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YZIP by Yellow Computing


Yellow Computing has sent us a copy of their YZIP application for test. YZIP is a ZIP compressor/decompressor - similiar to WinZip.

The most important advantage of this application is that it exists! This is the best proof that N9210 software market is growing very rapidly - new Communicator supports ZIP archives right from the start while N9110 finally got it after 2 years (and N9000 for more than 4 years) - right when a new model arrived...

YZIP works really good. It supports practically all functions known from WinZip like: creating new archives, adding and removing files to/from existing archives, opening files directly from the archive, different compression levels etc. YZIP is fast - both compression and decompression times are beyond reproach. ZIP archives are recognized by other system applications - clicking on a .zip file in File Manager automatically runs YZIP application and opens the archive.

There are many different avantages of using YZIP. First of all, we have access to files packed using the most popular compression format. Secondly, we can download ZIP archives from Internet and decompress them directly in N9210. YZIP will be also very useful if we want to transmit files - we can compress data to be sent as e-mail attachments, which will shorten transmission time and reduce connection costs. You can also archive your documents (like short messages, notes, faxes etc.), which will save precious space in internal memory and on MMC.

To recap: YZIP is surely one of the 'must-have' applications for everybody, who plans to use his N9210 for exchanging and downloading files and storing them in Communicator.

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