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Nokia 7650 - Review
Page 1 - Hardware

Now that Nokia 7650 becomes available on the market, we would like to shortly introduce it and tell you how it works and how the operating system looks and feels like.

Let's start from the size and weight: when the keypad is closed, N7650's size is pretty much the same as of Siemens SL-45 and not much bigger than N8850. It is a bit thicker but easily fits in your shirt or jeans pocket.

With keypad open, the size is almost the same as of Nokia 9210 Communicator. This makes the phone very convenient to hold when operating it as a PDA. The center of gravity is well positioned right in the middle of the device. N7650 weighs 154 g which is the same or less than many 'normal' phones like Ericsson R380s (160 g) or Motorola T180 (145 g).

N7650 uses standard Nokia BLB-2 battery (known from many new Nokia phones), which provides upto 150 hours of standby and 2-4 hours of talk. With ACP-9 charger it takes only about 1,5 hours to fully recharge it. Battery can be recharged using a travel charger (ACP-8, ACP-9 or ACP-12), car charger (LCH-9), desktop stand (DCC-1) or special battery charging stand (DDC-1).

N7650 can be equipped with various headset models: simple HDC-5 and HDE-2, dual HDD-1 and "over the ear" HDB-5. Unfortunately, wireless Bluetooth headsets cannot be used as Nokia 7650 doesn't support Bluetooth audio profile...

One of the most important advantages of Nokia 7650 is its support for Bluetooth connectivity. The phone can easily exchange and synchronize data with other Bluetooth enabled devices like phones/PDAs and desktops or laptops. Bluetooth connection is much faster than IR transfer and is much more convenient because of its operating range (usually upto 10 meters). You don't even have to take the phone out of your pocket to make a backup, install software or synchronize your Calendar or Contacts!

If you want to use Bluetooth connectivity with your PC, it has to be equipped with Bluetooth hardware. You can either purchase a PC mainboard which has Bluetooth module built-in (e.g. Microstar MSI-6398E) or equip your PC with a Bluetooth PCI card or Bluetooth USB plug. Laptop owners can use Bluetooth PCMCIA card (e.g Nokia DTL-4 card).

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