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C2Doom  by  Markus MertamaGames & Entertainment category

 My-Symbian user rating: 60% (47 votes) (47 votes), 22 comments(s)

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Now compatible with S60 5th Edition touchscreen phones!

Doom is a 1993 computer game developed by id Software, and one of the most seminal titles in the first-person shooter genre. Combining immersive 3D graphics with graphic violence, it became both controversial and immensely popular (Wikipedia).

C2Doom is a Doom port for Nokia S60 and S80 phones. The C2Doom is based on SDL Doom by Sam Lantiga and a version developed from Doom for Nokia 9210, also called CDoom. SDL, Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library that is also ported to S60 and S80 platforms.

C2Doom for Symbian

The C2Doom for Nokia S60 and Nokia S80 phones offers same game playing elements as the original PC Doom. There are same episodes, maps, graphics and music than in PC version. As orginal version of Doom, also this version has has a multiplayer game - however this time implemented to be played over bluetooth. The Doom games has two separate elements: a game engine and a game data. The C2Doom is the engine and you need game data prior to play Doom.

C2Doom for Symbian

The Doom game data, episodes, maps, graphics, music, SFXs and such are stored in the the WAD files, which are still property of Id Software. This Doom engine supports many different WAD files, very same files that you have with your PC version of Doom. The most accessible WAD is a shareware Doom 1 episode 1, that you may found from Id Software site.

WAD files should be places in a wads directory on the memory card, i.e. e:\wads\doom1.wad

The newest release of C2Doom now also supports S60 5th Edition phones, including the 5800 and the N97. Touch moves, including running and strafe. Quick tap shoots. Then there are moveable virtual keys that provides rest of the essential keys: Weapon selection, action, enter, map and menu.

Currently, there are two versions of C2Doom. One (called "core") is freeware, and it's only a single player game without any goodies. Shareware episode is included. This core version is available for download from My-Symbian. The full version, providing advanced features, is not free and can be downloaded and purchased from the author's home page.

Contact or Home page
Freeware (code version) / Commercial (full version
Average user rating
60% (47 votes) (47 votes)
User comments

  User comments for  C2Doom

NameComment and rating
on 2013-02-02 23:34 CET
thank you [Rate: 7/10]
on 2011-05-27 12:30 CET
just download the core version from the author site: [No rate]
on 2011-05-21 15:04 CET
For all you with expired certificates: set the date back on your phone a month until it works. [No rate]
on 2011-04-11 07:43 CET
awesome game on nokia c5! but where can i find its sequel? [Rate: 7/10]
on 2011-04-09 10:08 CET
Certificate expired. USELESS!!! [Rate: 0/10]
on 2011-01-07 18:26 CET
Nokia 5800 XM Says: Certificate expired Sign with developer certificate, but in install progress says again: Certificate expired. [No rate]
on 2010-04-25 09:15 CET
error on nokia e50 >>>>>>>>error
on 2009-03-30 01:52 CET
sdl throus error on g810 and c2doom dont run [Rate: 9/10]
on 2009-02-11 23:33 CET
kuinka saan toimimaan kun sanoo ettei varmenne enää voimassa? [No rate]
on 2009-02-09 00:15 CET
expired certificate on nokia 5800 with 5th ed version :-( [No rate]
on 2008-07-24 13:32 CET
shareware in fact from s60v3--->
on 2008-03-17 01:09 CET
Its fucking Software, its no freeware!
With nokia N80 give me an error. Error:W_InitFiles: no files found
You need to WADS in onto your memory card under wads, also make sure you have a doom1.wad in there and it should work, mine did on N80 :)
Worked on my Nokia E60 with the Shareware version of Doom. But gives me an error with the WAD files from Doom Collector's Edition (W_InitFiles: no files found). It's a BETA only anyway so it might get fixed soon
I downloaded the S60 3rd edition version (c2doom_core.sisx) for my N80, but during installation it says "Application not compatible with phone" Anyone else have same problem?
This dosn't work on the n80
Thx Guvyer now is working in my N80 :D But we can not turn the screen??
When I try to install it on my E60 (swedish) it says certificate error and aborts) :(
Best app ever!!! Doom2 on a phone yes!!!
>When I try to install it on my >E60 (swedish) it says >certificate error and aborts) :( Allow non-certifed applications to be installed from settings...

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