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Symbian Software for Series 60 1st & 2nd Edition: Symbian OS Applications and Games
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S60 3rd Edition software

Miscellaneous Utilities (377)
Games and Entertainment (690)
Graphics & Multimedia (185)
Security (49)
Internet (79)
Emulation (21)
On-line services (7)
Programming, Development (24)
Finance & Business (34)
Compression (6)
Health & Medicine (23)
Corporate (1)
PC Programs (16)
Calculators & Math tools (22)
Food & Drinks (13)
Document Editors/Readers (26)
Learning & Dictionaries (34)
Time (24)
Sport (5)
Database Management (6)
Literature (2)
UI personalization (9)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (13)
Other (4)
Religion (21)
Software Bundles (2)
Professional tools (1)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Car (6)
Home (1)
Runtimes (1)
Localizations (6)
Books (1)
Antivirus (11)
Benchmarks (2)
Banking (1)
Drivers (1)
Astronomy (1)
Agenda (2)

Total: 1777 programs
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Top rated Series 60 1st & 2nd Edition software
(Up to twenty applications with the best user rating / number-of-votes ratio. Only applications with more than 100 votes are counted) --- Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Handy Shopper by EpocwareMiscellaneous Utilities 
Shopping list for Nokia 7650 is a great shopping tool that is perfect for keeping lists of groceries to buy!        Features: Simple, intuitive interface. Customize the column display. Calculate total price and count. Create your own categori...
User rating: 90% (104 votes, Ratio: 9.5096)   

Rainbow by KalaxiGames and Entertainment 
Rainbow is a product of Kalaxi Limited. It is a fast and exciting game. Try to grab those rainbow strikes ceaselessly to attain wonderful scores. ...
User rating: 90% (255 votes, Ratio: 9.3569)   1 comments

Handy Day by EpocwareMiscellaneous Utilities 
Handy Day is a powerful productivity tool for your Nokia 7650. Handy Day application has three main views: Today View, Favourites View, and Task Manager View. Today View is fully integrated with the main applications in your Nokia 7650 phone: Calendar,...
User rating: 90% (156 votes, Ratio: 9.3397)   


Frodo by Hannu Viitala, Alfred E. Heggestad, J. PanvelEmulation 
E32 Frodo is a freeware, open source Commodore 64 emulator, well known on Nokia 9200 Communicator series platform. It is fast. We tried about 20 games and all worked just fine! Frodo allows you to play all those great games available for Comm...
Freeware!    User rating: 90% (369 votes, Ratio: 9.1978)   15 comments

Handy Dates by EpocwareMiscellaneous Utilities 
Don't miss birthdays, anniversaries and business events. Handy Dates for Nokia 7650 helps you to remember and be prepared for important events in your life. With Handy Dates for Nokia 7650 you have all your birthdays, anniversaries, business events, a...
User rating: 90% (115 votes, Ratio: 9.1652)   

Handy Car by EpocwareMiscellaneous Utilities 
Handy Car software for Nokia 7650 is a great tool to trace your complete car mileage, services and car expenses. The program allows you to record all your car fuelings, expenses, trips, and service stops. Then you can generate reports and graphs based on ...
User rating: 90% (121 votes, Ratio: 9.1570)   1 comments

Guardian by Symbian-ToysSecurity 
Guardian is an antitheft system for Series 60 devices. Every time you switch on your mobile telephone, Guardian proceeds with authentication of the inserted SIM card; if authentication fails, Guardian sends a notification SMS message to a previously set t...
Freeware!    User rating: 90% (129 votes, Ratio: 9.1240)   12 comments

ControlFreak by mtvoid.comGraphics & Multimedia 
ControlFreak 2 turns your Series 60 phone with Bluetooth into the ultimate PC remote control. ControlFreak 2 has all of the music and video controls like play, pause, stop, next, previous, fast forward, rewind and volume. You can also search for tracks by...
User rating: 80% (278 votes, Ratio: 8.9496)   33 comments

BlackList by SmartAppz & SymbianWareMiscellaneous Utilities 
No more unwanted calls! BlackList application automatically rejects any unwanted call. Program is fully customizable and easy to use. There are custom rules that can contain persons from contacts, groups of persons from contacts, custom phone numbers, the...
User rating: 80% (173 votes, Ratio: 8.8728)   7 comments

