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Tue, 31.05.05

[New] Three freeware OPL games for 9500/9300
Alex has written three games for the Nokia 9500/9300. JCrossword is a Japanese Puzzle game. J.Conwey Life Game is a popular Life game. Su Docu is a mathematical game in which you have to fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. All games are written in OPL and require OPL Runtimes.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 19:43 in category

Mon, 30.05.05

[New] MapViewGPS now also for Nokia 9500/9300
MapViewGPS is a well known, freeware, advanced GPS navigation and moving map software for Symbian OS phones, supporting vector maps compatible with OzziExplorer. The latest version 2.5 is now also available for Nokia 9500/9300 Communicator.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:17 in category

Thu, 26.05.05

[New] Checkers Professional for 9500/9300
Checkers is the classic strategy board game with the goal of capturing all the opponent's pieces. ZingMagic's Checkers Professional enables you to play this popular board game to a high standard anytime, anywhere. Features:
* Great graphics with choice of boards and piece sets.
* Play against computer or another human player.
* Play against other human players via Bluetooth or SMS.
* Multiple levels of computer play, from beginner to expert.
* High quality artificial intelligence engine.
* Full undo and redo of moves.
* Show last move.
* Hints.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:37 in category

Tue, 24.05.05

Mobile Search and Mobile Newsgrabber with 20% discount
For a limited period of time (until May 30) you can buy Mobile Search for Series 60 and Mobile Newgrabber for Series 60 and Communicators with 20% discount. Simply use the following promotion code: D997561 in My-Symbian Online Store.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 05:05 in category
[New] Crystaix Jewelrumble for 9500/9300
Crystaix Jewelrumble by Mabax Interactive is an addictive and fun action-puzzle game, where you match jewels creating massive combos and advance levels. As rewards from good moves, 5 special items are available. You also have amount of rumbles you can use to shake new jewels to the screen. Internet highscore system is featured, so you can share your scores and download world scores with a press of a button. It's a Java MIDP 2.0 game and this release is optimized for Series 80 (9500/9300).
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 04:08 in category

Sat, 21.05.05

[New] OggPlay for 9500/9300
Leif H. Wilden has released a Series 80 version of his OggPlay. OggPlay is not only an Ogg Vorbis player. Thanks to using Symbian's MMF (Multimedia Framework) and downloadable plugins it also supports built-in audio decoders (MP3, AAC, MP4) as well as decoders installed by users. And it's free!
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 14:28 in category
[New] iDesk for Nokia 9500/9300
iDesk by Roman Keller and Arjen Broeze is a small but powerful application written in OPL that allows you to organize all your files and folders in an easy folder structure. The program also offers an integrated task-manager.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 02:08 in category

Thu, 19.05.05

[New] SBasic for Nokia 9500/9300
SBasic by Symbianware is a simple, effective and modern structured language to develop computer programs directly on the Nokia 9500 and 9300 Communicators. It takes a unique approach to programming for Symbian devices. With SBasic you can make your programms directly on your device using a powerful and really comfortable developing environment with a fully featured editor, syntax highlight, fast compiler and all the rest of features available in many modern developing environments. But the main point is that SBasic is extremely easy to learn although it is powerful enough for applications development in the fastest way.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 15:21 in category

Wed, 18.05.05

Symbian appoints new Chief Executive
The Board of Symbian is today pleased to announce the appointment of Nigel Clifford to the post of Chief Executive Officer. Mr Clifford will take up his position in June 2005. He has wide experience of successful leadership across a number of sectors, including the technology sector. Nigel Clifford said: "I am delighted to be appointed Chief Executive Officer of Symbian. I am very impressed by the momentum Symbian is achieving and I am looking forward to the challenge of leading Symbian as the mobile market continues its rapid evolution". Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 19:04 in category

Tue, 17.05.05

[New] FullScreenClock for 9500/9300
FullScreenClock from Symbianware can be used like a screen saver and/or highly configurable desk digital clock or stopwatch with the ability to change backgrounds, clock and calendar layouts, styles and transparency levels.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:12 in category

Mon, 16.05.05

[New] Picodrive for Nokia 9500/9300
Picodrive by Neil Davis is a Sega Megadrive/Genesis emulator. It was originally developed by Dave of Final Burn for the PocketPC. This version is for Symbian Series 80 devices, i.e. for the Nokia 9300 and 9500.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 22:52 in category

Sat, 14.05.05

[New] Chess Professional for 9500/9300
Chess Professional by ZingMagic is renowned for its superb playability for players of all levels from beginner to expert. Whatever level of Chess you play at, you can be sure that ZingMagic's Chess will give you a stimulating and challenging game. Incorporates a powerful chess engine written by world renowned chess programmer.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 14:30 in category

