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Sat, 30.10.04

[New] CallRecorder for Series 60
CallRecorder by Symbianware lets you record incoming and outgoing phone calls. It can start recording automatically or ask whether to record a conversation or not - this will depend on the rules you set. Recorded calls are stored with full information on caller id, time and date and duration. The most interesting feature is the rule-based recording. CallRecorder can be set to act only on unknown numbers, on known contacts or contact groups, on given numbers or even on parts of number with wildcards * and ?. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 22:49 in category
[New] XCaller for S60
XCaller by Mobystar allows you to quickly and discreetly set your phone to ring after a specified countdown. Use the simulated incoming call to politely excuse yourself from a situation or provide a convenient distraction. Useful in any situation where you want someone to think you are on a call. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 22:36 in category

Fri, 29.10.04

[New] TaskSpy for S60
TaskSpy by is a task manager for Series 60 devices. It allows you to get more control over running applications on your phone. You can quickly switch between applications, close them, or free unused memory. You can also track cpu load and free memory. The program (freeware) is available in our Downloads. If you like the program and feel like supporting its maintenance and future upgrades, visit its homepage and consider making a small contribution.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 17:46 in category
[Upd] PhotoAcute S60 v2.0
PhotoAcute improves the quality and resolution of pictures snapped by the phone built-in camera. By applying image processing techniques, it allows to achieve up to 4-times increase in resolution, turning 300 kilopixel images into 1.2 Megapixel ones. What's new in 2.0 version:
* Large photo from single snapshot
* Faster snapping
* Less memory used, and more.
Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online store.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:16 in category

Thu, 28.10.04

[New] Atlantis Redux Episode 1
Atlantis Redux Episode 1 by Tetraedge is an adventure game that takes you on a travel in time and geography from the Hoggar desert to the icy plains of Paleolithique, through ancient Egypt and palaces of the Thousands and One Nights. There is no trial version but you can download a video clip showing how the game looks and works like. Full version is available in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 17:14 in category

Tue, 26.10.04

AppForge Crossfire 5.5
AppForge today announced the next major version of its Crossfire product. AppForge Crossfire version 5.5 is the first mobile application development tool to provide application development for Palm OS, Symbian OS and Pocket PC mobile devices using the Microsoft Visual C# development environment. Other significant features of the new software version include built-in support for radio frequency identification technology (RFID) and support for Motorola A1000 devices. AppForge Crossfire 5.5 will be available on November 1st for US $1,000. Read more @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 15:51 in category
Free download of Borland C++Builder X
Borland now offers a free download version of its newest C++ tool for mobile applications. The new version provides developers with the Form Designer visual interface and Series 60 Developer Platform objects. Read more @ Borland and Nokia.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 01:29 in category

Sat, 23.10.04

[New] Go Bang and Mahjong Paradise for S60
Aidem Systems have released two board games for Series 60 phones: Go Bang and Mahjong Paradise. Trial versions are available in our Downloads.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 00:22 in category

Fri, 22.10.04

[New] EuroNavigator software and service for S60
EuroNavigator by Wayfinder offers breakthroughs in moving maps, ease of use, Western European coverage and reliability that won't be seen in other navigation software on the market today. The new Wayfinder EuroNavigator has a fresh and easy to use interface. An easy to understand menu provides an improved view of the software, with one click access to maps and favorites. Enjoy the speed sensitive zoom functionality and the perfect zoom level according to the travelling speed. In addition there is a next turn icon on the map and voice instructions to meet every users needs. The software lets the user see a direction arrow as well as the distance to the next turn in the map. To give a real movement sensation the map works like a compass and rotates according to direction. To get satisfying map sensation users can now view the map in full screen. You can easily download predefined maps from in order to access the maps of the area you use often easy and fast. Simple managed cache makes it up to you to decide how much map data you want to store. You can easily change it according to the memory space available on your phone. Trial version of the EuroNavigator software is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:28 in category
[New] SoftFlashLight for S60
With SoftFlashLight by Steelsoft you can turn your phone into a flashlight. The program (freeware) is available in our Downloads.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:00 in category
[New] Desktop FileMan for Series 60
With Desktop FileMan by Symbianware you can transfer your documents and images. Backup and restore your important data. Manage any file on your smartphone in usual windows explorer style. Drag-and-drop files and even complete folders with subfolders and files from your desktop or Explorer directly to to your smartphone and vice versa. Cut/copy/paste files and folders from and to clipboard. With Desktop FileMan you get direct access to all your smartphone files just like you work with your data on your PC. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 02:50 in category
Handy Tools 25% cheaper
Handy Tools by Epocware is a special package of 8 applications: Handy Safe (keep your confidental data secure), Handy Photosafe (keep your photos encrypted and password protected), Handy File (file manager), Handy Book (eBook reader), Handy Dates (remember and be prepared for important events in your life), Handy Expense (expense manager), Handy Shopper (shopping tool for keeping lists of items to buy) and Handy Car (car fueling and expense tracking application). Now you can get this highly useful software bundle 25% cheaper using 7DD823 discount code at Checkout or by simply clicking here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 02:25 in category

