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Security / Encryption
Software to protect and securely store confident information on Maemo smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Benjamin Pannell
AppLock   Free   50% (3 votes)    2 comments

Locks the device when an application is launched. This application will automatically put the phone into a locked state (and wait for you to enter your password before continuin...
SIMLock   Free   90% (3 votes)    3 comments

Locks the phone if the SIM card is changed. SIMLock will automatically lock the phone if it detects a different SIM card being used in the phone. The lock code can be configured...

Boris Pohler
Handsoff   Free   50% (4 votes)    5 comments

An application to protect your N900 against stealing. The user can enter a PIN and arm the n900. Alarm can be triggerd on movement or proximity sensor or both. ...

AppLocker   Free   50% (11 votes)    15 comments

Lock/hide your installed applications. The first time you run the application, it asks for new password. After this you can never change the password (the only way is deleting /...

Christos Zamantzas
SMSCON Editor   Free   100% (1 votes)    1 comments

The SMSCON Editor is a user interface to the configuration of the SMSCON. With its assistance the user is able to edit from a GUI all the options and name the secret pass-...

David Galindo
Wallet   Free   80% (5 votes)    6 comments

Wallet keeps your confidential information in a safe place. Wallet is a Maemo implementation for a electronic wallet. You can store your private and confidential informati...

David Talmage
PanicButton   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

Press the Panic Button to tell people where you are by SMS. Panic Button presents a single button on the desktop. Press it to send a text message to contacts who need to know wh...

Florian Brandes
PGGUI   Free    

pgGUI stands for Privacy Guard Graphical User Interface. It is a frontend for PGP on the Nokia N900 devices. It is Alpha stage software. ...

Frank Visser
SMSCON   Free   90% (4 votes)    5 comments

SMSCON provides complete control of your N900 by sending SMS messages to it. This is particularly handy in case you cannot find your phone, for example if it has been lost or stole...

George Ruinelli
Passwordmaker   Free    

Passwordmaker protects all your passwords with a master password. If you're like most people, you have a few passwords that you use over and over again on many different website...

Janusz Sobczak
Secret Notes   Free   70% (1 votes)    1 comments

The simplest way to protect your passwords, codes and PINs. Secret Notes is a very easy to use notes application. Notes are protected with a single password and strong encryptio...

Jorge Aguilar
PySafe   Free   80% (7 votes)    7 comments

PySafe is a small Python program to keep your passwords and personal/confidential information safe and password protected. ...

Nathan Anderson
TrueCrypt Disk Encryption   Free   80% (1 votes)    

Cross platform disk encryption, allows encrypted cointainers or partitions. Command line only....

Alarm   Free   30% (5 votes)    4 comments

Anti-theft alarm for your N900! Features panic button and motion sensor induced alarms. ...

Pavan Patale
Remote Security   Free   10% (4 votes)    4 comments

Remote Security (rs) is an utility to remotely lock or unlock the N900 by sending to it an SMS or chat message with pre-configured password. The package consists of three compon...

Peter Weston, Fred Lefévère-Laoide
Password Safe   Free   80% (6 votes)    7 comments

Password Safe is a tool that allows you to have a different password for all the different programs and websites that you deal with, without actually having to remember all those u...

Ruediger Gad
MeePasswords   Free   40% (4 votes)    1 comments

Simple app to securely store data like passwords. MeePasswords is a simple tool to securely store short snippets of sensible or confidential data such as passwords and the like....

Timothy Redaelli
KeePassX   Free   60% (9 votes)    9 comments

KeePassX is a cross-platform password manager which helps you to manage your passwords and other confidential data in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database w...

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