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MAGIC101 by Noumena

The Magic Game Station (MGS), which is developed by Noumena Studios (old name is Pangaea Studios), is an open platform for handle set based high-performance multimedia gaming software. The MGS gives game applications powerful support of 2D/3D graphics, sound/music, user interface, wireless-network, etc. The core of MGS is written with C++ and Assembler languages, and it provides developing interfaces to C++ and Java (coming soon). MGS is specially optimized for different CPUs such as ARM, and it has a highly efficient engine. Games supported by MGS will have excellent running-performance. Furthermore, due to its object-oriented design ("Plug-in based architecture"), this engine is easy to use and highly scalable. With over 6 years game developing experience, we set up a frame-work of user interface "MAGIC APP" for mobile game applications. With the help of "MAGIC APP" frame-work in developing multimedia applications, developing circle is greatly shortened, and quality of the applications is significant improved.

MGS is classified into the following modules by their functions:

  • MGS Device Application. Installed to end-user's mobile device to run MGS powered games. Everyone can download it for free. Three playable cool games (demos) come with MGS.
  • MGS Developer's Suite. Includes everything needed to develop cool mobile games. Game developers can get it for free.

Features of MGS Device Application:

MGS Device Application is the manager and launcher of all MGS based games. MGS Device Application is the runtime environment and engine of those games. It provides powerful 2D/3D graphics, sound/music, network functions.

Game Management:

  • Unify Options such as graphics and audio settings
  • Power-saving method
  • Inbuilt Magic-Package tech to organize and compress all game media and runtime code in just one file per game. This will greatly save memory for games
  • Built-in Multi-Skin tech to enable user to change look&feel of MGS and adapt to different device

2D Graphics:
  • Direct access to screen
  • Basic graphics (line, rectangle, text, etc)
  • Transparent Image (Color Keyed) Drawing
  • Alpha-blending, color-replace drawing
  • Image cache/management to reduce system resources usage
  • Supporting all resolutions and color patterns
  • Supporting various organizations and compressions of bitmaps
  • Inbuilt wavelet image compression method gives much higher compressing rate than JPEG

3D Graphics:
  • Realtime simulation of interactive virtual environments
  • High quality 3-dimensional visualization
  • Matrix/mesh animation Resource cache/management.
  • Burst high quality rendering with/without texturing
  • Texture nearest/bilinear filtering
  • Z-Buffering Z-Sorting
  • Flat shading and gouraud shading
  • Perspective texture mapping
  • Real-time lighting
  • Simple fog support
  • Simple alpha blending
  • Powerful scene management
  • Effective particle system for special effects

Sound and music:
  • Real time mixing high quality digital sounds up to 32 audio channels.
  • Individual controlling of each audio channel, such as volume, simple rate, looping, etc.
  • MP3 decoding
  • Inbuilt modular music (MIDI, MOD, S3M, XM, etc) track playing, which is much smaller than MP3 and takes much less CPU time.
  • Audio resources management


  • SMS gaming
  • TCP/UDP gaming
  • Irda gaming
  • Blue tooth gaming (in Nokia 7650)
  • Server/Client frame-work

User interface frame work:
  • Game scene loading/running/switching/releasing management
  • Fade between scenes
  • Game special UI components (Animation Button, Bitmap Menu, etc)
  • Unify user/control input presentation
  • Custom key settings
  • Inbuilt user register logic

Features of MGS Developer's Suite:

MGS is an open gaming platform. Developers can make their exciting games with MGS Developer's Suite. MGS Developer's Suite includes MAGIC 101 SDK, MAGIC Tools, and MAGIC DOCs.


MAGIC 101 is the engine of MGS and all games. MAGIC 101 SDK is the developing kit of MAGIC 101. There are 2 different editions of MAGIC 101: MAGIC for Visual Studio and MAGIC for C++ Builder. All editions have header files and link-to files needed for MGS game developers. MAGIC for JBuilder will be available by Q2 2002.

MAGIC 101 Tools:

To speed up developer's work, we created a set of creation tools. With these friendly tools, developer will find developing MGS games is such a easy and interesting work.


DRDConsole is the emulator of MGS games. It can 100% emulate MGS Device Application's function. With DRDConsole developers can make, test and debug their games. Developing games under DRDConsole is much faster and easier than using the standard emulator. Tow editions (for Visual Studio and C++ Builder) are available. JBuilder edition will be launched in Q2 2002.


Palette Tool, this is the palette maker of palette based MGS games.

Fonts Shop:

Fonts creation tool, create special fonts for GMSFonts creation tool, create special fonts for GMS.

Image Workshop:

Image workshop. Convert, compress images.


Package resource file to one single file. Make your game more user & device friendly.

SMS Transformer:

With this tool's help you fully debug and test your SMS network game although you only have one real hardware device.

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