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Fri, 30.09.05

Canalys EMEA H1 2005 report
According to Canalys, 80% of the smart phones shipped in EMEA in the first half of 2005 were Series 60, keypad-based handsets, with Nokia's keyboard-oriented Series 80 models accounting for another 13% and those based on the stylus-oriented UIQ interface a further 4%. Shipments of smart phones and wireless handhelds grew from 3.6 million in H1 2004 to 9.6 million in H1 2005, representing a 170% year-on-year rise. Read full report here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 23:14 in category

Wed, 28.09.05

BOGO promotion
Hurry up! Our BOGO promotion ends in just TWO DAYS. Don't lose your chance to buy one program for Series 60 or UIQ and receive another one completely FREE! Read promo details here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 05:22 in category
[New] RoadSync for Nokia 9500/9300
RoadSync by DataViz is the first and only commercially available software solution based on Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync technology to provide direct synchronization with Corporate Outlook E-mail, Attachments, Calendar and Contacts. This new technology eliminates the need for additional middleware servers, desktop redirectors and service fees. Main features:
  • Receive Outlook E-mail and Attachments: Send and receive e-mail as well as download and open attachments like digital pictures, movies and mp3s.

  • Manage Outlook Calendar and Contacts on the go: All updates made on the go will be automatically reflect when you open Outlook on your desktop.

  • No need to keep your computer on: RoadSync communicates directly with your corporate Exchange Server 2003 - there is no need to have your computer on or with you when on the road.

  • No annual fee: RoadSync provides direct access to your e-mail eliminating the need for a middleware server or service fees - all for one-time fee.

  • Easy set-up: Simply ask your IT person whether you meet the requirements and you can be up and running in no time.
RoadSync is now available from My-Symbian.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 01:54 in category

Tue, 27.09.05

RoadSync and Documents To Go soon available for the Series 80 platform
DataViz today announced its mobile ActiveSync client, RoadSync, and mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, will support the Nokia 9300 smartphone and Nokia 9500 Communicator running Symbian OS-based Series 80.

Based on the Exchange ActiveSync protocol licensed from Microsoft, RoadSync provides secure, wireless and direct synchronization with Exchange Server 2003, thereby extending the existing mobile benefits of Exchange Server 2003 to non-Microsoft devices. RoadSync for Series 80-enabled devices will offer full mobile access to corporate Outlook e-mail, attachments, calendar and contacts, while eliminating the need for middleware servers, service fees, or subscriptions commonly associated with wireless e-mail. Additionally, features like "direct push" and "remote wipe" will be added into RoadSync, following the release of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 later this year, to enable more businesses to deploy a wireless e-mail solution for their workforce at a fraction of the cost associated with today's alternatives.

Documents To Go for Series 80 will provide owners of Nokia 9300 smartphone and Nokia 9500 Communicator with the ability to open, view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files. DataViz' unique InTact Technology will be included, ensuring complete original document integrity is maintained when Microsoft Office files are edited by users on the smartphone. This is especially vital when desktop documents containing complex formatting and layouts are edited in a mobile environment. By making sure that formatting associated with these files are always kept to their original form, users can confidently edit files on their smartphone without fear of negatively altering their files in the process. Any edits made in Documents To Go will be intelligently merged with a file's original formatting to create an updated document that can than be e-mailed or exchanged with others directly from the smartphone.

Demonstrations of these and other DataViz solutions will be available at the DataViz Booth #1405 located in the Enterprise Mobility Pavilion at CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2005, September 27-29 in San Francisco, California. The software will be soon available from the My-Symbian Online Store.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 18:23 in category
[Upd] RMRLock 1.1 for Series 80
RMR Software have released an updated version 1.1 of RMRLock, a password-protected screensaver for the Nokia 9500/9300 Communicator. V1.1 makes the following changes:
* The screen comes immediately to the foreground after a reboot.
* The program sends an SMS to a pre-configured number when someone has changed the SIM card. This will give you the phone number of the other person.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:59 in category

Thu, 22.09.05

Consilient Launches Push Email Client for the Nokia 9500/9300
Consilient, a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, today announced at Oracle OpenWorld the launch of push email clients for Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g for the Nokia 9500 Communicator and the Nokia 9300 enterprise smartphone. The push email client was developed by Consilient and is the first to use the P-IMAP open standard for real-time connectivity between Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g and Nokia mobile devices.

"The release of the Consilient client brings true push email experience for customers using the Oracle Collaboration Suite and Nokia devices," said Tom Libretto, Director, Product Marketing and Management, Nokia Enterprise Solutions. "Enterprises now have push email that's integrated with the rich functionality and benefits of Oracle Collaboration Suite."

Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 19:06 in category

Wed, 21.09.05

[New] MoonCal for Nokia 9500/9300
MoonCal by Roman Keller is a small tool to calculate the moonphase for each day of the year. MoonCal also displays important details about the Moon.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 14:07 in category

Tue, 20.09.05

[New] newDIAL95 for Nokia 9500/9300
newDIAL95 by NewNet Marketing is a terminal emulator for the Nokia 9500/9300. The terminal engine and user interface are based on the successful newDIAL9200 product. The dial-in connection is made via the GSM mobile telephone built into the Communicator. Terminal connections can be easily made via the GSM network to remote hosts or network switches. NewDIAL95 supports all standard ANSI, VT2xx, VT100, VT52, TVI950, WSYE 60 and ADM3A escape sequences.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 04:13 in category
[New] AutoCalc for Nokia 9500/9300
AutoCalc from L3 Solutions provides Nokia 9500/9300 owners with useful features like insurance database, maintenance log, parking space locator, lease/loan/payoff calculators, miles per gallon or km per liter calculator and more.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 04:05 in category
[New] PokerPuzzle for Nokia 9500/9300
Poker Puzzle by L3 Solutions combines the fun of poker with a slide puzzle game. For each hand, the dealer is dealt 5 cards, and you get 24. Your task is to slide your cards around the puzzle board to make the best hand on the red row. Tap a card next to the blank space to slide it, and remember you must contruct your winning hand on the red highlighted target row. As you improve your hand, the player's gauge will display the status. The higher your hand, the more points you score.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:53 in category
CodeWarrior 3.1
The updated version 3.1 of CodeWarrior with support for Symbian OS 9.x and the new compiler is now available for download from Forum Nokia.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 00:08 in category

Sun, 11.09.05

L3 Solutions' MegaPack for Nokia 9500/9300
MegaPack for Nokia 9500/9300 from L3 Solutions contains 87 applications worth almost $1500 if bought individually at one low price of $59.95.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:58 in category
[New] Aspicore Cipher for 9500/9300
Aspicore Cipher by Aspicore Ltd is a fast and simple to use notepad with password protection and encryption.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:41 in category

Sat, 10.09.05

[New] VeriChat for Nokia 9500/9300
VeriChat by PDAapps is an always-on, unified Instant Messaging application. VeriChat works with your persistent data connection to give you an always-on presence on the Yahoo! and MSN chat networks. Your buddies always see you as online and can send you messages, even when your device is in standby mode, and you can receive and reply to these messages. VeriChat also provides tools to help you find much needed information very easily.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:45 in category
[New] Magic Text for Nokia 9500/9300
Magic Text by SymbianWave is a useful and convenient multiwindow text editor for your Nokia Communicator. The main idea of Magic Text is to make text editing as handy as possible. It is the only text editor that can work with multiple files (windows) at the same time and easily switch between them. Magic Text supports multiple character sets - from old ASCII to Unicode and UTF7/UTF8 - so you can edit multilingual texts without any difficulties. Powerful search and replace engine allows you to perform delicate search and replace operations. Magic Text also supports clipboard operations, thus you can exchange text blocks with other applications.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:06 in category

Wed, 07.09.05

[New] SmartComGPS for Nokia 9500/9300
SmartComGPS for Series 90 by WildMobile is a GPS mapping/tracking/navigation software. It is compatible with external Bluetooth GPS receivers. SmartComGPS is the commercial and more advanced version of the free MapViewGPS.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 13:58 in category

Mon, 05.09.05

[New] DVDPlayer for Nokia 9500/9300
DVDPlayer by Viking Informatics is a full screen movie player for Nokia 9500/9300.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 23:32 in category

Fri, 02.09.05

[Upd] iDesk 1.32 for 9500/9300
Arjen Broeze has released new version 1.32 of iDesk, a small but extremely powerful application that allows you to organize all your files, folders and URLS in an easy folder structure for quick access. iDesk also contains a built-in task manager, task switcher, password manager and note taker, making it the ideal all round tool to get the most out of your Communicator. For the detailed list of changes, please see here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:16 in category
Three new OPX's for OPL programmers
Arjen Broeze has released three new OPX's for the OPL language for Nokia 9500/9300 Communicator.

AppInfo.opx is an OPL extension library that lets you retrieve information about all the installed applications on your Symbian devices. Features include retrieving the application caption, icons and flags, getting information about files and mime types and retrieving memory information. It is also possible to reboot your device using APPINFO.OPX.

Array.opx is an OPL extension library that lets you use dynamic length string arrays in OPL. Features include adding, inserting and deleting items, finding and sorting.

Image.opx is an OPL extension library that allows you to load and save images in a range of different formats (BMP,JPG,PNG,GIF,ICO etc) from within OPL. Features include getting pixel color information from OPL bitmaps, loading all kinds of graphics formats (including transparency), saving into different graphics formats and image rescaling, flipping and rotating.

Visit Arjen's OPL development pages to get more information and download the OPX's.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 15:54 in category

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