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S60 3rd Edition software

Miscellaneous Utilities (377)
Games and Entertainment (690)
Graphics & Multimedia (185)
Security (49)
Internet (79)
Emulation (21)
On-line services (7)
Programming, Development (24)
Finance & Business (34)
Compression (6)
Health & Medicine (23)
Corporate (1)
PC Programs (16)
Calculators & Math tools (22)
Food & Drinks (13)
Document Editors/Readers (26)
Learning & Dictionaries (34)
Time (24)
Sport (5)
Database Management (6)
Literature (2)
UI personalization (9)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (13)
Other (4)
Religion (21)
Software Bundles (2)
Professional tools (1)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Car (6)
Home (1)
Runtimes (1)
Localizations (6)
Books (1)
Antivirus (11)
Benchmarks (2)
Banking (1)
Drivers (1)
Astronomy (1)
Agenda (2)

Total: 1777 programs
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Symbian OS Series 60 1st & 2nd Edition software
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Application(s) found for "Zensis":

PhotoRite Viewer by Zensis (Graphics & Multimedia)
Very fast image viewer for Symbian Series 60. Zensis PhotoRite Viewer is what you must have if you are to view and browse photos with total control - fast and smooth. Main features include: More thumbnails on a screen - browse from 3, 9, 16, 25, to 64 ph...
User rating: 70%  (18 votes)    2 comments

RiteViewer SP by Zensis (Graphics & Multimedia)
Manage, Browse, View and Play slideshow with your photos with total fluent control. Developed based on the optimized imaging core of the popular imaging app "PhotoRite SP", RiteViewer SP for Nokia Series 60 is a Photo Browser, Viewer, Slideshow player 3-i...
User rating: 40%  (8 votes)

PhotoRite SP by Zensis (Graphics & Multimedia)
Capture enhanced quality photos with creative photo frames and funny magic mirror effects. The PhotoRite SP for Series 60 is a Photo Camera, Photo Editor, Photo Viewer all-in-one imaging application for your camera phone. Main features include: Fully sup...
User rating: 60%  (28 votes)    7 comments

PhotoRite by Zensis (Graphics & Multimedia)
PhotoRite is an advanced image processing software solution to perform automatic enhancement on digital photos. Photos processed by the software will have much better visual appearance. With PhotoRite, novice or professional users can get good photos anyt...
User rating: 70%  (39 votes)

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