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Application(s) found for "Tomasz Sterna":

Powder by Tomasz SternaGames & Entertainment 
Graphical dungeon crawling game. This is a roguelike originally developed specifically for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). It is not a port of an existing roguelike as the controls of the GBA are very differ...
Free    User rating: 90%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
90%  (1 votes)

PSX4M by Tomasz SternaEmulation 
Sony PlayStation emulator. It's based on updated source of PSX4ALL by ZodTTD and incorporates Maemo specific backends written by Tomasz Sterna. It uses new PulseAudio sound backend and HAA display scali...
Free    User rating: 50%  (2 votes)   
50%  (2 votes)
Bos Wars by Tomasz SternaGames & Entertainment 
Bos Wars is a futuristic real time strategy game (RTS). In a RTS game, the player has to combat his enemies while developing his war economy. Everything runs in real-time, as opposed to turn-based games wh...
Free    User rating: 90%  (2 votes)   1 comment(s)
90%  (2 votes)

DeSmuME by Tomasz SternaEmulation 
Nintendo DS emulator running homebrew demos and commercial games. ...
Free    User rating: 80%  (3 votes)   3 comment(s)
80%  (3 votes)
OpenDUNE by Tomasz SternaGames & Entertainment 
Classic real-time strategy game - Dune II remake. OpenDUNE is an open source re-creation of the popular game "Dune II", originally made by Westwood Studios. It is based upon David Lynch's 1984 movie Du...
Free    User rating: 80%  (2 votes)   1 comment(s)
80%  (2 votes)
Widelands by Tomasz SternaGames & Entertainment 
Settlers II alike fantasy real-time strategy game. In this game, you start out on a small piece of land with nothing more than a few of useful resources. Using those, you can build yourself an emp...
Free    User rating: 80%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
80%  (1 votes)
UAE4All Maemo Edition by Tomasz SternaEmulation 
Commodore Amiga 500 (1 MB) emulator, port of Amiga 500 emulator for Dreamcast console by Chui. UAE4All is a "lite" Amiga emulator. It is based on E-UAE core and utilizes FAME for Motorola 68000 micropro...
Free    User rating: 90%  (2 votes)   3 comment(s)
90%  (2 votes)
E-UAE by Tomasz SternaEmulation 
Unix Amiga Emulator. This is a fork of UAE, the Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator, with an emulation core based on WinUAE. It attempts to bring many of the great features of WinUAE to non-Windows platforms. Thi...
UAE by Tomasz SternaEmulation 
UAE Amiga Emulator. UAE allows you to run most of the available Amiga software. It is a software emulation, meaning that no extra or special hardware is needed to do this. The hardware of an Amiga is em...
SIXAXIS Support by Tomasz SternaGames & Entertainment 
Support for SIXAXIS Playstation 3 controller....

SixA Daemon by Tomasz SternaGames & Entertainment 
This package provides background daemon for connecting PS3 hardware (Sixaxis/DualShock3 and Keypads) to a Linux-compatible machine. Currently sixad supports: - Sixaxis buttons, axis, accelerometers and ...
PSX4All Maemo Edition by Tomasz SternaEmulation 
Another Sony Playstation emulator for the Maemo 5 platform from Tomek Sterna. This emulator has a working dynarec and different software GPU plugin, so it's faster than the PCSX emulator from the ...
Free    User rating: 90%  (7 votes)   7 comment(s)
90%  (7 votes)
PCSX Maemo Edition by Tomasz SternaEmulation 
Sony Playstation emulator. PCSX is an advanced Sony Playstation (PSX) emulator which uses a plugin architecture to provide full support for all components of the PSX. It has full emulation support for g...
Free    User rating: 80%  (3 votes)   5 comment(s)
80%  (3 votes)
GNU Robbo by Tomasz SternaGames & Entertainment 
GNU Robbo puzzle - a popular Atari XL/XE game (written by Janusz Pelc and distributed by LK Avalon in late '80s) ported to Linux. Robbo the robot is trying to get out of the planet. He must collect all par...

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