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S80 software categories

Miscellaneous Utilities (107)
Games and Entertainment (194)
Multimedia & Graphics (24)
Security & Encryption (36)
Internet (60)
Emulation (18)
Online services (2)
Programming, Development (26)
Finance & Business (46)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (11)
Home (7)
Corporate (13)
PC Programs (12)
Database Management (9)
Learning & Dictionaries (33)
Document Editors/Readers (25)
Food & Drinks (20)
Productivity (7)
Religion (10)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Health & Medicine (29)
Banking (4)
Contacts Management (6)
Anti-Virus (5)
Calculators & Math tools (16)
Localizations (17)
Time (18)
Runtimes (2)
Astronomy (2)
Agenda (8)
UI customization (5)
Software Bundles (2)
Other (3)
Professional tools (1)
Fonts (3)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (17)
Drivers (2)
Car (3)
Benchmarks (1)

Total: 812 programs

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Application(s) found

One for All Solitaires for Nokia 9500/9300 by Paragon Software
One for All Solitaires Collection is the first solitaires collection for Nokia 9500/9300. It combines 250 different games in a single pack. Playing One for All Solitaires you will not be tired of the same games, every solitaire is unique. Collection inclu...

SlovoEd dictionaries for Nokia 9500/9300 by Paragon Software
Paragon Technologies have released a series of bidirectional dictionaries for Nokia 9500/9300 Communicators. Over 100 language combinations are available - for full list click here. This dictionary is based on SlovoEd multi-language dictionary engi...

InterKey by Paragon Software
InterKey program for Nokia 9210 / 9290 Communicator provides national languages support for Symbian OS. InterKey application enlarges the capability of using standard Nokia 9210 / 9290 Communicator keyboard. By default you have only standard English l...

RUNokia by Paragon Software
RUNOkia provides the Russian localization of Nokia 9210 Communicator and creates an environment to operate with Symbian EPOC 6.0 OS in Russian. RUNOkia is a first public version of Russian localization for Nokia 9210. RUNOkia features: Replace system f...

SlovoEd by Paragon Software
SlovoEd is a multilingual dictionary for Nokia 9210 / 9290 Communicator (Symbian OS) devices. Advantages of the program are convenient interface, quick translation, a large number of entries, low memory consumption and possibility to install several langu...

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