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S60 3rd Edition software

Miscellaneous Utilities (377)
Games and Entertainment (690)
Graphics & Multimedia (185)
Security (49)
Internet (79)
Emulation (21)
On-line services (7)
Programming, Development (24)
Finance & Business (34)
Compression (6)
Health & Medicine (23)
Corporate (1)
PC Programs (16)
Calculators & Math tools (22)
Food & Drinks (13)
Document Editors/Readers (26)
Learning & Dictionaries (34)
Time (24)
Sport (5)
Database Management (6)
Literature (2)
UI personalization (9)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (13)
Other (4)
Religion (21)
Software Bundles (2)
Professional tools (1)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Car (6)
Home (1)
Runtimes (1)
Localizations (6)
Books (1)
Antivirus (11)
Benchmarks (2)
Banking (1)
Drivers (1)
Astronomy (1)
Agenda (2)

Total: 1777 programs
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Finance & Business
Financial and business software for Symbian OS Series 60 smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Advanced Merchant Solutions
Pocket Verifier Professional    User rating: 50%    

With this program and (optionally) Bluetooth Card reader and thermal printer you can accept credit cards anywhere. Swipe or type the credit card information, press a button, and th...
Artis Software
Money Tracker    User rating: 60%    2 comments

Money Tracker is an easy system to insert "on the fly" daily expenses and to organize them in groups (such as: company, car, travels, etc.) and types (such as: Parking, Restaurant,...
TrackIT    User rating: 80%    

TrackIT is a time and task tracking software. TrackIt helps users to track the time spent on activities and tasks. TrackIT can be used in different contexts personal or professiona...
Quick Currency Converter     

Quick Currency Converter is an easy to use currency converter with fast online update-function of up-to-date currency exchange rates. Features: 30 currencies listed by Euro...
Handy Expense    User rating: 70%    2 comments

Handy Expense for Nokia 7650 is a great expense manager. It allows you to record and manage your everyday personal expenses from anywhere! See where your money is going with co...
GoldFIX    User rating: 50%    

View online the Fixing of gold, silver and platinum; Make a chart of recent fixing. Get day's fix via web. ...
exoSyphen Studios
Mobile Exchange Rate     

Quickly access live foreign currency exchange rates, for the world's most popular currencies. Mobile Exchange Rate, allows you to quickly view the official exchange rate, and updat...
HandMoney    User rating: 70%    

HandMoney is a personal finance tracking application written in Java MIDP. Track account balances and you can keep a running balance. In the Register View, The Begin Balance...
JJL Software
Currency Converter    User rating: 70%    

Currency Converter for Series 60 (Nokia 7650, 3650) has following features: three input fields (you can select currency for 1st and 2nd field) copy result to clipboard all...
Kenneth Tsang
Assets Manager   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    

Assets Manager is a personal finance tracking software developed for the J2ME platform, that is, a true mobile money tracking software for all Java-enabled phones. With this softwa...
Finanz    User rating: 90%    1 comments

How many times in a day do you open a calculator for a simple percentage calculation? Now you can do it the clever way on your smartphone: open one of the 12 screens of Finanz, ent...
L3 Solutions
Business Journal     

Business Journal is an extended memory tool for busy people. Use it throughout the day to record decisions, results of talks, points for clarification, or any other business note -...
Currency Converter     

Instant access to hundreds of different currency exchange rates. L3Currency Converter makes currency conversion easy. Shortcut flags quickly select the most common currencies, incl...
ExpenseReport    User rating: 100%    1 comments

L3's ExpenseReport lets you record your expenses quickly and easily, as you make them, so you'll never lose track of travel expenses again. No more wasting time when you ge...
FinancialPlanner    User rating: 50%    

The L3 Financial Planner supplies five financial analysis, calculation and planning tools. If you need objective advice on retirement planning, college savings, debt reduction, inv...
LoanCalc    User rating: 10%    

A mortgage payment calculator and much more, with six sophisticated calculations, wizards, and analysis screens. Analyze the effect of early principal payments, whether on a...
MyBudget    User rating: 50%    

MyBudget puts you in control of your personal finances. Whether your goal is to reduce debt, save money, or just understand where your money goes, MyBudget can be an invaluable aid...

With MyChecking, you record your checking, credit card, and ATM transactions quickly and easily, as you make them, so you'll never lose track of your account balances again. ...
StockWatch    User rating: 80%    2 comments

With StockWatch you can see at a glance the daily performance of your portfolio's holdings, but there is much more. StockWatch retrieves the high and low price for the day, trade v...
TimeBill    User rating: 60%    

TimeBill makes it easy to accurately track and bill time spent working for clients. If you work for multiple clients, or switch from task to task during the day, or your clients de...
LevelUp Mobile Software
Expense Calendar    User rating: 50%    

Expense Calendar is a Series 60 application designed to organize and keep track of your home, business, personal and other expenses. Expense Calendar makes the tasks of recording, ...
Mastersoft Mobile Solutions
Easyloan Visual Loan Analyzer    User rating: 80%    

EasyLoan by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is an easy to use visual loan analyser. Just enter 3 out of the four required variables and EasyLoan analyses the results. Results are displ...
Mastersoft Money    User rating: 90%    2 comments

Mastersoft Money for your Series 60 phone is an all-in-one, self-contained personal finance manager based upon Mastersoft Money (PoQuick). It is a complete replacement for your des...
mBrain Software
Goin Dutch     

With Goin' Dutch you can easily keep track of shared expenses, made by a number of people for a number of different events. Think a night at the town, a long weekend in Paris, or w...
Pedro Alves
EuroConverter   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    

A very well made and user friendly Euro currency converter. A crucial application for anyone living in the Eurozone. ...
Shape Services

Currency+ works only with actual rates of exchange, as it takes data from server which contains the latest information. The application allows users to determine rates of exchange ...
Best Portfolio    User rating: 100%    

Watch your stocks and keep track of your investments wherever you are. With Best Portfolio you can monitor your entire portfolio retrieving stock quotes through Internet directly f...
XpenseTravel    User rating: 80%    1 comments

XpenseTravel for Series60 devices, is a powerful, yet simple, expense manager which enables you to track your spending while you travel. This tool helps you understand where your m...
Viking Informatics
Currency    User rating: 80%    

Currency is a currency converter for Nokia 7650 and 3650. Features: 146 currencies; conversion between any given currency; retrieving currency rates using an Internet con...
WiB Software
Punch 2 Go    User rating: 30%    

Punch 2 Go is mobile timesheet recording and reporting. Features: Time Tracking for multiple projects, tasks and clients. Different rates for each project. Realtime Su...
Xcite Software
XS Finance    User rating: 80%    1 comments

XS Finance is a feature rich but easy to use mobile application for managing all your finances. XS Finance is designed to be a complete solution, removing the necessity for an equi...
XS Portfolio    User rating: 50%    1 comments

XS Portfolio is the ultimate in stock management. A complete stock system and packed with features. Features include: Multiple stock exchange support Long / Short / Watch ...
Zindell Technologies

Convex is a currency converter. ...

CostManager enables you to keep track after your expenses. You can add your expenses' types to the phone's memory and add the costs whenever they occure accordingly. This software ...

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