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SmartComGPS  by  WildMobileMaps / Navigation / GPS category


 My-Symbian user rating: 50% (25 votes) (25 votes), 11 comments(s)

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SmartComGPS is an advanced GPS mapping/tracking/navigation software for Symbian smartphones, compatible with external Bluetooth GPS receivers. SmartComGPS can also run without GPS receiver, as "mapping" software with name search ability, and even without maps, as "GPS tracking" software. However, using maps and a Bluetooth GPS receiver allows taking advantage of all of advanced SmartComGPS features.

SmartComGPS for Symbian SmartComGPS for Symbian SmartComGPS for Symbian

SmartComGPS is 100% compatible with OziExplorer maps and data files. Can read, edit and write .rte .plt, .wpt, .map, .names files:
  • Create and calibrate bitmap maps directly in the smartphone or via OziExplorer in the PC
  • Send SMS with position from map, automatic SMS sending by request, or by timeout
  • Receiving and showing SMS'es on the map
  • Built-in Routes/Track/Map border editors.
  • Unlimited map size, map chunks loading dynamically. There is no free RAM limitation!
  • Very fast zoom in/out from 0,5% to 1000%
  • Mini map mode, with fast navigation
  • Support for many map projections, and datums (> 8 projections, > 100 datums) and user customizable projection settings
  • Smart autoload map function
  • Customizable info text layouts
  • Incremental names database search (POI - use .names files, compatible with OziExplorer)
  • Trip calculator function
  • Compass/Navigate/Satellites view
  • Automatic voice and visual instructions in follow mode
  • Index map mode.

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Average user rating
50% (25 votes) (25 votes)
User comments

  User comments for  SmartComGPS

NameComment and rating
Love it :D
on 2008-03-03 09:26 CET
Excellent App Works great in e90 I love it
on 2007-08-06 21:15 CET
The program can be used for marine maps. Works great with the phone in a water proof plastic bag.
Mark Hurenkamp
on 2007-07-18 17:17 CET
Downloaded the trial on my N95, however doesn't seem to support the internal GPS... so regardless of what other features it may have, it is basically useless to me :-(
on 2007-01-11 10:19 CET
With better documentation and less onerous trial and purchase arrangements this would be 'must have', but now only 'average'. You can trial the sw for free only once with one phone - no new trial with the same IMEI after a major upgrade or some reasonable time (like one year). When purchasing this thing you must be REALLY careful with the email address you give - although a working email address to a redirection service like '' in Finland works with trial registration, it seems NOT to work when purchasing the product ! I don't know how and why they check it - the registration is tied to IMEI, anyway ?? I intended to raise this issue in their own support forum, but it was not really usable today (at least slow, possibly not working at all).
Hay (E61)
on 2006-11-25 11:15 CET
Can we create a "route" (*.rte)to be followed within the software? Or do we have to use (and buy) OziExplorer for that? Doc say nothing about it.
Program won't install to my N80, says "update error".
I could not find the coverage of maps, I am interested in the map for Poland
To Alan Find the "raw material" here: Convert them into *.ogf2 with the SmartcomGps tool. All maps are tested, they work, I made a trip from Hungary to Estonia, through Poland. Luck, Estung
On Nokia E61 it doesn't work. No way to view a map. On Wild-mobile website no answer about this very big problem. The only faqs about maps are old ones related to the old program MapsGpS Viewer now incorporated in SmartcomGPS e SmartCom Navigator. Fortunately I have first downloaded the trial version.
Anonymous, I am using SmartComGPS on my E61 and it works great! I don;t understant what you mean by 'there is no way to display maps' as I have maps loaded on mine and everything works just as it should, save for a few minor annoyances that I would like to see redesigned.
Russell Stuart
If you have a GPS, and want to use it as you go hiking or similar, then this is the program for you. The only downside is the documentation. It isn't complete. Beware however that this isn't a road navigation tool - you can't enter your destination and have it find the best roads to take you there. But all the normal things GPS aficionados want: track recording & playback, trip details, zooming, waypoints, compass, routes, display and calibration of map images - there are all there, and they all work.

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