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Symbian Software for Series 60 1st & 2nd Edition: Symbian OS Applications and Games
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S60 3rd Edition software

Miscellaneous Utilities (377)
Games and Entertainment (690)
Graphics & Multimedia (185)
Security (49)
Internet (79)
Emulation (21)
On-line services (7)
Programming, Development (24)
Finance & Business (34)
Compression (6)
Health & Medicine (23)
Corporate (1)
PC Programs (16)
Calculators & Math tools (22)
Food & Drinks (13)
Document Editors/Readers (26)
Learning & Dictionaries (34)
Time (24)
Sport (5)
Database Management (6)
Literature (2)
UI personalization (9)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (13)
Other (4)
Religion (21)
Software Bundles (2)
Professional tools (1)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Car (6)
Home (1)
Runtimes (1)
Localizations (6)
Books (1)
Antivirus (11)
Benchmarks (2)
Banking (1)
Drivers (1)
Astronomy (1)
Agenda (2)

Total: 1777 programs
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Symbian OS Series 60 1st & 2nd Edition software
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Application(s) found for "PSI NT (Psiloc)":

BlueSync by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
BlueSync is a Symbian application that keeps your mobile phone automatically updated with address book, calendar information and to-do items wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity. There is no need to install any PC software. The BlueSync Symbian ...
User rating: 50%  (3 votes)    1 comments

Wireless Presenter by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Do you need to perform a presentation for an important client or for your boss? With the new Wireless Presenter you can make it really impressive and professional. Wireless Presenter extends the possibilities of Mobile Mouse application, which transfor...
User rating: 40%  (5 votes)    2 comments

Mobile Mouse by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Mobile Mouse is an application which transforms your Symbian phone into Bluetooth computer mouse. You don't need any additional software on your computer (as long as you have Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed). Your phone will be recognized as a mo...
User rating: 60%  (32 votes)    4 comments

Voice Reminder by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Voice Reminder application is the easiest way to remember everything you need. It will extend your memory making your life more efficient while saving time and effort. Say to the device microphone what you need to remember and then select time for the ...
User rating: 70%  (11 votes)

Call Register by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Call Register is a simple yet powerful tool to handle your call history. The application digests call details available in your phone and presents them in ways that are useful. The longest/shortest calls, calls on particular days? You can have them presen...
User rating: 40%  (7 votes)

World Traveller by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Current weather and the latest four-day forecast of 1800 the most popular business and travel locations worldwide, local exchange rates of 140 currencies, world clock and world map. With such an array of features World Traveller will come very handy if yo...
User rating: 50%  (11 votes)    5 comments

Psiloc Baby Care by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Do you have a little child? With Psiloc BabyCare you can take good care of it and take most of your time when it is asleep. The activated Psiloc BabyCare will let you listen to the noises from the child's room and talk to the child when it wakes up. Most ...
User rating: 60%  (9 votes)    1 comments

Where I Am by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Psiloc Where I am is a powerful tool to perform various actions on the Series 60 phones, based on its geographical location. Locating of the device is based on the GSM network cells. Thanks to the application the GSM network cells ID are not visible fo...
User rating: 70%  (7 votes)

Negate by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Games and Entertainment)
Psiloc Negate is an addictive logical game. The goal is to clear the screen from the points. By moving the joystick player is changing location of the block on the screen. Shapes of accessible blocks are shown below the board. If all parts of the block ar...
User rating: 80%  (9 votes)

Extended Recorder by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Extended Recorder is a tool which implements a very important and useful function missing in Series 60 phones: the ability of creating voice notes longer than 60 seconds and recording phone conversations. The only limitation now is the available di...
User rating: 70%  (83 votes)    6 comments

Vision by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
With Vision on the board you can assign a different video to any person, and also more generally to every profile. Everybody from your phonebook can have a different video you can have heart for your beloved one, or barking doggie for your friend...
User rating: 60%  (26 votes)

Coin-Up by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Games and Entertainment)
Play to win fortune, without risk of loosing real money. Check how lucky you are and make high scores. To play insert coins (from one to five). Each coin is your chance to win big money. ...
User rating: 90%  (3 votes)

List Manager by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
This application extends the possibilities of the standard To-Do application. It allows maintaining multiple task lists or projects within a hierarchical structure. In one place, in familiar looking space, you can keep your various To-Do lists use...
User rating: 20%  (34 votes)    1 comments

