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Total: 1777 programs
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Electronic Bibles, religious software for Symbian OS Series 60 smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Azkar    User rating: 60%    1 comments

A valuable collection of Day and Night's supplications "Azkar", general and private invocations and supplications "Azkar". This collection is easy to show at any time and with less...
Emsakeia    User rating: 80%    

Helps Muslims knowing times of both the last meal before daybreak "suhoor" an the brealan. ...
Gadwal    User rating: 30%    

This program helps Muslims putting religious obligations for yourself and following up your progress. It calculates the percentage of your obligation daily, monthly, and yearly. ...
HijriCalendar    User rating: 40%    2 comments

This program calculates the Hijri calendar from the Gregorian calendar and vice versa with an illustration of the islamic occasions all around the year. ...
IslamicInfoTest    User rating: 40%    

A tutorial program presenting tests consisting of multiple choice questions related to different Islamic topics and including variable difficulty levels. ...
Mawaqeet    User rating: 50%    1 comments

This program lets Muslims know the time of the five Prayers everywhere in the world with a self-alarm functionality when the time of Prayer is coming. Also, this program announces ...
Qiblla    User rating: 50%    

An easy and useful program to know the direction of Al-Qiblla at any place in the world through two different ways. ...
Crescent Technologies
Calling Allah    User rating: 60%    6 comments

Use your 3650 and 7650 mobile phone on the go or in a Cradle to show beautiful Calligraphic 99 names of Allah in a Slide Show. The slide show also displays the meaning of ea...
Al-Moazen    User rating: 60%    20 comments

Al-Moazen helps Muslims all over the world remember their prayers time and learn the Qibla direction, no matter where do they live. Al-Moazen comes with a bilingual interface; Arab...
MobiQuraan    User rating: 60%    4 comments

MobiQuraan is an advanced Quraan software for Series 60 smartphones with all features you can imagine. The best Othmani font, translation, explanation, audio, text search, number o...
Incognito Games
BibleQuote    User rating: 50%    

Psalms in your palm. Various Psalms and Biblical Quotations carefully taken and resurected in full colour digital form. The mesages of the good book in the palm of your hand. ...
Pocket Quran   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    69 comments

The complete Holy Quran in Arabic for Nokia Series 60 for FREE. Pocket Quran runs natively on Symbian OS and does not require Arabic support. The text has full "Tashkeel" and is di...
Mobile Migration
Dailies - Biblical Scripture    User rating: 80%    

Dailies - Biblical Scripture 1.0 provides you with an inspirational bible verse every day. A new scripture is displayed on your phone at the same time each day, 7 days a week, 365 ...
Mobinex Mobile
Azan    User rating: 50%    4 comments

Azan - Holy Prayer notifies users about Muslim prayer times. It can alert with any voice or text messages or with original Arabic "azan" voice. Azan-Holy Prayer doesn't require GPR...
Exodus    User rating: 10%    

Exodus is an application that provides the text of the second book in the Holy Bible. You can select a certain chapter, or start with the first chapter. You can also choose to view...
Genesis    User rating: 40%    

Genesis is an application that provides the text of the first book in the Holy Bible. You can select a certain chapter, or start with the first chapter. You can also choose to view...
Packard Technologies
Ultimate Bible Study Suite    User rating: 50%    

This suite (for Mobipocket Reader) includes: Holy Bible Nave's Topical Bible Strong's Hebrew Dictionary Strong's Greek Dictionary Strong's Concordance Easton's Bible Dictiona...
Best eBible    User rating: 50%    

This application is necessary for people who are interested in Bible and want it to be their pocket book. You can use the following commands to work with text: Contents - ...
eBible    User rating: 60%    5 comments

eBible is an electronic Bible for your Series 60 based mobile phone. ...
Khashee    User rating: 60%    4 comments

Khashee is specially designed to assist Muslims all over the world to get accurate prayer time alerts through their mobile handsets and to keep the mobile mute during prayer time, ...
Yohanes Nugroho
S60Bible   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    19 comments

This is a Bible reader for the Series 60 platform. Please download the bible files from ...

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