bpython   Free    

bpython is a fancy interface to the Python interpreter. It has the following features: In-line syntax highlighting. Readline-like autocomplete with suggestions displayed as you t...

Marcin Juszkiewicz
mdbus2   Free    

Mickey's DBus introspection utility. mdbus2 allows to list DBus methods, call them and listen to DBus events. It is easier to use than standard DBus commands. Extra functiona...

Michael Arndt
Subversion   Free   90% (1 votes)    1 comments

Advanced version control system. Subversion, also known as SVN, is a version control system much like the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). Version control systems allow many in...

Nathan Anderson
Swig   Free   50% (1 votes)    1 comments

Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code. SWIG is a compiler that makes it easy to integrate C and C++ code with other languages including Perl, Ruby and Python. SWIG take...

Neal Norwitz
PyChecker   Free    

PyChecker is a tool for finding bugs in Python source code. It finds problems that are typically caught by a compiler for less dynamic languages....

Nikita Tsukanov
Maemo-Sharp   Free   100% (1 votes)    

CLI binding for Maemo. This package provides assemblies that allow CLI (.NET) programs to use the Maemo and Hildon libraries. ...

Pali Rohar
TCC - Tiny C Compiler   Free   90% (2 votes)    1 comments

The smallest ANSI C compiler. TCC (for Tiny C Compiler) is a small and fast ANSI C compiler. It generates optimized x86 code, and can compile, assemble, and link several times ...

PySide Team

The PySide project provides LGPL-licensed Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework. PySide Qt bindings allow both free open source and proprietary sof...

Radical Breeze
Illumination Software Creator   Commercial   100% (1 votes)    1 comments

The Illumination Software Creator allows you to visually build your own software, in your own way. Think of it like the building blocks you played with as a kid. You know what ...

Ruediger Gad
Clojure   Free    

Clojure is a dynamic, functional programming language. Clojure itself does not feature any graphical user interface. Interaction with Clojure is done via the command line and the c...
icedtea6   Free   80% (6 votes)    5 comments

The idedtea6 version of the OpenJDK. This package installs a free version of the Java 6 programming language runtime and development kit optimized for ARM processors....

Sergey Zakharov
JSON   Free    

A JSON implementation in C (json-c). JSON-C implements a reference counting object model that allows you to easily construct JSON objects in C, output them as JSON formatted str...

Simon Pickering
gst   Free    

Detect bar codes in video streams using libdmtx (gst-dmtx package) or ZBar (gst-zbar package) and send them as app messages....

Sugnan Prabhu
Edicom   Free   90% (6 votes)    7 comments

A single editor and compiler environment. Text editor where we can compile, execute, debug and even share programs over the Internet from a single editor environment. F...

Svetozar Belic
TxPad   Free   90% (2 votes)    1 comments

TxPad is a code editor designed for Maemo 5. TxPad uses Qt widget set and is focused on getting as touch friendly as possible while trying make use of whatever the N900 has to o...

Till Harbaum
NeHeGLES   Free    

OpenGL ES port of the NeHe OpenGL lessons These are OpenGL ES ports of some lessons from the NeHe OpenGL tutorial from These ports are based on the SDL...

Todd Whiteman
PyDES   Free    

Pure Python implementation of DES and TRIPPLE DES encryption algorithms....

Tom Swindell
Ruby   Free    

An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to proc...

Lua   Free    

Simple, extensible, embeddable programming language. Lua is a powerful, light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. The language engine is accessible ...

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