Thu, 21.10.04

Get Pinball Challenge 20% cheaper
Buy Cascata's Pinball Challenge 20% cheaper. Just add the program to your basket and enter C9C5A6 code to receive the discount. Or simply click here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 01:00 in category

Wed, 20.10.04

[New] Wayfinder EuroGuide for Series 60
EuroGuide by Wayfinder offers breakthroughs in moving maps, ease of use, Western European coverage and reliability. Wayfinder's server guarantees that you always have updated points of interests, maps and route information. The latest map technology enables users to enjoy moving map functionality - simply pick a spot in Europe and zoom in. EuroGuide is available in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 02:25 in category

Tue, 19.10.04

[New] FeedBurner (S60, MIDP)
FeedBurner Mobile FeedReader by Burning Door is a great tool for getting the latest changes on your favorite news sites or weblogs. Supports feeds in all major formats (RSS, RDF, and Atom), smart "If-Modified-Since" content retrieval conserves your wireless bandwdith, adjustable content retrieval count (i.e., retrieve only the 5 most recent items to save time/bandwidth) cuts download time. Opens content links in your handset's default web browser and Updates feeds manually or on a set schedule. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 01:27 in category

Mon, 18.10.04

Nokia acquires Metrowers development tools
Nokia Corporation announced the agreement about an acquisition of applications development tools for Symbian OS and the licensing of core development tool technologies from Metrowerks Corporation, an independent subsidiary of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. The transaction was subject to customary closing conditions. The acquisition process has been completed today. Read more @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 09:14 in category
[New] Voice Reminder for Series 60
Voice Reminder by Psiloc is the easiest way to remember everything you need. Say to the device microphone what you need to remember and then select time for the alarm event. Application will then automatically let you listen to the note just when you need it alerting you with selected sound that there is something you should not forget. You can set an alarm specifying exact time in future or by deciding in what time you would like to be reminded. There is also an option to quickly listen to all recorded alerts to let you easily get informed about everything you planed to do or an option to listen just today's notes as well as specified types of notes. With its option to mark tasks as done the program can be used as classical TODO but using your voice as input instead of time taking typing. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:07 in category
[New] Corpris Dictionaries for Series 60
Corpris are freeware English-German and German-English dictionaries written in Java MIDP. Visit to learn more and download the program.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 02:32 in category

Wed, 13.10.04

[New] Yew Marquee for Series 60
With Yew Marquee by YewSoft you can add a scrolling text to your phone's screen: a quote, some important reminder, a favourite joke, anything. Choose from many different styles, fonts, scroll speeds and effects. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 22:30 in category
[New] VNes emulator for MIDP 2.0 phones
VNes by Vampent is the first FC Emulator (Nintendo) running on J2ME platform. It is fast and supports most of Nintendo ROMs. The emulator requires Java MIDP 2.0 support and it won't run on MIDP 1.0 only phones. Download demo version from
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 21:55 in category
[New] CityTime for Series 60
CityTime by Code City is an advanced world time system for handheld devices with a database of 1400+ Cities in 230+ countries including location on map, time, distance and currency calculators, customizable clocks and alarms, dial codes, daylight saving information, latitude/longitude and more. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:41 in category

