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Software taking advantage of the built-in sensors of MeeGo Harmattan ARM-based smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

  Akos Polster
Steps   Free   40% (5 votes)    3 comments

Easy to use step counter. Counts steps for current activity, daily total, lifetime total Optimized for outdoors: big buttons and audio feedback Upload step data to the cloud, to...

  Andreas Jakl
NFC Info   Free   70% (1 votes)    1 comments

Shows all information about NFC tags available through Qt Mobility APIs. Includes reusable convenience classes for handling additional tag types: Smart Poster, Image and vCard. ...

  Andrew Flegg
Attitude   Free   40% (2 votes)    2 comments

An artificial horizon and spirit level. This application shows the pitch and roll of an accelerometer enabled device. In the absence of accelerometers, it shows a twisty turny ...

  Antti Krats
Qt Bubble Level   Free    

Qt Bubble Level is a simple application that uses accelerometer sensor information to calculate the inclination of the device and presents this as a traditional bubble level. The a...

  Avelgood Apps
Metal Detector   Commercial   80% (2 votes)    1 comments

Find ferrous metals and magnetic fields using your phone. Metal Detector measures magnetic fields using the magnetic sensors in your phone. Normally the magnetic field strength ...

Magneto Meter   Free    

Uses the built-in magnetometer to show the magnetic field. The magnetometer returns magnetic flux density values. ...

Light Meter   Commercial   10% (1 votes)    1 comments

Test your phones built in Ambient Light Sensor using this Light Meter Application. ...

  G Soft Team
Solar Meter   Free    1 comments

Solar Meter is an app that measures how much solar light is your phone receiving. In-app ads by inneractive (requires Internet connection)....

Tilt Meter   Free    

A practical tilt meter to help you around. You can easily find out if one surface is vertical by placing your phone on it. If the cursor figure centers under the cross-grid then th...

  George Ruinelli
Angle Graph   Free    

This application shows the angle in a graph. It works in landscape as well as in portrait mode. To use it, put your phone onto the table in landscape or portrait mode. Tilt it s...

  Juhapekka Piiroinen
QAD Speedometer   Commercial    

Displays the current speed data from Location sensors. ...

  K3 Productions
Meter   Commercial   80% (1 votes)    

Shows inclination or tilt angle as a spirit level and as a number in degrees. Base angle can be calibrated with a button. Right side has a compass and direction in degrees. ...

Angle Meter Touch   Free    

Measure angles with your device! Measurement is displayed in digital and analogue formats from 0 to 180 degrees. With the reset button you can set the zero degree reference point. ...

Level Touch   Free   70% (3 votes)    2 comments

Use your device as a builder's level. Level Touch features both horizontal and vertical bubble tubes. Readings are based on device's built-in accelerometer. ...

Seismograph Touch   Free   70% (2 votes)    

Measure movement with this fun seismometer! It uses the device's built-in accelerometer for vertical measurement. ...

Leveler   Commercial   80% (9 votes)    3 comments

Keep things straight, or in an angle, with this easy to use level. Basic usage: Place your phone on flat surface and press "Calibrate" . After this you can see if things are in...

  Rodrigo Linfati
Nivel   Free    

Nivel is a basic spirit level application written in QML. ...

  Tomi Paananen
Sensor Gallery   Free   80% (1 votes)    2 comments

Sensor Gallery is an utility application meant for developers to explore the sensors and their readings provided by Qt Mobility sensor APIs. It dynamically generates a list of sens...

SensorInfo   Free    1 comments

This utility lets you examine and experiment with hardware sensors (such as accelerometers and light sensors) on your Qt powered phone or tablet. This project is aimed at developer...

  Two Euro Apps
Lux Meter   Commercial   30% (3 votes)    4 comments

Measure the light levels of your surroundings. Featuring min and max levels and real time graph, this app is all you need for your measurements. ...

togglesensord   Commercial    

This app can toggle sensord. It is very useful when you read a book in bed. How to use: set the root password and delay time then click Start or Stop, the delay time is left for...

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