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   Thu, 23.05.13

Qt for Tizen now available
Qt 5 for Tizen (1.0 Alpha 1 version) has just been released. It is a purely community-driven port to the Tizen Mobile profile. For more information please visit
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 16:21 in category

   Mon, 20.05.13

The first Sailfish OS phone - The Jolla - announced
As expected, at the launch event in Helsinki, Jolla has just announced its first Sailfish OS based smartphone called simply... the Jolla. Featuring a 4.5" screen, it has a plastic case consisting of two parts, with the back part being interchangeable and the device discovering its colour and modifying the UI theme to match it (a feature called "The Other Half"). The phone will support 4G (LTE), it will have a dual-core processor, 16 GB of built-in storage memory expandable via a microSD card slot, and an 8 Megapixel AF camera. Display resolution was referred to as "HD", which probably means 1280x720 pixels. The phone will have a microUSB port and user-replaceable battery. It was confirmed that the Jolla will support Android applications, and it was the only information about software development I was able to find. No news regarding native development, e.g. some developer programs stimulating it.

The phone will start shipping in Q4 2013 (or "by the end of the year") at 399 Euros. Pre-orders (three options) can be placed already now at

 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 20:57 in category

MoonCalc, Biorhythms, StarFinder ported to Sailfish OS
I've just finished porting another three applications of mine from Harmattan to Jolla's Sailfish OS:

* MoonCalc - an advanced Moon tool to track its position and calculate in real time all important Moon data

* Biorhythms - biorhythm calculator for two persons, with interactive graph and cycle interpretation

* StarFinder - quickly and easily locate in the sky stars, planets, constellations, meteor showers, asterisms, and more.

A few weeks ago I also ported SunCalc - an application to track the Sun's position in the sky and calculate Sun-related data. SunCalc Deluxe will be ported this week.

Some further visual tweaks and improvements will be made once I can get hold of a Sailfish OS device.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 06:57 in category

   Mon, 13.05.13

Nineshark - Grooveshark client for Harmattan
Nineshark by Alejo Sotelo is a Grooveshark client for the Nokia N9 / N950. Search by song, playlist, album or artist and instantly play it back on your phone.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 01:39 in category

   Tue, 07.05.13

Tizen 2.1 Beta source code and SDK available
Tizen 2.1 Beta source code and SDK are now available. As a minor release, Tizen 2.1 Beta contains several new features and performance enhancements. Visit for more details and to download the new releases.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 08:46 in category

MoonCalc Pro and Biorhythms ported to BlackBerry 10 (Z10)
I've just finished porting MoonCalc Pro and Biorhythms from MeeGo/Symbian to BlackBerry 10 (Z10) and got them approved by RIM for distribution in the AppWorld store. The remaining applications will be released for the Z10 within the next two weeks, followed by Sailfish OS versions for the upcoming Jolla smartphones.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 08:12 in category

   Fri, 03.05.13

Jolla strengthens its board and management
Jolla enters the next phase in its development and prepares for the sales start in the second half of this year. The number of personnel has grown to 70 and the team extends to a wide network of collaboration partners. To ensure the successful market entry and further growth, the company is strengthening its board and management structure.

The Jolla Board continues to be chaired by Antti Saarnio, one of the Jolla founders. The other board members are Steve Lau from China Fortune, Mohamed Boukerche, a representative of a private investor, Ari Jaaksi, an industry advisor and a long time expert in open source development, and Stefano Mosconi, CTO of Jolla and one of the company founders.

Jolla is appointing Tomi Pienimäki as the new CEO as of May 6th. Tomi joins Jolla from Itella Corporation, one of the largest logistics operators in the Nordic countries. At Itella, Tomi has gained extensive experience in business management and managing large technology organizations. He also has experience from the start-up world in the role of a board member in several companies and having co-founded Done Solutions, an IT company, in 1999.

This appointment allows Marc Dillon, who has been Jolla's CEO as of October 2012, to fully concentrate on the development of Sailfish operating system as Head of Software Development. Marc has been in charge of Jolla's software development right from the start and his strong focus on this will be crucial in the months leading to the market entry of the first Jolla phone and the company's success when the sales starts.

"Jolla is a great company with an exciting and promising future. I truly believe we can make a difference and bring something unique to the consumers. My task is to listen very closely to our customers and further build the collaboration network. I also want to ensure that our team can fully concentrate on the most important task: bringing the first device to the market this year," says Tomi Pienimäki, the new CEO of Jolla.

"Tomi brings a great combination of expertise in leading large technology organizations and understanding of the world of growth companies. He is an excellent addition to the Jolla team and will offer valuable insights into the company operations," says Antti Saarnio, Chairman of the Board. "I warmly thank Marc for his inspirational leadership in the CEO role during the past months. Marc continues to lead our Sailfish OS development, and his drive and talent continue to be crucially important for us, when we navigate towards the launch of our first device," Antti Saarnio continues.

"I am really excited to get an experienced executive such as Tomi on board so that I am again able to give 100% attention to what I love – working on the product with the Jolla team. An important part of my role will also be spreading the news on Sailfish OS to the world and further grow the movement we currently have supporting and co-creating it," says Marc Dillon.

Jolla will showcase its first device in May. A pre-sales campaign is expected to start after mid-May, and the actual sales start will take place during the second half of 2013.
 Posted by Michal Jerz @ 14:14 in category

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