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S60 3rd Edition software

Miscellaneous Utilities (377)
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Total: 1777 programs
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Symbian OS Series 60 1st & 2nd Edition software
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Application(s) found for "Synergenix":

Lock n Load 2 by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Lock 'n Load 2 pushes the mobile hardware to its limits and overshadows all mobile 3D first-person shooter ever seen. Survive through over 10 thrilling levels with multiple floors in single player mode or invite your friends to intense multiplayer session...
User rating: 80%  (4 votes)    1 comments

Golf Pro Contest 2 by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Golf Pro Contest 2 is the world's first mobile golf game to bring near-console graphics to your phone. Advanced 3D creates fairways that flow into the horizon, trees you could almost touch and greens that are deep and rich. But that's not all. With the mu...
User rating: 50%  (4 votes)    1 comments

Football Pro Contest by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Football Pro Contest is an arcade style football game with 3D graphics. FPC includes all the rules of soccer including corners, throw-ins, goal kicks, penalties, fouls, send-offs, substitutions. You can decide to play a quick friendly match, or a full cha...
User rating: 30%  (4 votes)    1 comments

Carmageddon 3D by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Take the wheel as Max Damage and drive extreme vehicles in a racing game like no other. The objective: win the race. The motive: greed. The rules: none whatsoever! Based on SCi's popular PC/console game, Carmageddon Mobile pits you against three crazed op...
User rating: 60%  (3 votes)

American Racing 3D by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Stock car racing is the biggest spectator sport in the United States. In American Racing 3D, you are put in the seat of a 750 hp stock car to drive on tracks across the states. From fast, high banked superspeedways, where the concept of drafting is essent...
User rating: 50%  (13 votes)

Martial Arts 3D by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Martial Arts 3D offers a great fighting experience in different arenas across the world against plenty of opponents trained in different martial arts techniques. Fight your way through three different championships in the battle to become the martial arts...
User rating: 50%  (7 votes)    3 comments

Anarchy Boxing 3D by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Get in the ring and fight some of the strongest and most fearsome boxers in the world. Anarchy Boxing 3D offers an astonishing boxing experience in different rings across the world against more than 25 opponents. Fight your way through three different...

Joes Treasure Quest 3D by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Enjoy treasure hunting around the world with Joe's Treasure Quest 3D. Collect all items and reach the finish spot without falling down in true 3D worlds. Watch out for breaking grounds, moving springs and guiding arrows that are often in your way. Win ext...
User rating: 80%  (3 votes)

Golf Pro Contest by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Enjoy a challenging game of golf on your mobile. Golf PRO Contest has great 3-D graphics and a very realistic feel. Players 'golf' through 1, 9, or 18 holes, by themselves or against as many as three friends. Success depends on careful selection of the ri...
User rating: 70%  (2 votes)    1 comments

Fatal Arena 3D by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
These are the days of the apocalypse. Clan wars have been raging for as long as any man can remember. The fight for supremacy between the five clans remains unsettled. Great battles have annihilated the armies and shattered every home in every village. ...
User rating: 50%  (19 votes)

Helli Attack 2 by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
You are an an elite soldier, your jetfighter was destroyed in an intense air battle and you eject right into the middle of enemy territory. How long can you survive the waves of helicopters sent to kill you? The aim of the game is to get as the highest sc...
User rating: 70%  (17 votes)    5 comments

Lock n Load - Rise of war by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
As a Earth United elite soldier, you are the soul surviver of a Zeki attack of Base Delta in the wastelands of Tau. The Zeki are ruthless, gangrel-looking, canine humanoids with a taste for demise and destruction. They command a large number of the viciou...
User rating: 50%  (93 votes)    2 comments

3D Rally Pro Contest by Synergenix (Games and Entertainment)
Rally PRO 3D puts gamers behind the wheel in realistic rally game for mobile devices. Single player championship mode allows the player to race on twelve highly detailed 3D tracks in four different environments. Multiplayer head-to-head challenge further ...
User rating: 80%  (208 votes)    6 comments

Mophun by Synergenix (Runtimes)
Synergenix are working on Mophun runtimes for Symbian phones, which will allow Symbian OS devices' users to run dozens of Mophun games known from e.g. Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Initial versions for SonyEricsson Px00 and Series 60 are ready and final...
User rating: 80%  (57 votes)    2 comments

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