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Miscellaneous Utilities (258)
Health & Medicine (11)
Learning & Dictionaries (10)
Internet & Networking (65)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (15)
Finance & Business (20)
Compression (2)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (53)
Games & Entertainment (188)
Time (36)
Emulation (16)
Document Editors, Readers (24)
Antivirus (10)
Graphics & Multimedia (64)
Security & Encryption (69)
Software bundles (2)
Online services (3)
Data synchronization (8)
Calculators & Math tools (13)
Contacts Management (5)
Agenda / PIM (12)
Religion (8)
Database Management (5)
Personalization & Themes (33)
Astrology & Horoscopes (4)
PC software (7)
Programming / Development (7)
Accelerometer / Sensors (48)
Car (5)
Touchscreen only (3)
Mobile shopping (1)
Other (2)
Astronomy (3)

Total: 1010 programs
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Security & Encryption
Security software for S60 3rd & 5th Edition and Symbian ^3 smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Aims Migital Technovations
Call Log Hider    User rating: 80%    4 comments

Want to Hide those Secret Calls From & To your Secret Contacts? Without Light or any Alert? Add Secret Contacts & Auto Hide their Call Logs Option to disable Light & ma...
Contacts Lock    User rating: 60%    3 comments

Want to lock Contacts of your Phone? So that no one else can see them? Locked Contacts are completely Invisible to others Access to Locked contacts is Password Protected...
Folder Hider    User rating: 70%    8 comments

Want to Hide those Secret folders of Photos, Videos, Music etc. of your Phone Gallery? Hide all Gallery Folders - Images, Videos, Audio Hide Data on Phone Memory or Memo...
Gallery Lock    User rating: 70%    5 comments

Want to lock Gallery of your Phone? So that no one else can see your images, music & videos? With this program you can do it with ease. Locked Gallery is completely Invisible to ot...
Image Hider    User rating: 90%    2 comments

Want to Hide those Secret Photos in your Phone? Hide all Gallery Files and Folders - Images. Such Files/Data are completely Invisible to others. Access to Hidden Section is Passwor...
Master Lock    User rating: 60%    4 comments

Want to keep all or selected applications of your phone accessible only for you? Now keep them all password protected and safe! No one else can run the applications you protect wit...
Message Lock    User rating: 60%    5 comments

Lock access to Messages on your Phone so that no one else can see them. Locked Messages are completely invisible to others. Access to locked Messages is Password Protected. ...
Smart Gallery    User rating: 100%    2 comments

Want to Hide those Secret Photos, Videos, Files, etc. in your Phone? Hide all Gallery Files Images, Videos, Audio. Hide Data on Phone Memory or Memory Card. Files are comp...
Smart Guard    User rating: 60%    11 comments

Smart Guard protects all your private information (like Messages, Contacts, Videos, Pictures etc.) both in the internal memory and on the memory cards and hides it so that no one e...
Smart Guard Plus    User rating: 70%    7 comments

Smart Guard Plus is a tool to hide and protect all sensitive data on your device. Features: Hide your Secret Photos, Videos, Messages, Contacts, Personal Data etc. in y...
Smart Store     

Want to keep your Web, Email, ATM, & Online Banking Logins, Passport, License, etc., handy with you? Now keep them all in your Phone Accessible and Safe, Store all your S...
SMS Hider    User rating: 80%    1 comments

Want to Hide those Secret Messages From and To your Secret Contacts? Without Light or any Alert? Add Secret Contacts & Auto Hide their SMS! Hide by Sender Names or Text ...
SMS Spam Killer     

Block annoying SMS from disturbing people or frustrating marketers with this Anti-Spam software. Add Contacts you want to reject in Spam list. SMS messages from them will...
Video Hider    User rating: 60%    1 comments

Want to Hide those Secret video in your videos. Hide all Gallery Files and Folders and Video. Such Files, Data are completely Invisible to others. Access to Hidden Sectio...
SafeStore Gold Edition     

SafeStore is a password manager and an electronic wallet. You can use SafeStore to store your personal and private information, including Bank Account, Credit Card, Membership, Gen...
Aquilonis Technologies
XBLOCKR for S60 3rd Edition    User rating: 40%    1 comments

XBLOCKR is a mobile phone application designed to protect your privacy from unwanted calls. XBLOCKR has all the options that will help you screen the caller on the fly when the cal...
XBLOCKR for S60 5th Edition     

XBLOCKR is a mobile phone application designed to protect your privacy from unwanted calls. XBLOCKR has all the options that will help you screen the caller on the fly when the cal...
PhoneBAK GPS    User rating: 60%    3 comments

An integrated solution ('Anti-theft', 'GPS Tracking' and 'Emergency') that lets users locate their friends, classmates, vehicles or family members to know their whereabouts. Ph...
Beijing Mobile Security Technology
MCleaner    User rating: 60%    4 comments

MCleaner is a firewall software, which can reject incoming calls and messages. Features: Auto-start; Running in background; Edit whitelist or blacklist by Keyword; Blocked l...
CMI Technologies
Black & White Guard Pro     

