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Religious software for MeeGo Harmattan ARM-based smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Mawakit   Free   80% (6 votes)    3 comments

Mawakit focuses on providing accurate prayer times and precise Qibla direction readings for Muslims. Mawakit calculates prayers times in different methods and will notify the user ...

Hisn El Muslim   Commercial   80% (2 votes)    1 comments

Seek to Allah forgiveness. Stay connected with the most important Azkar and supplications, now you can enjoy listening and reading to Azkar and supplication in Arabic language thro...

Islamic Tweets   Free    

Your Islamic world in a tweet. Try the best way to follow all Islamic tweets with "Islamic tweets" application you can browse list of Islamic accounts and Islamic hash tags and ...

Islamica   Free   90% (1 votes)    1 comments

Let's do our worship! Read huge collection of Quran versus, Hadiths, Supplications and Azkar with the ability to show them randomly on home screen widget. You can share any zekr...

Masbaha   Commercial    

Praise for Allah. Do your "Tasbeh" anywhere any time. Masbaha application is the suitable way to perform your "Tasbeh", it will help you to count down with each tap with Counter fr...

Prayer Times   Commercial   60% (6 votes)    4 comments

With Prayer Times application you can be alert to all the times of prayers. The application gives you prayer times for huge collection of countries and cities and reminds you befor...

Quran   Commercial   30% (5 votes)    3 comments

Listen, read, learn and memorize holy Quran from your mobile. Listen to your favorite reciters read Quran in Othmani font and know its words meanings. You can control font size usi...

Quran Stories for Kids   Commercial    

Quran stories...your kid's teacher. Teach your child how to possess faith through Quran stories for kids' application in a simple and easy way designed and developed specially f...

Yameesh   Free    

Enjoy Ramadan with Yamesh application that contains all you need to feel Ramadan atmosphere. Get all Ramadan offers with the ability to share this offers via facebook, also you can...

99 Names of Allah   Free    

"99 Names of Allah" is a simple Islamic application that helps you learn Allah's names/attributes. It does this by showing the names in Arabic, along with English transliteration, ...

Khawater El Shaarawy   Free   100% (2 votes)    3 comments

Bring out El Shaarawy's treasure of knowledge. For the first time ever. Get more information about Mohammed El Shaarawy master biography, watch his khawater interesting movies for ...
eGospel   Free    

Daily Gospel and Liturgical Readings. No internet connection required after download. The content is the same as the Daily Gospel published in Philippine Daily Inquirer, Bi...

  George Ruinelli
MiniBible   Free   90% (3 votes)    3 comments

Simple Bible reader. You can load a bible text and navigate around in it. There is a dialogue to select other translations, books and chapters. MiniBible can be seen as a...

TheWord   Free   70% (3 votes)    1 comments

Daily Bible verses for you. TheWord brings you the daily Bible verses from the project onto your phone. It can show them on your standby screen as well as on t...

Mecca   Commercial    

This application will help to calculate Prayer time around the world by using GPS signal, and will help you find Qibla direction by using Compass sensor. Count down indicator will ...

  Ilya Skriblovsky
MeeBible   Commercial   90% (4 votes)    3 comments

MeeBible is a Bible reader for the MeeGo Harmattan platform. MeeBible allows you to read online Bible translations on your MeeGo device. Bible chapters are cached and can ...

  Jason - IBRA
Pashto Bible   Free    

The Holy Injil (New Testament) in Pashto, as published at, complete with both English and Pashto navigation for worldwide use. Presented uncommented, in Yous...

Islamic Compass   Commercial   90% (2 votes)    1 comments

Islamic Compass is the most accurate application that indicates the Qibla direction on your mobile phone. You can save up to three positions for quick selection of your current loc...

  Malang   Free   100% (1 votes)    1 comments

Islamic prayer times for your current location. No matter where you go, just pop out your Nokia and get the Islamic Namaz or Salat times for your current city or location, simp...

Kaaba Direction   Free    

Indicates the direction of Kaaba (Qibla) using Google Maps. Application downloads maps from internet. Data rates apply. ...

4 Laws   Free    

Free, Dedicated, On-the-go Four Spiritual Laws booklet. Dedicated designing with vivid charts to explain some examples. Content: 4 Spiritual Laws which govern your relationsh...

  Mohammed Hassan
Quran   Free   90% (2 votes)    2 comments

A holy Quran reader for MeeGo Harmattan. Allows reading the holy book and allows adding certain verses to a list of favorites to easily navigate to them later. Translations, re...

  Mohammed Sameer
Holy Quran   Free   80% (16 votes)    15 comments

Mobile version of the Holy Quran for the MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9 / N950) platform. ...

mQibla   Free    

Application that utilizes the device's in-built GPS and Compass to calculate and display the direction to Mecca. ...

Zones - Islamic zone   Commercial   90% (1 votes)    1 comments

Islamic Zone is an extension for the Zones application. A customized zone for your Salah. This zone has an application Salah that shows you the location of Makkah based on your loc...

QuickQibla   Free   50% (1 votes)    1 comments

QuickQibla is an application for moslem, especially moslem traveler who often go overseas to keep track with the prayer schedule and locate the qibla. ...

Qaree Finder   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

Find where your favorite qaree pray taraweeh. ...

  Salem Sharak
Thamara   Free    

Thamarah is a motivational tool that helps you set personal spiritual goals. It lets you monitor your progress with regular input of worship and good deeds such as reading Quran, f...

Luna Pocket Masjid   Free    

Luna Pocket Masjid calculates the Qibla direction and prayer times based on your current location. You also have a flexibility to choose the azan times for which you wish to be not...

Sahih Hadith Muslim   Free   100% (2 votes)    1 comments

Hadith Bukhari makes the experience of reading and learning Ahadith simple and visually appealing. The content is provided by the most reliable and renowned content provider Daruss...

RamadhanDuas   Free    

Islamic Duas for the Holy Muslim month of Ramadhan Meego (Nokia N9) users need PR1.2 software or a more recent version. ...

Raamattu   Free    1 comments

Raamattu is a simple Bible reader, currently only supporting the King James version. ...

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