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SunCalc  by  Burning PlatformAstronomy category

 My-MeeGo user rating: 70% (12 votes) (12 votes), 8 comments(s)

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SunCalc provides all important information related to the Sun's appearance in your local sky, for any geographic location and any date.

See at a glance on the real-time updated graph how the path of the Sun changes through the year and where the Sun is now, in the next couple of hours, tomorrow or on any other day. For any date and location get exact times of sunrise and sunset, dawn and dusk, civil, nautical, amateur and astronomical twilight starts and ends, the time of transit and its elevation (altitude), day and night length (also compared to the previous day and solstice), date of day of the same length, and more.

SunCalc for Nokia N9 / N950 / MeeGo Harmattan

SunCalc supports either manually entered geographic coordinates or it can get them automatically from the GPS receiver of your smartphone.

Unlike other applications of this type usually only calculating sunrise and sunset times, SunCalc will keep you informed about various twilight levels (e.g. the start of civil twilight is when it is no longer possible to read outside without artificial illumination, or the start of astronomical twilight is when the sky gets completely dark, without any sun light reaching it from below the horizon), and also about the exact time of transit and its elevation, which is when the Sun reaches the highest altitude in the sky on a selected day. You can use it to quickly check how the day and night lengths change between different seasons and compared to the longest or shortest day of the year (the solstice day), how long the Sun stays above or below the horizon, how low under the horizon it goes during the night, and more.

SunCalc for Nokia N9 / N950 / MeeGo Harmattan

Providing such a detailed and exact information presented both numerically and on the real-time calculated graph, SunCalc will help you to plan your daily activities depending on daylight and darkness as thanks to it you will know when exactly it gets dark or when the first sun rays will start lighting up the sky. Advanced users may find it helpful for many other uses, e.g. to position solar panels at an angle matching the Sun's elevation to get the most of its radiation.

SunCalc for Nokia N9 / N950 / MeeGo Harmattan

The application provides several different data window sizes (double-tap to switch between them; the chosen size is remembered), scrollable graph, and a built-in help explaining all the supported types of data and terms used.

SunCalc for Nokia N9 / N950 / MeeGo Harmattan

If today's date is selected, SunCalc also shows (and updates in real time) an orange disc representing the current exact position of the Sun. The number shown inside the disc is the Sun's current altitude above or below the horizon (the grey horizontal line in the middle of the graph). Red circles show the position of the Sun with one hour steps. You can just keep the application running and see on the display how the Sun moves through the sky.

SunCalc for Nokia N9 / N950 / MeeGo Harmattan

An independent review of the Symbian version of SunCalc can be found @ AllABoutSymbian.

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70% (12 votes) (12 votes)
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N9, N950

  User comments for  SunCalc

NameComment and rating
on 2013-04-11 14:51 CET
The new version is even better. Thank you for your hard work. [Rate: 8/10]
on 2013-02-23 21:24 CET
good [Rate: 10/10]
on 2013-02-14 21:40 CET
I use this app quite often and with pleasure. It shows great information about the sun appearance. Thank you for the hard work. [Rate: 8/10]
from The Internet
on 2013-01-19 19:03 CET
very good app [No rate]
on 2012-11-25 18:02 CET
Very useful for planning light-sensitive activities in advance. [Rate: 10/10]
on 2012-11-24 03:39 CET
If you live in any part of the world where the sun rises and sets, you should get this app. Most human activities are regulated by daylight or the absence of it so take out the guesswork of when dawn or dusk will arrive with this app. [Rate: 10/10]
on 2012-11-23 16:15 CET
Screenshots not appearing [No rate]
on 2012-11-23 11:54 CET
Thank you very much for this app. I'm not yet sure, if I really need all this data, but nautical sunset for current location is very welcome. I think I woul also be interested in the (not yet available) feature to add altitude and be able to "check how long the [solar] panels will be in direct sunlight". Allthough I do not realy need the app (yet), I mainly bought it to support your work! [Rate: 8/10]

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