Mon, 11.10.04

[New] Media Loader for Series 60
Media Loader by e-rasmuss helps you to select the media files and documents that you want (music, video, sound, document) and to download them with a single click onto other devices i.e. telephones, PC. If you already have a lot of media files on your telephone, it is rather long and laborious to download them one by one using the default download tool "send". With the Media Loader one-by-one downloading is a thing of the past. Your Media Loader is a rapid and efficient method of selecting your media, selecting your files and sharing via Bluetooth. Full version is available in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 18:38 in category
[New] Sky Hunter for Series 60
Sky Hunter by Tendbeyond is a space shooting game with two kinds of aircrafts. You can choose one you like to battle your way through multiple levels across deserts, jungles and tundra. There are dozens of intelligent enemies and wicked boss in the game. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 18:23 in category

Thu, 07.10.04

[New] FreeMines for Series 60
FreeMines from Sacredware is a freeware Minesweeper clone for Series 60 phones. The game is available in our Downloads.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 19:32 in category
[New] Day of Truth - Bush and Kerry versions - for S60
If you want Bush for president help him to fight Kerry - grab oil barrels and american flags in Day of Truth - Bush version by Tetraedge. Or if you want Kerry for president use the Kerry version. Trials are available in our Downloads. Full versions can be purchased here and here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 18:12 in category
[New] ToneDial for Series 60
ToneDial by Quentin lets you lookup the number in your mobile phone's phonebook and dial it via a fixed line using DTMF sounds. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 17:32 in category
[New] CellBlock for Series 60
CellBlock by CellSoft is a Tetris-like game. It can be played as solo or head to head through Bluetooth. You can even utilize the Chat feature in 2-Player mode. Features include: 15 skill levels, a mini-view over opponents field, customize background and game controls, a game history list, chat. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 17:08 in category
[New] PC Mobile Drive for Series 60
PC Mobile Drive by Nova Epoc Systems is a Windows file manager that allows accessing and managing all phone drives, folders and files (including system area) of your mobile phone on PC. The program is compatible with all Symbian OS devices. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:22 in category
[New] Bubbles Factory for S60
The goal of Bubbles Factory by Antares Software is to shoot from gun with colored balls. If fired ball collides more than 2 balls of the same color then these balls disappear. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 14:12 in category

Wed, 06.10.04

Mobile Innovation announces Series 60 Cover UI
Mobile Innovation today announced a Cover UI solution optimised for use on external screens of Series 60 based clamshell phones.

Mobile Innovation believes that many external screens of today's clamshell devices are under utilised. User needs are not met, the user experience isn't optimal, and the external screen is prime real estate that should be put to use more efficiently. Mobile Innovation's Cover UI solution addresses this problem, and without having to open the phone meets the needs of users who want to handle day–to–day events (such as answering or rejecting incoming calls, or reading messages) in a simple, intuitive and fun way. It allows the user to personalise the screen, expressing their style with full colour animations, icons and wallpapers. Furthermore, the Cover UI solution also creates a continuous user experience between the external screen UI and the internal screen UI, making it more consistent to use.

Mobile Innovation's Cover UI is a complete software solution that is available with minimal integration effort needed. It gives handset manufacturers and network operators the opportunity to enhance the value of their products, address more markets with user attractive features more quickly. For example, by using the Cover UI solution you can take and share pictures with the camera even without opening the phone.

Further information can be found @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 09:15 in category

Tue, 05.10.04

CodeScanner analysis tools for Symbian OS
Mobile Innovation, the leading user interface (UI) designer, developer and integrator for mobile devices, today announced the launch of CodeScanner, a new suite of software analysis tools for Symbian OS. CodeScanner is a revolutionary static analysis tool which delves deep into code, exploring line by line for defects so that engineers can find tough problems more quickly than with traditional debug techniques. Better still, CodeScanner will allow engineers to fix defects during development, which is much more cost effective than remedying defects further into the lifecycle of the product. Virtually any text based files (including C++ source, MMP files, resources, and other documents) can be analysed. For more information please visit
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 14:34 in category
Firewall solution for Symbian OS
Agile:Insight announced today that it will start offering the world's first smartphone firewall for Symbian OS. Read more.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 14:31 in category
Latest Symbian OS market numbers from Symbian CEO keynote
Talking about Symbian Expo in his keynote address David Levin, CEO, Symbian Ltd said:

"With Symbian OS shipments growing fast – 5 million Symbian OS phones shipped in the first half of 2004 alone, taking the Symbian OS installed base to more than 15 million – more and more companies in the Symbian ecosystem are working successfully to grow their businesses around Symbian and Symbian OS."