Black & White Guard: cleans up and hides in a Safe information about phone calls and text messages both sent and received from confidential phone numbers listed on the White L...
Shake Alarm    User rating: 100%    2 comments

With Shake Alarm nobody will try to steal your phone. When someone tries to steal it and lifts the phone, you will hear a loud sound so you will notice the theft. If you are the ow...
CryptoGraf Messaging     

Allows users to send encrypted and digitally signed SMS and MMS. User experience of mobile messaging with CryptoGraf is simple when encrypting messages to send or when decrypting r...
Handy Phoneguard    User rating: 80%    2 comments

Handy Phoneguard is an efficient smartphone protection application. Secure your phone's private data and applications just keeping one password in mind. Use invisible SMS commands ...
Handy Safe    User rating: 60%    8 comments

Handy Safe software for S60 smartphones is a perfect assistant for secure and convenient data managing. Keep your mind free from countless numbers and letters. Have all of your imp...
Anti-Theft   Freeware!   User rating: 40%    2 comments

Anti-Theft is a free application for your mobile device that provides a great way to protect your phone if it gets lost or stolen. If you suspect your phone is missing you can r...
Fingertip Access
Ultimate SMS     

Ultimate SMS satisfies all your SMS sending/receiving needs. It keeps all your SMS messages private and safe on your phone. It schedules automatic SMS sending for you. It filters o...
Guardian Free Edition   Freeware!   User rating: 90%    1 comments

Guardian Free Edition is a simpler version of Guardian Gold Edition. This freeware version protects your phone by sending an invisible SMS when the SIM card in your phone is replac...
Guardian Gold Edition    User rating: 90%    1 comments

Guardian is an advanced antitheft software for mobile devices. It provides unique and powerful features: -SIM Changed notification through invisible SMS Protect with passw...
Guardian Platinum Edition    User rating: 90%    1 comments

Guardian is an advanced antitheft software for mobile devices. It provides unique and powerful features: SIM Changed notification through invisible SMS Protect with passwo...
Huang Hai
MumSMS+ for S60 5th Edition    User rating: 60%    2 comments

Have you ever had the bad experience that your confidential SMS/MMS was seen by unwanted eyes? Are you still worring about keeping you secret SMS/MMS in you mobilephone? Stop all y...
Igor / kAIST
XpressAlarm   Freeware!   User rating: 40%    4 comments

This application can help prevent theft of your phone. When you lock the phone and put it in your pocket, if someone tries to take it out of your pocket it will sound a loud alarm....
IT Systems
Daddys Eye Pro    User rating: 60%    3 comments

Daddy's Eye Pro is a two-in-one software/service wich allows you to monitor your Symbian 9 compatable smartphone in real time. This system can collect SMS, Call log, Conversation r...
Theft Aware     

Theft Aware helps recover your lost or stolen Nokia or Android smartphone. It enables you to control and find your device in the event of loss or theft. To enable communication ...
Kenvast Software
Password Book     

Nowadays there are so many passwords and numbers you need to remember: bank account, credit card account, ID card, mailbox account, website login account, software license, product...
Touch Crypto    User rating: 70%    1 comments

Touch Crypto for Symbian ^3 and S60 5th Edition (Symbian ^1) is an encryption tool designed specially for touch screen mobile phones. It uses 128-bit AES algorithm to encrypt your ...
Touch Hider    User rating: 70%    1 comments

Touch Hider for Symbian ^3 and S60 5th Edition (Symbian ^1) is a smart and handy hiding tool to hide or lock your private files - photos, multimedia, audio, videos, songs, voice - ...
Killer Mobile
SecureMe    User rating: 50%    3 comments

A mobile device is lost or stolen literally every single second. With today's S60 smartphone devices you're not only losing a large investment, but you also face the risk of your p...
Track and Protect    User rating: 90%    6 comments

Track and Protect by Klomptek has again been nominated for best remote security solution. Last week, TSOC (Telecom Society) members voted for Track and Protect for being the most i...
Leon Anavi
Mobile Cipher   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    1 comments

Mobile Cipher is utility for smart phones that brings personal security to a new level. It can be used as a business application to ensure security of personal data and as a messag...
Secret SMS    User rating: 100%    1 comments

Secret SMS enables you to send password-protected SMS to recipients. You can create SMS with your specific password then send out. The message will be shown to recipients only if t...
McAfee WaveSecure for S60 5th Edition    User rating: 80%    2 comments

McAfee WaveSecure is an award-winning security service that protects your phone, data and privacy in the event of loss. With McAfee WaveSecure, you never have to worry ab...
Mindscraper Mobile

MobiGuard helps you in retrieving all the data on your phone without using any online service and even helps in tracking the location of your phone. The application runs totally...
Secure Space     

Store your passwords, banking, credit card information & expense list on your phone or develop custom lists. All data is encrypted ensuring that it cannot be viewed by a file explo...
Nova Epoc Systems
Media Safe 2    User rating: 70%    30 comments

