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Tue, 30.10.07

[Upd] Easy Search for UIQ3
Easy Search from Webgate helps you find various kinds of data stored on your device. It is enough to remember just a fraction of an entry and you can easily find the whole piece of information you are looking for. You can search the following items: Messages, E-mails, Files, Contacts, Appointments, ToDos, Events, Reminders, Anniversaries.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 10:34 in category

Thu, 25.10.07

[New] Three new emulators for UIQ3
Marat Fayzullin has ported three of his emulators to the UIQ3 platform: VGBA (Virtual GameBoy Advance emulator), ColEm (Coleco Vision emulator) and fMSX (MSX emulator).
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 05:54 in category

Sun, 21.10.07

[New] GnuGO for UIQ 3
More free stuff from AnotherGuest: GnuGO is a UIQ 3 port of free software that plays the game of Go.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 13:04 in category
[New] RoadSync for Motorola Z8
DataViz has released RoadSync for the Motorola Z8. RoadSync is based on Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync technology to provide direct synchronization with Corporate Outlook E-mail, Attachments, Calendar and Contacts.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 12:25 in category
[New] Final Battle for UIQ 3
Final Battle by CrazySoft is a huge and funny adventure game which reminds the old classic ones. The plot is happening at the age of the knights. Your character is a guy who wakes up in a prison cell with amnesia. He doesn't even know who he is! Your task is to escape from the prison and find out the entire story behind your capture. And of course try to stay alive...
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 09:12 in category

Fri, 19.10.07

[New] Doom (Legacy) for UIQ 3
Our tireless AnotherGuest has released a port of Doom to the UIQ3 platform. This release supports Doom shareware, Doom 1, Ultimate Doom, Doom2 and Heretic WAD files.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 03:23 in category
[New] Agendus for UIQ 3
Iambic has released an UIQ 3 version of Agendus, an advanced PIM application tightly integrating the three most-used applications on your phone: contacts, calendar, and tasks, letting you seamlessly link your business contacts, family and friends to meetings, events, calls, and tasks.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 02:57 in category
WorldMate free for UIQ 3 phones
Following the success of WorldMate's travel application for S60's as a free service, MobiMate has just released WorldMate for UIQ 3 free of charge as well. Now Sony Ericsson P1, P990, M600, W950 and Motorola Z8 owners will be able to enjoy those basic travel services that WorldMate provides at no charge. WorldMate can be downloaded for the UIQ platform at or over-the-air at Free services for the UIQ platform include clocks, global weather, measurements, day/night map, currency converter and clothing size converter. Additional services offered by WorldMate Professional Subscription include flight status, flight schedule, area codes and an interactive packing list.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 02:30 in category
Palm OS apps soon on your UIQ 3 and S60 3rd Edition phone
StyleTap today announced StyleTap CrossPlatform for Symbian OS which will allow over 20,000 existing Palm OS applications to run on current and future Symbian OS smartphones. StyleTap CrossPlatform is compatible with most applications written for Palm OS devices, and will enable them to run on Symbian OS smartphones. StyleTap CrossPlatform has been demonstrated at the Symbian Smartphone Show in London. It is expected to start shipping in the first quarter of 2008. See full press release here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 00:23 in category

Thu, 18.10.07

The future of Symbian OS: ScreenPlay, FreeWay and Demand Paging
Symbian Limited today announced new ground-breaking technologies to power future versions of the Symbian operating system. The newly announced technologies offer dramatic enhancements in the vital areas of graphics, connectivity and performance.

ScreenPlay is the new graphics architecture in Symbian OS. It gives users big screen effects in their pockets while ensuring long battery life. ScreenPlay is designed for mobile devices with user interfaces which integrate high definition video content, life-like games and animations. It significantly enhances content presentation in versatile, yet simple new ways - by using transparency and overlays, for example. ScreenPlay offers high performance in a scalable fashion - working purely in software on mid-range devices and taking advantage of hardware acceleration when present on high-end devices.

FreeWay is the new and unrivalled IP networking architecture in Symbian OS, providing broadband speeds in your pocket. On mobile broadband networks, FreeWay delivers the capability for super fast download speeds, high quality audio/video streaming and crystal-clear VoIP calls. FreeWay supplies high bandwidth that is suitable for Super3G/LTE, WiMax and beyond - ensuring performance high enough to allow users to download an MP3 file in seconds. FreeWay also guarantees users smooth switching between connection types and networks so that they can remain mobile at all times. A key feature of FreeWay is its compatibility with existing applications such as web browsers, allowing these to take advantage of the benefits of FreeWay without any additional development.

Demand Paging is an application of virtual memory seriously reducing physical memory (RAM) usage and making it possible to run large programs requiring more memory than available in the machine. It also dramatically speeds up phone boot up and application start times. This technology will be available in Symbian OS 9.3 and up.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 00:01 in category

Wed, 17.10.07

Office 2007 editing for UIQ3 from DataViz
Dataviz today announced Documents To Go 4.0 Premium Edition for UIQ 3. Expected to ship in December of 2007, Documents To Go Premium Edition version 4.0, will enable users to open, view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 files and attachments instantly. The anticipated release will make Documents To Go the first commercial solution in the UIQ mobile space to offer complete Office 2007 file support. The solution will retail for $49.99. Upgrade pricing of $29.99 will be available for all previous Documents To Go UIQ customers.