Fri, 13.05.05

[New] Super GoBoy for 9500/9300
WildPalm presents Super GoBoy - the original Gameboy Color emulator for your Nokia 9500/9300 Communicator. Features:

* Emulates all GameBoy and GameBoy Color roms
* Full quality sound support, with volume control
* Runs games directly from Inbox
* Automatically run games from ZIP or RAR files
* Games run at full speed
* Automatic or Manual Speed selection
* Save/load game support
* AutoSave - never lose game progress again!
* Fully definable keys
* Hotswap A/B buttons
* Send games to your friends via IR or Bluetooth
* Comes with 'JetPak DX' public domain game installed.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:40 in category
[New] SonicBoy for Nokia 9500/9300
SonicBoy from WildPalm is a Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator for your phone. Play thousands of SEGA classics on your Nokia 9500/9300 Communicator. Features:

* Emulates all Sega Master System and Game Gear roms
* Full quality sound support, with volume control
* Runs games directly from Inbox
* Automatically run games from ZIP or RAR files
* Games run at full speed on all phones
* Auto or Manual speed selection - to speed up or slow down games
* Save/load game support
* AutoSave - never lose game progress again!
* Fully definable keys
* Hotswap A/B buttons
* Send games to your friends via IR or Bluetooth.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:25 in category

Tue, 10.05.05

Q1 2005 financial figures from Symbian
Symbian today released the following unaudited financial and operational figures for the first quarter ended 31st March 2005:
  • Q1 2005 shipments of phones based on Symbian OS totalled 6.75m (Q1 2004 - 2.40m); year on year growth of more than 180%.

  • At the end of Q1 2005, cumulative shipments of Symbian OS phones since Symbian's formation reached 32m phones.

  • At the end of Q1 2005, the number of commercially available third party applications for Symbian OS phones had reached 3,804 (end Q1 2004 - 1,962 applications)

  • During Q1 2005, nine new phones based on Symbian OS commenced shipping from four licensees, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Nokia.

  • As at March 31st 2005, 48 phones were shipping (Q1 2004 - 18 phones) to more than 200 network operators around the world from nine Symbian OS licensees: BenQ, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Sendo, Siemens and Sony Ericsson.

  • Of the 48 Symbian OS phones shipping at the end of Q1 2005, 12 were shipping to network operators in Japan and across Europe for use on 3G networks.

  • At 3GSM in February, seven new Symbian OS phones were announced by Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung and Sendo.

  • In February Symbian launched Symbian OS v9, with its enhanced security model and advanced enterprise capabilities. Symbian OS v9 is targeted at higher volume, mid-tier phones for cost-effective network operator deployment of value-added services and content.

  • At the end of Q1 2005, 41 phones and variants based on Symbian OS were under development by 11 licensees (see Notes to Editors for definitions) (Q1 2004 - 30 phones and variants under development by 9 licensees).

Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 13:12 in category
Nokia Network Bridge finally available for 9500/9300
The Nokia Network Bridge is a PC based tool that enables access from a Nokia 9500 Communicator or Nokia 9300 smartphone to the internet or a corporate network through a cable networked PC. Supporting the routing of two-way IP traffic the Nokia Network Bridge uses IP passthrough technology over the devices USB cable to make a connection. Nokia Network Bridge is now available for free download from Forum Nokia.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 13:08 in category

Mon, 09.05.05

[New] RMRData for Nokia Communicators
RMRData by RMR Software allows secure storage, by password protection and file encryption, of details of your financial accounts, credit cards, pin numbers, lock and key numbers, usernames and passwords, website logins, software codes, passport and other personal information, and much, much, more. Entries are categorized under Types using various form layouts - use those supplied or create your own. Then easily view the full details of each entry on screen, or just the key details on quick view cards, again using those supplied or creating your own. RMRData can import data from Handy Safe for the Nokia 9210.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 15:14 in category

Sat, 07.05.05

[Upd] Automail 1.2 for Communicators
Steve Litchfield's Automail automates email retrieval on the Nokia Communicator. New version 1.2 handles three email accounts, collects email as often as you like and handles errors gracefully.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:05 in category

Fri, 06.05.05

[New] Symbian FileExplorer for Nokia 9500/9300
Symbian FileExplorer by Flander gives you full access to your Symbian phone file system from your PC over Bluetooth (OBEX File Transfer). It is a Symbian application which allows user to browse, download, upload and delete files and folders, even system files, of mobile phone with PC using Windows.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:29 in category

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