"At the beginning of October 2004, six Symbian OS Licensees were shipping 27 phones to more than 200 network operators and to retailers around the world. This compares to 23 products from 6 licensees at the end of Q2 2004. At the end of Q3 2004, ten Symbian OS licensees were developing 40 phones for all types of network technology, for launch around the world over the next 12 to 18 months. This compares to 34 products from ten licensees at the end of the second quarter."

"The five million phones shipped by Symbian OS licensees in the first half of this year is an achievement. But set against the size of the overall phone market, our success is modest; we’re just getting started. We believe that by 2008 or 2009 the addressable market – the number of phones with a hardware specification capable of running Symbian OS could reach as many as 200 million phones."

Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 13:58 in category
TI OMAP processor inside almost every Symbian OS phone
Symbian and Texas Instruments today announced that TI wireless technology, including OMAP processors, powers 28 of 31 Symbian OS-based 2.5G and 3G handsets either in-market today or scheduled to ship imminently. TI technology is the clear market-leading silicon solution for Symbian OS-based phones, with more than 85% of the five million Symbian OS-based phones shipped in the first half of 2004 based on TI's OMAP platform.

TI and Symbian continue to collaborate closely and invest in initiatives to support Symbian's internal platform development, including Symbian's hardware and software integration and verification processes. These initiatives support ongoing development activities being undertaken by Symbian OS licensees and the wider Symbian ecosystem. This extensive engineering cooperation between the companies helps ensure this hardware and software platform remains a market-leading choice for smartphone manufacturers, technology partners and application developers.

Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 13:49 in category
Intel technology for Series 60 phones
Intel, Nokia and Symbian announced today a collaboration to bring smartphones based on the Nokia Series 60 Platform to market using Intel technology, as part of Intel's recent membership in the Nokia Series 60 Product Creation Community. Also, Intel and Symbian have agreed to invest in the joint development of a reference platform to enable a new class of 3G devices based on Symbian OS and Intel XScale Technology.

As part of its new role as a member of the Series 60 Product Creation Community, Intel will complement the Series 60 Platform by providing high performance, low power processing to enable mobile browsing, multimedia messaging and content downloading, as well as a host of personal information management and telephony applications. Also, Intel and Symbian are investing in the co-development of a reference platform. The development agreement focuses on building the first 3G reference platform that utilizes both Intel’s and Symbian’s expertise in smartphone technology. The reference platform will enable mobile phone manufacturers to create differentiated handsets while significantly reducing development time – speeding the delivery of new phones to market.

Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 13:35 in category
Two new Symbian Press books for developers
Symbian today announced the launch of two new books at Symbian Expo. Symbian OS Explained written by Jo Stichbury and Programming PC Connectivity Applications for Symbian OS written by Ian McDowall are the third and fourth books released by Symbian Press in 2004 for Symbian OS developers.

Developing good C++ code on Symbian OS requires a clear understanding of the underlying concepts and the nature of the OS. Symbian OS Explained describes the key features of Symbian OS and shows how to use this knowledge most effectively, focusing on aspects of good C++ style that particularly apply to Symbian OS. Amongst others, the book includes sections on client-server architecture, active objects, leaves and cleanup, and the ECOM plug-in framework. However experienced you are with Symbian OS, there are always new tricks to learn and this book is designed to appeal to developers of all skill levels.