DataViz will also be demonstrating Documents To Go and its Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync solution, RoadSync, at the Symbian Smartphone Show in London, UK, October 16-17th. "Mobilizing knowledge workers with Symbian based solutions in a Microsoft Office World" seminar will take place on October 17th at 15:30.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 00:41 in category
Improved Symbian Signed Processes
Based on developer feedback, the Symbian Signed process has been improved to make signing faster, easier and cheaper for developers driving growth in the number of Symbian applications. Developers are now more easily able to access device capabilities that were once restricted, enabling further innovation. Symbian announced a new set of test criteria and procedures for testing and signing applications:

* Open Signed – provides a signing process using Developer Certificates enabling an application to be installed on a limited number of devices controlled by declared IMEIs (unique phone identification numbers). Open Signed is designed to support the developer community, open source and educational communities. The maximum number of devices that each application can be installed on has now been increased tenfold, from 100 to 1000.

* Express Signed – an entirely new process to allow software developers with Publisher IDs to instantly sign all applications that do not require access to the more sensitive device functions, allowing faster time-to-market. Developers can now sign applications on Expressed Signed for as little as $20.

* Certified Signed – for those applications that require access to the sensitive device manufacturer capabilities and/or where independent testing is required.

Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 00:29 in category

Tue, 16.10.07

UIQ Technology launches UIQ Open application competition '08
UIQ Technology announced today the start of the second annual UIQ Open, a developer competition aimed at finding and showcasing the most innovative, useful and entertaining third-party applications on the UIQ software development platform.

The UIQ Open is an application competition where mobile software development companies submit UIQ 3 applications in different categories on the UIQ Developer Program website. The competition will run from October 16th to December 31st. After the submission period has ended, a jury of experts will evaluate the submissions and appoint the winners. The panel of judges will select two winning applications in each of the five categories (Business, Mobility, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Utilities) and the winners will be announced during the first few weeks of 2008. Each winner will receive a prize package including: a UIQ phone; marketing packages for their application; an invitation to the UIQ Developer Fast Track event; and more.

For further information about the UIQ Open, visit
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 09:51 in category
[New] DreamLife for UIQ3
DreamSpring unveils DreamLife, an integrated activity manager for Symbian UIQ 3 smartphone users, at the Smartphone Show in London. DreamLife fully integrates DreamConnect 3 to provide a single entry point to calendar and contacts, replacing the most used standard applications on UIQ smartphones. It comes with a fully integrated and powerful contact manager, allowing users to search for contact details and call or message contacts from one location. Read more...
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 08:51 in category

Mon, 15.10.07

Motorola to join Sony Ericsson in ownership of UIQ
Sony Ericsson and Motorola today announced a definitive agreement under which Motorola will acquire a 50% interest in UI Holdings BV, the parent company of UIQ Technology, which is currently wholly owned by Sony Ericsson. Under the agreement, Motorola and Sony Ericsson will work together and jointly invest in the development of the UIQ open user interface platform. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. As previously announced, Sony Ericsson acquired UIQ Technology from Symbian Ltd in February 2007.

UIQ Technology licenses the UIQ open user interface and development platform to mobile phone vendors around the world. Motorola and Sony Ericsson are committed to further advancing UIQ as a strong, independent cross-vendor user interface for smartphones and media-centric phones. Today's announcement should be seen as an invitation to other mobile device vendors to participate in the UIQ community, either as shareholders or licensees.

Motorola and Sony Ericsson also plan to significantly increase their cooperation and support for the UIQ developer program. Both companies have agreed that UIQ will be vendor and chipset independent. In addition, UIQ will be licensed on equal terms to all mobile device vendors in the industry. Sony Ericsson and Motorola are committed to expanding the shareholder base of UI Holdings to include other handset vendors.

Sony Ericsson and Motorola each have been UIQ licensees for many years and have launched several successful Symbian/UIQ based products including, the Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone, the new W960 Walkman® phone and the Motorola MOTO Z8. UIQ, offered the industry’s first touch¬screen interface back in 2002, and now supports both QWERTY and classic numerical keyboard configurations as well as finger touch data input.

Read full press release @
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 23:46 in category

Fri, 12.10.07

[New] Linkboy for UIQ 3
Enhance your P990/M600/W950/Z8 standby screen functionality to match the new P1i! LinkBoy by CellPhoneSoft provides up to 15 shortcuts to frequently used tasks, that can be optionally displayed on the standby screen. Shortcuts are available for the full range of applications, phone settings, multimedia files, web pages, contact actions, and common tasks. All functions of the built-in standby screen are left intact.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 13:06 in category
[New] Trippo for UIQ3
Trippo by Thobee is a GPS / moving map application compatible with OziExplorer maps.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 12:51 in category
[New] CrazySoft Croker for UIQ3
Croker is a card game by CrazySoft. It is based on the Poker idea twisted into a unique and new kind of gaming. You must make groups of cards like in Poker. Once the groups are made the cards are replaced by new ones and points/life is earned.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 11:35 in category

Thu, 04.10.07

Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) - multicore CPUs coming to Symbian OS
Symbian today announced Symbian OS support for the ARM Symmetric Multi-processor (SMP) architecture. SMP support in future versions of Symbian OS will use multiple CPU cores to provide "performance on demand" – battery life will be improved by accessing cores only when running demanding high-end multimedia applications and powering them down when they are not in use. The ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore multicore processor was announced earlier today at the ARM Developers' Conference. Symbian and ARM are working together closely on supporting Cortex-A9 MPCore multicore processor-based CPUs in Symbian OS.

SMP CPUs consist of multiple cores which can be individually powered up and down by the operating system. This delivers high performance for high-end applications such as games, browser-based intelligent services, and media-rich applications such as video streaming or TV recording, while offering low power consumption when the device is idle or executing less performance-critical tasks. Symbian has already started to deliver SMP technologies to its customers and will roll out the above incremental developments in future versions of Symbian OS. Details of this will be announced in due course. The first Cortex-A9 MPCore processor-based Symbian smartphones are expected in 2010.

Read full press release @ and More details about the ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor can be found here.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 12:15 in category

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