Media Safe keeps photo/audio/video/note files secure and private on your mobile phone. Protect your important media files. Media Safe software allows you to store media files en...
X Safe 2    User rating: 50%    1 comments

Keep your sensitive information private and password protected. Store credit cards, calling cards, user names, passwords, accounts (bank, internet, email), web pages, contacts and ...
Onward Mobility Solutions
MobiCop    User rating: 30%    4 comments

MobiCop is an innovative, comprehensive mobile security software that protects and tracks your mobile phone in case of loss or theft. This is a hidden application that can be activ...
SBSH Mobile Software
SBSH SafeWallet Pro     1 comments

SafeWallet is a powerful and highly secured storage application allowing you to securely store various types of information. Use SafeWallet to store business and private informatio...
Sinew Software Systems
Mr. Safe     

Secure and hassle free data management. When away from your PC or diary you may need to access any personal important information like credit card, bank account, locker number. ...
Best Crypto    User rating: 50%    5 comments

Protect your private photos, voice and sound files, videos, confidential documents - just any kind of files on your smartphone. Every smartphone user stores sensitive data on hi...
Best Crypto for S60 5th Edition    User rating: 80%    1 comments

Protect your private photos, voice and sound files, videos, confidential documents - just any kind of files on your smartphone. This version is optimized for S60 5th Edition tou...
Best Private Conversation    User rating: 90%    2 comments

You have secret connections and you wish to hide all traces of communication? Then this software is for you! This application allows hiding SMS messages, deleting records from syst...
Best Safe    User rating: 60%    1 comments

BestSafe is an easy-to-use, reliable and secure manager and organiser for your private data. With BestSafe you can store your passwords, credit cards and banking information, login...
SMobile Systems
SMobile Parental Controls    User rating: 80%    1 comments

SMobile Parental Controls provides parents with insight into the mobile activities of their children while also providing protection to their child's phone with Antivirus and Antis...
SPB Software
SPB Wallet 2     

SPB Wallet is a secure and manageable storage of sensitive information, such as passport and account numbers, access and PIN codes, logins and passwords. The encrypted and password...
SplashID    User rating: 50%    3 comments

SplashID safely and securely stores all your personal identification information including user names, passwords, credit cards, calling cards, bank accounts, PINs, and more. Inform...
BT Guard    User rating: 70%    1 comments

BT Guard secures your Bluetooth and turns it off automatically. From now on you will not forget the open Bluetooth connection and your mobile will be safe from BT attacks and intru...
Phone Guardian    User rating: 70%    8 comments

Are you afraid that one day somebody will steal your expensive S60 smartphone or you may just leave it and someone can use your confidential data? Just stop worrying and secure you...
Phone Wallet    User rating: 50%    2 comments

Tired of remembering all confidential information? With only one Phone Wallet application you will keep all secure info in one place and have access to it any time. Phone Wallet h...
Private Call&Sms Guard    User rating: 40%    7 comments

Private Call&Sms Guard integrates the main features of several popular Call&SMS applications. It helps mobile end users to manage incoming short messages (SMS) and phone call logs....
Security Genius    User rating: 60%    9 comments

"Security Genius" helps you to get back your phone in case it is lost or stolen. When the SIM card is replaced, a customized message containing the phone number of the new SIM will...
Advanced Phone Lock    User rating: 70%    12 comments

Advanced Phone Lock is an integrated locker service which allows you to lock any application on your smartphone. Nobody can use the locked applications without knowing the password...
WaveSecure Lite    User rating: 60%    3 comments

With WaveSecure Lite, you can: Remotely LOCK your phone with an SMS AUTO-LOCK your phone when SIM card is changed Make your phone SCREAM when locked Get notified when someon...
Trustmobi Software
SecretSMS    User rating: 70%    4 comments

Do you ever send sensitive data via SMS such as credit card info, confidential data and password? Do you think that someone is spying on you? All you need is the SecretSMS. It encr...
VNS Conceptz Trading
PhoneBAK    User rating: 30%    

PhoneBAK is an innovative lost & found anti-theft software program that sends the thief's contact number to a pre-defined mobile phone number when your mobile phone is stolen. Inst...
Advanced Device Locks    User rating: 60%    18 comments

Do you need to protect important information and personal data that you have stored in your phone? Do you need to restrict the access to certain applications? Do you need to stay c...
Advanced Device Locks Professional Edition    User rating: 80%    1 comments

The bestselling utility tool Advanced Device Locks goes professional to provide you with the most comprehensive all-in-one mobile security package for your phone: Device and appl...
Call & SMS Filter     

Filter it all: Block, forward or reply by auto-SMS. In some situations you cannot or do not want to take a call: on a noisy street, at a relaxed dinner, in a crowded office. ...
Safe Deposit Box     

Safe Deposit Box is a reliable file protection utility for your S60 phone. Now you can collect all of your important and secret content in a hidden depository, locked with a passwo...
Superhero Solo Data Security   Freeware!    

Superhero Solo Data Security And Recovery is an anti theft security app for Symbian S60 5th Edition mobiles. It has remote lock, intelligent locking, location and device recovery s...

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