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Wed, 31.05.06

Buy your Symbian OS software 15% cheaper
Buy ANY program (and ANY NUMBER of programs) 15% cheaper than in any other software store. Simply enter the MYSYM15 discount code at the My-Symbian Software Shop to get the 15% discount. It's probably the best offer in the Internet so don't miss it!
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 05:01 in category

Tue, 30.05.06

[New] Backgammon for UIQ 3.0
Backgammon from Megasoft2000 is the second commercially available game for the UIQ 3.0 platform (Sony Ericsson P990, M600 and W950). It's one of the most popular classical board games, this time in a completely automatic version where all your attention should be concentrated not on the actions but on your skills and desire to conquer a crafty rival who will play against you.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:16 in category
Symbian OS Tips, Tricks and Code
Sony Ericsson Developer World has published three new (making a total of eighteen) Tips, Tricks & Code articles for the UIQ 3-based M600, P990 and W950 phones:

* An introduction to active objects for UIQ 3-based phones
* Threads, processes and tasks in UIQ 3: a code example
* Using two list boxes to observe changes in calendar tasks for UIQ 3 phones.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 05:45 in category
New Signing UIQ 3 applications Developers' Guidelines
The new Developers' Guidelines for signing applications for Sony Ericsson UIQ 3 phones gives a technical overview of how to handle Symbian Signing of native Symbian OS v9, UIQ 3 and C++ applications for the Sony Ericsson P990, M600 and W950 phones. It also outlines the Symbian Platform Security (PlatSec) associated with the deployment and installation of UIQ 3-based applications on these phones and contains a useful appendix of functions listed by capability. The document is divided into three sections: Symbian OS v9 security architecture, Symbian OS v9 application signing and Appendix of functions listed by capability. Read more @ Sony Ericsson Developer World.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 05:40 in category

Wed, 24.05.06

[Upd] Nokia PC Suite updated to 6.8.22
Nokia has just released an updated version of PC Suite software - 6.8.22. Changes include:
* Security update
* Fixes to component registration problems during installation
* Playback problems of some AAC files fixed
* Transfer music to your phone with upgraded Nokia Music Manager
* Faster music and video file conversions
* Simplified PC Sync user interface
* New language: Vietnamese
The new version is available for download here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 22:52 in category
UIQ 3 compatibility and Symbian Signing special offer
The Sony Ericsson P990, M600 and W950 are all UIQ 3-based phones using Symbian OS v9.1 and although they look different from each other, they share the same family DNA. This compatibility also holds true for Symbian Signing. Signing a UIQ 3 application for either the M600, P990 or W950 means that the application is Signed for the other two phones. Sony Ericsson is offering all developers a reduced Symbian Signing price until July 31, 2006. For more details, please visit Sony Ericsson Developer World.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 17:32 in category

Tue, 23.05.06

The new UIQ 3.0 based Sony Ericsson M600i is FCC approved
Sony Ericsson M600i has been just approved by FCC which means that it's about to start shipping. Visit for internal and external photos and documentation including Users Manual.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 15:49 in category

Mon, 22.05.06

[New] Bowling for UIQ 3.0
The Bowling game for UIQ 3.0 smartphones (Sony Ericsson P990, M600, W950) by Megasoft2000 is similar to one of the most popular and classical games - Bowling! Different in their functions modes (Stroke, Arcade and Swing) enable you to enjoy the true physical laws when throwing the ball or just rest, while checking keenness of your vision and excellence of your response.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 15:13 in category

Thu, 18.05.06

Sony Ericsson announces M608c
Sony Ericsson today announced the M608c phone, 2.5G (non-UMTS) version of the M600 specially developed for Chinese market. The M608c is a tri-band phone (900/1800/1900 MHz) powered by Symbian OS 9.1 and UIQ 3.0. All technical details are the same as in the M600. The M608c supports Chinese & English Handwriting Recognition. Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:58 in category

Tue, 16.05.06

11.7m Symbian OS shipments in Q1 2006, 70.5 million phones in total
Symbian Limited today released unaudited financial and operational figures for the quarter ended 31 March 2006. Global shipments of Symbian OS phones during Q1 2006 rose to 11.7 million and cumulative shipments of Symbian OS phones since Symbian's formation reached 70.5 million phones. 10 licensees are currently shipping 66 different Symbian OS phone models to more than 250 major network operators and 56 Symbian OS phone models are under development by 9 licensees. Check for details.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 15:07 in category

Thu, 11.05.06

Final version of UIQ 3 SDK now available for download
UIQ has released a long awaited final version of the UIQ 3 Software Development Kit. This probably means that the UIQ 3 platform is now fully mature and that we can expect UIQ 3 based smartphones to start shipping very soon. As for now, developers can download the UIQ 3 SDK along with P990 and M600 extensions from UIQ Developer Community Web Portal.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 23:59 in category

Mon, 08.05.06

Symbian's Smartphone Show 2006 details announced
This year's annual Symbian Smartphone Show will take place on 17-18 October 2006, as always at the Excel Centre in London. New to the 2006 show will be: Developer Zone (Developer Training Courses, Developer seminar theatre for all attendees, Dedicated Developer exhibition and demo area), CEO Keynote Sessions - open to all attendees and Extended exhibition floor. Check the Smartphone Show home page for more details.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 23:50 in category

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