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Scientific software for Maemo smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Balazs Terenyi
QBC   Free   100% (1 votes)    

Calculator based on bc - frontend to bc, the GNU arbitrary precision calculator. For more details about bc, please see ...

Daniel Martín Yerga
Copernicium   Free   90% (2 votes)    2 comments

Periodic table of chemical elements. Copernicium shows a great quantity of information about chemical elements. It has other features like a mass molecular calculator and graphi...
Easychem   Free    

Draw high-quality molecules and 2D chemical formulas. EasyChem is a program that helps you create high quality diagrams of molecules and 2D chemical formulas that can be exporte...
Lybniz   Free    

Lybniz is an easy to use mathematical function graph plotter. It can currently plot three functions and allows you to navigate the plot. ...

Ed Page
e**(j pi) + 1 = 0   Free    

A Touch Screen Optimized RPN Calculator using Pie Menus. RPN: Stack based math, come on it is fun Pie Menus: Press them or press-drag them History: Its such a drag, so drag them...
Gonvert   Free   90% (1 votes)    1 comments

Unit Conversions. A conversion utility that allows conversion between many units like CGS, Ancient, Imperial with many categories like length, mass, numbers, etc. All units conv...

Flavio Fabricio
QtResistor   Free   70% (2 votes)    1 comments

This application helps electrical/electronical engineers to check resistor values without using color tables. ...

CalculateIt   Commercial   90% (1 votes)    1 comments

Another calculator, this time a commercial one, as if there were no free equivalents :-) Works in both landscape and portrait mode and features a history view. ...

Gabriel Bohme
MeeCalc   Free   60% (1 votes)    1 comments

A simple replacement for the standard Maemo calculator, designed in the N9's Harmattan style. Screenshot courtesy of The application is provided as a Zip arc...

Institute of Technical Education
Simple & Sci Calculator   Free    

Simple and Scientific Calculator in one application. ...

QNitConverter   Free   70% (1 votes)    1 comments

A simple unit converter written in Qt. ...

Konstantin Stepanov
ProCalc   Free   60% (3 votes)    2 comments

Programmer's RPN calculator with bitwise operations. Has all main bitwise operations (like and, or, not etc.), supports binary, octal, hexadecimal and decimal numbers representa...

Marat Fayzullin
AlmostTI Graphing Calc Emulator   Free   90% (2 votes)    2 comments

TI programmable calculator emulator AlmostTI (ATI85) will emulate TI73, TI82, TI83, TI83+, TI83+ Silver Edition, TI85, and TI86 programmable calculators from Texas Instruments. ...
SlideRule   Free    

SlideRule is an engineering calculator that will plot functions, take derivatives and do a few other useful things. Think of it as mini version of Mapple. ...

Marcus Fazzi
X48   Free   100% (1 votes)    1 comments

A HP48 calculator emulator. This is an emulator of the HP 48 SX and GX calculator. You will need a ROM dump to use it. Two separate packages (x48 and x48-portrait) are ...

MathCalc   Commercial    

Calculator from Mathiola presents all results of calculations in a table. Just touch number in the table to insert it in current computation. Simple and scientific modes. Portrait ...

Mike Choy
Ncalc   Free    

A simple four function calculator for maemo5, with big buttons and changeable colour display. ...

Mike Morrison
GtkTide   Free   60% (2 votes)    3 comments

GtkTide provides tide and current predictions in a wide variety of formats. Graphs, text listings and calendars can be generated. The algorithm that XTide uses to predict tides...

Converter   Free   90% (1 votes)    1 comments

Kilograms, ounces, miles, knots, stones and many more … Carry this handy unit converter always with you. Convert from among all type of units such as lengths, volumes, speed, etc. ...
Elements Touch   Free   80% (2 votes)    2 comments

Displays the Periodic Table of Elements on the go. Click on element and information of the element is displayed. ...
Pocket Calculator Touch   Free    

Stylish calculator for touch devices. ...

Roberto Colistete Jr
Derivative   Free   100% (1 votes)    1 comments

Derivative calculates mathematical derivatives symbolically and numerically in 1, 2 and 3 variables as well as gradient, divergent, curl and laplacian in 3 dimensions and different...
Integral   Free   80% (2 votes)    1 comments

Integral calculates mathematical integrals symbolically and numerically in 1, 2 and 3 variables by using the Python module SymPy (Symbolic Mathematics). Features: undefin...

Simon Pickering
Qalculate   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

Qalculate is a powerful and easy to use desktop calculator. At the moment, the UI doesn't seem to be properly Hildonized yet, so it looks a bit messy, but works great... ...

Soft Spot
Unit Converter   Commercial   40% (2 votes)    1 comments

Easy and quick to use unit and currency converter. Convert lengths, weights, currencies, temperatures and other useful units anywhere, and whenever you need. Main features...

Tatu Männistö
Free42 HP Calculator   Free   100% (2 votes)    3 comments

HP RPN style calculator based on Free42. ...

Tim Teulings
MathJinni   Free    

A simple application to calculate and plot functions. ...

Timo Harkonen
SpeedCrunch   Free    

Fast, high precision and powerful calculator. ...

Vitaly Repin
Gnuplot   Free    

Graph drawing software for making 2D and 3D graphs from data and functions. Supports lots of output formats, including drivers for many printers, (La)TeX, (x)fig, Postscript, and s...

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