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Sport & Hobby
Sport, fitness and hobby related software for MeeGo Harmattan ARM-based smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Livescore   Commercial    

Livescore will help you see details of the results of soccer games in the world as the FA Cup, Serie A, Ligue, Ligue Spanish, English Premier League, Bundesliga (Germany), etc. The...

Fitness Builder   Commercial   100% (1 votes)    2 comments

Fitness Builder is your comprehensive guide to over 100 carefully selected and illustrated exercises. Swiftly browse through the database and find a workout of your choice. Use the...

Fitness Planner   Commercial    

With Fitness Planner, scheduling and tracking your workouts have never been easier. Become your own coach and keep yourself motivated by setting and fulfilling your personal goals....

Gym Workout Tracker   Commercial    

Keep up with your achievements! Use Gym Workout Tracker to follow your trainings, report your effects and review your progress with just a few taps. Featuring an intuitive calendar...

Yoga Trainer   Commercial    

With a selection of several dozen well illustrated and carefully described poses, Yoga Trainer is your personal guide towards the healthier, less stressful life. Relax and embrace ...

MeeGoal   Free    

This application is a client for openligaDB (, a German site for soccer data, primary for German leagues. Features: supported leagues: German leagues (...

  Constantine N
Pedometer   Commercial   90% (2 votes)    2 comments

This application counts steps while you walking. You can take stock of steps, distance, speed, amount of calories each time you walk. You can set up daily target and control your a...

2012 WebCam   Commercial    

Specially for EURO 2012 - view live webcam video from Ukraine and Poland. Discover more than 40 real places with future football fights and other. User friendly interface - Swipe a...

ESPNF1   Free   80% (1 votes)    

The official ESPNF1 app brings you the best Formula One coverage across the globe, delivered in both English and French. The app will provide news, features, live commentary during...

Body Transformer   Free    1 comments

Body Transformer can help you transform your body in a short time: necessary equipments fitness site and guesture. It intrduces 6 fitness sites and their guestures.Every guesture...

  Fox Sports
Fox Sports RWC 2011   Free   10% (1 votes)    1 comments

Check all the latest results and news for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. ...

  G Soft Team
Shake 60 Seconds   Free    

Strengthen and tone your arms, chest and shoulders. This is an app that counts how much workout you can do in 60 seconds. The workout is counted in points obtained by shaking the p...

Shake To 100   Free    

Strengthen and tone your arms, chest and shoulders. This is an app that times how fast you reach 100 points of workout. You obtain these points by shaking your phone up and down. ...

GoalTime   Free    

A real-time match score reporter. GoalTime is a Qt based app that helps the user to view latest global match scores in real-time. Besides scoring tips, users can check ongoing m...

Football Results and Table   Free   50% (2 votes)    1 comments

The latest football results (table and score) for major domestic and international leagues. World wide coverage. ...

  Hugo Parente
Tides   Free    

Show information about Brazilian tides, useful if you plan to surf or just enjoy the beach. ...

  inf mobile
Basketball Now!   Free    

Basketball Now! will give you acess to content about live scores and statistics of american basketball leagues (NBA and NCAAB). ...

NumismatMobile   Free    

NumismatMobile is an application for coin collectors. With this application your coins collection in your phone. You can use existing catalogues (commemorative Euro and Russia c...

The Football App   Free   80% (1 votes)    1 comments

The Football App brings all the top European soccer leagues to your device: Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, and also Champions League and Europa League. ...

  Just Mobile
EPL Live   Free   60% (1 votes)    1 comments

This is a free app that has all the info you need for English Premier League (EPL). Features: Live scores (minute by minute) Results Fixtures (week by week) Standings....

  Mikko Mehtonen
Pace Calculator   Commercial    

Pace Calculator helps you to choose correct running pace for competition or training. For example if you are planning to run a marathon, this application calculates pace you need t...

Money Book   Free    

A collection of Money Samples from all over the world, for those money collectors/travelers, that would be a must have buddy. Features: HD money sample pictures; Collect...

Nokia Goal   Free   50% (1 votes)    1 comments

Soccer at the palm of your hand. Find out all the relevant information about your local and international soccer with Nokia Goal. Live the highlights of every game. Read all the st...

Nokia Tennis   Free    

Nokia Tennis gives you instant results of every international tennis match (ATP Tour (Men), WTA Tour (Women), Davis Cup, every Grand Slam tournament, Masters Series and Challenger ...

WRC Live   Free   70% (1 votes)    1 comments

The Official FIA World Rally Championship Application for Nokia N9 For the first time in Rally history, the WRC Live application allows you to follow the in-rally progress of your ...

Onet Livezone   Free    

For Polish users. Sportowe wyniki w Twojej kieszeni! Dzieki aplikacji Onet Livezone bedziesz na biezaco z wynikami Twoich ulubionych zawodnikow i druzyn sportowych. Na zywo obse...

qGolfTracker   Free    

qGolfTracker tracks coordinates and other data into local database so you can track your game. You must edit clubs (from the small toolbar menu) before you start tracking. ...

Barbell Gym Tracker   Free   100% (2 votes)    2 comments

The exercise tracker for gym enthusiasts. Database of over 300 exercises, with detailed, illustrated guides on how to perform them. You can create a weekly training plan, set ta...

Barbell Gym Tracker Pro   Commercial    

The exercise tracker for gym enthusiasts. Database of over 300 exercises, with detailed, illustrated guides on how to perform them. You can create a weekly training plan, set ta...

  Paolo Angelelli
meeTrainer   Free   60% (3 votes)    3 comments

Turn your N9 into a full GPS sport-computer. Track your sport and workout. Do it in real time. With meeTrainer you turn your magic Nokia N9 into a real sports computer. meeTrai...

  QML Productions
Live-F1   Commercial    

Native client for the official Formula 1 Live Timing service. The official Formula 1 website includes a Java client, which during races, qualifying, and practice sessions, disp...

Football Live Scores   Free   80% (2 votes)    1 comments

Get the live scores and updates for matches played in the top European leagues right on your mobile device. Updates are live with goal scorers as well as who gets sent off during m...

  Sports Tracking
Sports Tracker   Free   60% (6 votes)    5 comments

Turn your mobile into a social sports computer with Sports Tracker! Track and analyze your performance, share workout data and photos with your friends, and most of all - get fit a...

  Two Euro Apps
Gym Logger   Commercial    

Make tracking your gym progress a lot easier with this little app. Create your own custom exercises and fill the calendar with workouts. Keep track of your sets, weights and your o...

Sport360   Free    

Sport360 is a daily sports newspaper which offers, for the first time ever, comprehensive sports coverage in the United Arab Emirates with standards of excellence on par with the a...

  VirtualGym TV
VirtualGym TV   Free    

VirtualGym TV is the world's only online gym. You can use on any internet connected media platform whether it is your computer or your TV, from your MP4 player to your Smartphone o...

Successful Fishing   Free    

The program will calculate optimum time for successful fishing, on the basis of centuries-old experience of the fishermen, using calculation of position of the Sun and the Moon and...

qFaceOff   Free    

qFaceOff keeps you informed about your favorite Swedish hockey team by interacting with User will be notified by sound for each goal scored in games ...

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