Opera browser by Opera SoftwareInternet 
Opera 6 for Series 60 is a full Internet browser. The Windows version of Opera is used by over 5 million users for their daily browsing. The same browser engine is ported to Symbian OS, delivering browsing capabilities unlike anything previously available...
User rating: 80% (264 votes, Ratio: 8.8712)   12 comments

Bemused by Ashley MontanaroGraphics & Multimedia 
Bemused is a system which allows you to control your music collection from your phone, using Bluetooth. It requires a Nokia 7650 and a PC with a Bluetooth adapter running WinAmp. You can do the following with Bemused: Browse your music collecti...
Freeware!    User rating: 80% (187 votes, Ratio: 8.8663)   13 comments

ScreenTaker by SmartAppz & SymbianWareMiscellaneous Utilities 
Create screenshots, simple, fast and free of charge! The year is almost over and SmartAppz-Symbianware wants to say thanks to all their engaged and enthusiastic customers - therefore they publish their newest tool ScreenTaker as freeware! ScreenTa...
Freeware!    User rating: 80% (151 votes, Ratio: 8.8609)   


GoBoy by Wild PalmEmulation 
GoBoy is a Gameboy Emulator for the Nokia 7650. Play hundreds of public domain games on your phone! Features: Full speed emulation on most games Full sound support Save game support Automatic Battery backup for supported games Redefinable k...
User rating: 80% (233 votes, Ratio: 8.7468)   3 comments

SMS Send by SMS SendMiscellaneous Utilities 
SMSSend is used for sending SMS messages over GPRS, HSCSD or CSD. SMS is sent over internet using ICQ network. If you use GPRS you only have to pay for the data, which is sent to web server. This is usually below 1kB; witch is usually much cheaper than se...
Freeware!    User rating: 80% (306 votes, Ratio: 8.6993)   10 comments

FlashSMS by Symbian-ToysMiscellaneous Utilities 
FlashSMS allows you to send Flash SMS without using any additional service. Nothing to configure, just write your message and select the recipient. Flash messages appear on the screen immediately upon arrival, without the need to press any buttons on the ...
User rating: 80% (131 votes, Ratio: 8.6260)   9 comments

FExplorer by Dominique HugoMiscellaneous Utilities 
FileExplorer is a free browser for the Nokia 7650, it allows you to manipulate any files, you can use the cut/copy/paste functions through the directories, you can also send files via bluetooth or infrared. Other usefull functions are also available such ...
Freeware!    User rating: 80% (686 votes, Ratio: 8.6020)   49 comments

MobileFAX by BitweenMiscellaneous Utilities 
MobileFAX is the first software that allows you to send and receive faxes from a Symbian OS, Series 60 mobile phone. It enables your fax number of your SIM to receive incoming faxes as inbox and outbox messages and let you view and print faxes through a I...
User rating: 80% (391 votes, Ratio: 8.5678)   22 comments

Smart Profiles by SmartAppz & SymbianWareMiscellaneous Utilities 
SmartProfiles allows automatic profiles switching according to your schedule or calendar. For each profile SmartProfiles allows the selection of additional settings such as: background animated gif, palette, alarm and calendar sounds etc. Any user...
User rating: 80% (157 votes, Ratio: 8.5350)   10 comments

Doom 7650 by Wild PalmGames and Entertainment 
Wild Palm have released Doom for Nokia 7650! Play the classic first-person shooter now on your Nokia 7650! Take control of a lone marine in 9 levels of intense arcade action.    Features: Full 'Shareware' version featuring 9 intense levels 4 Channel ...
Freeware!    User rating: 80% (4198 votes, Ratio: 8.4502)   34 comments

Handy Clock by EpocwareMiscellaneous Utilities 
Handy Clock software for Nokia 7650 is a great time and multi-alarm tool. It shows time and date in your home city and in two other cities of the world. You can choose these cities from the list, built in Handy Clock program, or add the new ones. Handy Cl...
User rating: 80% (134 votes, Ratio: 8.4478)   4 comments


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