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Nokia N-Gage

S60 3rd Edition smartphones are listed in the separate
S60 3rd Edition section
  Nokia N-Gage in short
- Symbian OS 6.1
- Series 60
- ARM9 CPU, 104 MHz
- Java MIDP 1.0
- 4 MB of storage memory
- memory card slot (MMC)
- Bluetooth data & audio
- 12-bit screen
- no camera
- USB port
- MP3/AAC player
- stereo FM radio

Nokia N-Gage - Introduction

Nokia N-Gage is a game deck, an MP3 player, a wireless browser, and a phone in one.

Based on the Symbian OS 6.1 and Series 60 user interface like the 7650 and 3650, the device incorporates two useful additions: MP3 player and FM radio. Being a game console in the first place, N-Gage was made with gaming experience in mind. It features a horizontal casing for two-hand use with the screen located in its center and surrounded by control buttons, including a five-way controller (working in eight directions in games) and keys working as mouse buttons.

Nokia N-Gage is a fully functional smartphone providing you with everything you can expect from Nokia 3650 - please check the Nokia 3650 description for all smartphone functions supported by the N-Gage model like HSCSD and GPRS, Infrared and Bluetooth connectivity, multimedia messaging (MMS), WAP/XHTML browser, PIM applications, tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz) operation and more. The only important difference is that N-Gage lacks digital camera.

Nokia N-Gage has 4 MB of internal storage memory and can be extended using Multimedia Cards (MMC). N-Gage specific games will be distributed on MMC cards and will be compatible with N-Gage only.

N-Gage is the first device of its kind - an always connected game deck with fully functional GSM phone and organiser. You can play online games via GPRS, local multiplayer games via Bluetooth as well as standard, single player games.

Nokia N-Gage weighs 137 g and its dimensions are 133,7 x 69.7 x 20,2 mm, 139cc. It is equipped with Lithium-Ion battery (BL-5C) that provides 150-200 hours of standby, up to 4 hours of talk, up to 8 hours of music, up to 20 hours of radio or 3-6 hours of playing games.

Nokia N-Gage - PROs AND CONs

  • the first device of its kind: game deck, GSM/GPRS phone, organiser, MP3 player and FM radio in one
  • built-in FM radio (stereo)
  • MP3/AAC player
  • cable (USB) connectivity
  • memory card slot
  • Java MIDP 1.0 (and not latest 2.0)
  • no camera

If you are a true mobile games enthusiast and you need a good phone and organiser at the same time, then N-Gage is for you. Play games with friends from all over the world via GPRS, install favourite Series 60 applications, listen to MP3 music and radio stations and browse the Internet with this 137 gram device.

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