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Emulators of computers, game consoles and operating systems for MeeGo Harmattan ARM-based smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

  Alejo Sotelo
Mupen64Plus Launcher   Free   60% (5 votes)    5 comments

An application to make it easier and quicker to open ROMs with Mupen64Plus (N64 emulator for the Nokia N9). Technically, it is simply a file browser that finds and displays all ...

EmuMaster   Free   90% (23 votes)    21 comments

EmuMaster emulates popular consoles. For now NES, GBA, PSX, SNES and Amiga are supported but there will be more. EmuMaster integrates with the system, e.g. the user can cr...

  Marat Fayzullin
ColEm   Free    

ColEm is an emulator that makes it possible to run software written for ColecoVision videogame console. ...

fMSX   Free   30% (1 votes)    1 comments

fMSX is a program that emulates MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ 8-bit home computers. ...

iNES   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

iNES is a program that emulates Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Famicom videogame consoles on your computer. It plays NES games on PCs, PocketPCs, Macs, Unix boxes, etc. ...

MasterGear   Free    2 comments

SEGA 8-bit console emulator. MasterGear will run software written for 8-bit SEGA videogame consoles and home computers: MasterSystem, GameGear, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, and th...

Speccy   Free    

Speccy will run software written for Sinclair ZX Spectrum 8bit home computer and its clones. Speccy supports 16kB, 48kB, and 128kB versions of Spectrum, Timex Sinclair machines, Ru...

VGB   Free   30% (1 votes)    1 comments

Virtual GameBoy (VGB) is a program that emulates the Nintendo GameBoy handheld on your computer. It runs GameBoy, Super GameBoy, and GameBoy Color games. Since its creation, VGB ha...

VGBA   Free   80% (6 votes)    5 comments

Virtual GameBoy Advance (VGBA) is a program that emulates Nintendo's GameBoy Advance on your computer. It runs GameBoy Advance games on PCs, PDAs, or just about any other sufficien...

  Myriad Group AG
Myriad Alien Dalvik    70% (73 votes)    74 comments

NOTE: In early 2011, Myriad announced Alien Dalvik's availability as "later this year". Unfortunately, the software still has not been released and no further information on its av...

  NITdroid Team
NITdroid   Free   80% (26 votes)    26 comments

NITdroid is a project making it possible to install and run (dual-boot) the Android ICS (4.0.3) OS on the Nokia N9 / N950. In order to be able to use it, you need to insta...

AntSnes   Free   70% (2 votes)    2 comments

AtnSnes is SNES emulator for Meego. It is actually based on DrPocketSNES version 6.4.4, which in turn is based on snes9x 1.39. See the emulator in action on this video cap...

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