Programming PC Connectivity Applications for Symbian OS explains how developers can integrate PC and smartphone applications. PC Connectivity applications based on standard services and APIs can be created purely by programming on the PC, but more specialized applications involve programming on the Symbian OS smartphone as well as on the PC. This book aims to help developers create both types of application and includes sections on custom servers, socket servers, SMS and messaging classes and specialized connectivity GUI applications. It is also useful for enterprise and corporate developers, as Symbian OS provides one of the cheapest and fastest methods of connecting a smartphone to a server.

Check Symbian Press pages for details.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 12:38 in category
Symbian OS Smartphones for Dummies
Using your mobile phone only for calls and texts is a thing of the past – allow Symbian OS Smartphones for Dummies to acquaint you with the world of smartphones. This handy jargon-free guide shows you how to choose and use your Symbian OS smartphone, and gives you an introduction to downloading software and music, messaging with pictures and sound, connecting to you computer and more. Written by Symbian OS smartphone experts, 'Symbian OS Smartphones for Dummies' is part of the popular 'For Dummies' books range, a worldwide branded imprint of Wiley publishers. Pick up a copy for free at Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK from the end of October.

Check Symbian Press pages for details.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 12:35 in category
IBM enterprise solutions for Symbian OS
Symbian announced today that it is working with IBM to develop and test enterprise solutions for Symbian OS. Symbian and IBM are showcasing IBM WebSphere Client Technology, Micro Edition (WCTME), Websphere Everyplace Access (WEA), WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager (WECM), and WebSphere Everyplace Device Manager technologies on Symbian OS smartphones at the IBM stand.

WCTME on Symbian OS leverages IBM's CDC-compliant Java Virtual Machine for Symbian OS smartphones, offering extended Java functionality that can address enterprise developers' needs and surpasses the functionality of MIDP on mobile devices which is already popular with Symbian OS developers.

 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 11:59 in category
MyScript HWR technology for Symbian OS
Vision Objects, the worldwide leader in innovative Handwriting Recognition Technology for pen based devices, has announced it has joined the Symbian Platinum Partner to bring its cutting edge Handwriting Recognition Technology to the growing market of innovative smartphones based on Symbian OS. By making its solutions Symbian OS-compatible, Vision Objects extends its solutions from PC centric forms processing, note taking, and data entry automation to the world of smart phones. Read more @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 09:34 in category

Mon, 04.10.04

No more fax support in Series 60 phones?
According to Bitween, authors of the extremely popular Mobile Fax application, Nokia no longer enable the internal modem to receive incoming faxes in new Series 60 phones like 7610, 6620, 6630, 6670 and future models. Bitween will meet Nokia at the Symbian Expo event and will try to explain why and how fax functionality is important for Series 60 phones' users. If you want to be able to send and/or receive faxes on your Series 60 handset, send an email with your opinion to today and help Bitween convince Nokia not to remove this highly useful feature from the S60 platform. You can also discuss this problem with other users on our Forum.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 14:27 in category

Sun, 03.10.04

[New] Frozen Bubble for S60
Frozen Bubble by Elias Konstantinidis is a freeware, open source puzzle game. Shut the bubbles and try to eliminate all of them. The game and its source code are available in our Downloads.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 12:15 in category

Sat, 02.10.04

[New] Symbian Expo Networker S60
With Symbian Expo Networker you can detect all nearby Bluetooth devices, send predefined messages and business cards to them, enter your business profile and exchange it automatically with other users in a 10 meters range. Meet the right people at the Expo! This application is "Powered by MobiLuck" - for more information and to download the program visit
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 02:50 in category

Fri, 01.10.04

[New] Metal Bluster 2 for S60
Metal Bluster 2 by TSSX / Pocket Studio is a sequel to the original Metal Bluster game. The second edition leads you through six battlefields - from the initial Encounter, through Rescue, Sudden Strike, Assault, Sacrifice, to the final Victory. Trial version is available in our Downloads. Full version can be purchased in the Online shop.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:15 in category
MobileVB 3.5 and 4.0 Software Patches
AppForge, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of software patches for AppForge MobileVB 3.5 and 4.0. This free software delivers the latest performance and security updates from AppForge. In addition to addressing specific performance and security issues, this software patch includes several improvements that address the needs of the enterprise mobile application developer. Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 00:21 in category

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