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Symbian Software for Series 60 1st & 2nd Edition: Symbian OS Applications and Games
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S60 3rd Edition software

Miscellaneous Utilities (377)
Games and Entertainment (690)
Graphics & Multimedia (185)
Security (49)
Internet (79)
Emulation (21)
On-line services (7)
Programming, Development (24)
Finance & Business (34)
Compression (6)
Health & Medicine (23)
Corporate (1)
PC Programs (16)
Calculators & Math tools (22)
Food & Drinks (13)
Document Editors/Readers (26)
Learning & Dictionaries (34)
Time (24)
Sport (5)
Database Management (6)
Literature (2)
UI personalization (9)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (13)
Other (4)
Religion (21)
Software Bundles (2)
Professional tools (1)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Car (6)
Home (1)
Runtimes (1)
Localizations (6)
Books (1)
Antivirus (11)
Benchmarks (2)
Banking (1)
Drivers (1)
Astronomy (1)
Agenda (2)

Total: 1777 programs
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Health & Medicine
Health care & Medical software for Symbian OS Series 60 smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Beyond W
theLadiesCalendar    User rating: 70%    1 comments

Keep record of your past menstrual cycles. View forecasting of your upcoming menstruation and ovulation dates.Know when you are most likely to be fertile. ...
Healthy Calls     2 comments

There's a lot of talk about cell phones radiation that cause adverse health effects. The concern is that cell phones are often placed close to or against the head during the call, ...
Dynamo Computing Solutions
MobiMedic - First Aid    User rating: 70%    1 comments

MobiMedic is an interactive mobile phone utility that can be used as a First Aid guide. MobiMedic will direct you through standard First Aid procedures, using your own input for de...
BabyMonitor    User rating: 50%    

The BabyMonitor is an application for monitoring your baby's movements during pregnancy. With the BabyMonitor you can monitor your baby's movements and save the information to keep...
PregnancyDates    User rating: 60%    

PregnancyDates calculates some of the important dates in pregnancy and you can also view the information on the size of the baby. With PregnancyDates you can calculate an estimatio...
FitnessAssistant    User rating: 70%    

Research confirms that writing down and keeping track of what you eat and what you burn is a great way to head off poor food choices and useless calories and to shed weight. Fitne...
BMI Calculator    User rating: 50%    

Calculate your Body Mass Index anytime and everywhere. Simply type in your sex, height, weight and age. The Program will calculate your Body Mass Index and show the result on a cle...
BMICalc    User rating: 50%    

BMICalc calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on your weight and height. Your BMI is a helpful indicator of obesity and underweight in adults. BMI is used to screen, monitor ...
HeartRate    User rating: 40%    

HeartRate is an application that calculates your recommended heart rate zone as well as your maximum allowed heart rate when doing aerobic exercises. Pls consult with your physicia...
MyDiet    User rating: 60%    

MyDiet allows you to manage your daily calorie consumption. You can add food types and assign the amount of calories for each one of them. Each day you can enter the foods that you...
Joachim Schaefer
My Girls   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    15 comments

The purpose of the midlet is to be informed about aspects of womens natural cycles. You enter the females name, the length of her cycle and the current day in her cycle. Then you c...
L3 Solutions
HealthCalc    User rating: 80%    

HealthCalc makes it easy for you to use scientifically proven formulas and measurements to reliably assess and improve your health and fitness. HealthCalc provides six diff...
NutriData    User rating: 60%    

NutriData makes it easy for you to find reliable information regarding the nutrient, mineral, and vitamin contents of the foods you eat, organized into 21 categories - including fa...
LevelUp Mobile Software
Woman Calendar    User rating: 60%    

Woman Calendar S60 is a women's personal calendar, which: Let's you plan your sexual life and use the natural method of contraception. You can easily view and determine the "safe...
Mastersoft Mobile Solutions
My Last Cigarette    User rating: 80%    

Quit smoking today with new My Last Cigarette from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions and stay quit. My Last Cigarette is an aid to help you resist restarting this fatal habit. Sim...
Mobile Systems
Woman Mobile    User rating: 70%    1 comments

WomanMobile is a medical calendar for the S60 2.x platform designed to assist women in keeping accurate records of their menstrual cycle. It is also a handy assistant when it comes...
All in 1 Health Monitor    User rating: 60%    

All in 1 Health Monitor includes Body Mass Index Calculator, Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator, Calories needed to maintain your weight, Body Fat calculator, Waist To Hip ratio calcu...
Soft Magic
Stop Smoking    User rating: 80%    1 comments

Stop Smoking allows users to quit smoking by first recording their smoke patterns and then building a gradual withdrawal program. How does it work? Stage 1: For the first 7...
Symb Biorhythms    User rating: 80%    

Symb Biorhythms is a must have application for all those who want to be aware of their current psychical, emotional and mental state. Features: two week graph detailed day...
TA Cybernetic Solutions
Health Calculator    User rating: 50%    

Health Calculator allows you to check and diagnose your health measurements to reliably assess and improve your health and fitness. Health Calculator includes: Body Mass In...
emerdat    User rating: 80%    

emerdat is an emergency data store (medical and private) for every Java MIDP 1.0 compatible cellphone. emerdat was made for those people who want to feel safer by having th...
Dr. Mobile - Fruits    User rating: 100%    

Overweight and at risk for stroke? Fruit and vegetables may be what you need say researchers. Natural substances contained in a wide variety of foods that have long been recognized...
Zindell Technologies
Fertilax    User rating: 50%    

Fertilax is an application for women that enables to calculate most fertile days. Enter the date of the first day of your last period, and the average number of days from this date...

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