Infrared Remote Control by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Now you can have all the control in one hand! All multimedia devices around your home are now controllable using your mobile phone - isn't that great?! The TV, HiFi set, CD, VCR and DVD player can be all controlled by your handy! You will not have to ...
User rating: 80%  (694 votes)    32 comments

Total irRemote by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Total irRemote allows users to control their Audio/Video equipment with their mobile phone using built-in infrared port. It comes very handy when user wants to use one universal remote controller for all the devices instead of using few separate ones. Psi...
User rating: 70%  (155 votes)    12 comments

Psiloc Gold Suite by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Psiloc Gold Suite is a selection of seven most important ("must have") productivity applications for Nokia 6600/7650/3650. The package contains: Psiloc Space Doubler Psiloc miniGPS Psiloc Screen Saver Psiloc Extended File Manager Psiloc Extended Pr...
User rating: 20%  (78 votes)    1 comments

Extended Log by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
This application extends the possibilities of the build-in Log which collects the information about phone connections. It also gives much more possibilities, especially enables current cost calculations. Extended Log contains independent modules Reports a...
User rating: 20%  (119 votes)    1 comments

Mind Nine by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Games and Entertainment)
Mind Nine is simple to play, difficult to win. Find the rule of the matrix and fill it in. Think it's easy? If You solve just 10 levels in a row you will be awarded an honorable place in the Mind Nine hall of fame on Psiloc's website. There are many leve...
Freeware!    User rating: 70%  (17 votes)    2 comments

miniGPS by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
miniGPS brings positioning functionality to your Nokia 7650/3650... without specialized GPS hardware! The application reads area and cell ID codes provided by GSM network and allows storing them in its database along with your own description. Furthermore...
User rating: 60%  (137 votes)    7 comments

Extended Nokia 7650/3650 Suite by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Extended Nokia 7650/3650 Suite is a selection of the most important ("must have") productivity applications for Nokia 7650/3650. By buying this Extended Nokia 7650/3650 Suite you pay $34.95 instead of $61.8 - saving 45% on a purchase! Extended Nokia 76...
User rating: 10%  (104 votes)    1 comments

Screen Saver by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Screen Saver by PSI NT is what everybody has been waiting for! Now you can replace default N7650 screensaver with many different colorful and animated modules. Current version of Screen Saver contains following modules: Text (default), Date & Time ...
User rating: 30%  (244 votes)    6 comments

Extended File Manager by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
A missing function of the N7650/3650 is now available. The Extended File Manager gives you full control over your device with basic File Explorer functionality and more. Basic eFileManager functions are: file browsing with access to all drives (inc...
User rating: 30%  (233 votes)    4 comments

Screen Capture by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Nokia 7650 (unlike N9210) doesn't have screen capture utility. With ScreenCapture by PSI NT one can capture screen contents anytime using defined key combination. Pictures are saved in a folder accessible via Images application. You can selec...
User rating: 30%  (27 votes)

Task Manager by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Task Manager for Nokia 7650 is Series 60 version of the well known killer application for Nokia 9210/9290. The application provides many important task management functions: closing and killing running tasks (including hidded system ones), compressing mem...
User rating: 20%  (88 votes)

MultiMedia Player by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Graphics & Multimedia)
MMP is an advanced audio player for Nokia 7650. It supports playlists and recognizes all default file formats: MIDI, WAV, AMR, AU etc. MMP is also going to support MP3 files via external plug-in (available soon).        ...
User rating: 70%  (124 votes)    4 comments

Extended Profiles by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Extended Profiles add important function missing in Nokia 7650: scheduling profile changes. Now you can set one profile (e.g. "Business") to be active during your working hours and then it can be switched automatically to "Home" profile etc. Ex...
User rating: 20%  (167 votes)    4 comments

System Tools by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
System Tools is a set of useful functions for your Nokia 7650. It allows restarting the phone (e.g. to free more RAM), restoring factory settings, formatting user storage memory and - first of all - enabling "Flight mode" known from Nokia Communicator (th...
User rating: 20%  (107 votes)    4 comments

WorldClock by PSI NT (Psiloc) (Miscellaneous Utilities)
WorldClock is not only a graphic clock with database of over 1150 locations worldwide, but it also allows adding and editing towns and territories and managing up to 8 alarms (Pro version). The program displays detailed information about home and destinat...
User rating: 20%  (145 votes)

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