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S80 software categories

Miscellaneous Utilities (107)
Games and Entertainment (194)
Multimedia & Graphics (24)
Security & Encryption (36)
Internet (60)
Emulation (18)
Online services (2)
Programming, Development (26)
Finance & Business (46)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (11)
Home (7)
Corporate (13)
PC Programs (12)
Database Management (9)
Learning & Dictionaries (33)
Document Editors/Readers (25)
Food & Drinks (20)
Productivity (7)
Religion (10)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Health & Medicine (29)
Banking (4)
Contacts Management (6)
Anti-Virus (5)
Calculators & Math tools (16)
Localizations (17)
Time (18)
Runtimes (2)
Astronomy (2)
Agenda (8)
UI customization (5)
Software Bundles (2)
Other (3)
Professional tools (1)
Fonts (3)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (17)
Drivers (2)
Car (3)
Benchmarks (1)

Total: 812 programs

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Application(s) found

RMRTester by RMR Software
This program is designed to allow you to create multiple data files of 'Terms' and their associated 'Meanings' and then subsequently cycle through them to test your memory. Once entries are added, a test can be run, with the answer initially hidden. You c...

RMRVactrac by RMR Software
This program allows you to keep track of the leave/vacation for a team of employees, to enable you to make best use of resources. Each vacation can be categorised, and appropriate filters applied to the display. The display can also be sorted by name, dep...

RMRLock by RMR Software
RMRLock is a password-protected screensaver for the latest Nokia Communicator smartphones (9300/9500 only, NOT the earlier 9210/9290 series). This screensaver application locks your Communicator. You can choose to lock the Communicator the moment it's ope...

RMRData by RMR Software
RMRData allows secure storage, by password protection and file encryption, of details of your financial accounts, credit cards, pin numbers, lock and key numbers, usernames and passwords, website logins, software codes, passport and other personal informa...

RMRTV by RMR Software
RMRTV allows you to keep track of the television programs you wish to watch and/or record. For each day you can define the programs, with the associated channels and timings. If the program is a series you can specify it as a repeated entry and then it wi...

RMRReverse by RMR Software
RMRReverse is a Nokia Communicator version of the classic Othello game. ...

RMRShop by RMR Software
The program is designed to help you with your visit to the supermarket. The idea is that you predefine the location (aisle) of the items you normally buy in each of your local stores. Then, when it is time to go shopping you can build your shopping list s...

RMRGolf by RMR Software
RMRGolf is a Patience Card game for Nokia Communicators. ...

RMRSol by RMR Software
RMRSol is a classic solitaire for Nokia Communicator. ...

RMRUtils by RMR Software
RMRUtils provides a memory status screen and quick and easy conversion between all common and (many, many less common) unit values, such as area, length, energy, speed and volume units, temperature scales, number formats. The program can also calculate da...

RMRDiet by RMR Software
RMRDiet is a powerful three-in-one program to help you manage your Diet, Weight, and Exercise programme. Using your personal details and activity level, the program calculates the optimum energy requirements to meet your desired weight loss target. By rec...

RMR Bank by RMR Software
RMR Bank - the most comprehensive finance package available for the EPOC Series of platforms. As well as the usual functions of Transaction storing and reconciling, Archiving, Standing Orders and Categories, it also has full multi-currency support, full Q...

RMR Car by RMR Software
RMR Car - allows you to keep track of your usage of a Company vehicle. Individual journeys, categorised as Business or Private, and any associated fuel purchases, are recorded and then at appropriate intervals reports can be printed or exported for claimi...

RMR Expense by RMR Software
RMR Expense - allows you to keep track of your Expenses Accounts. You can create multiple trips to record business expenses. You define named trips with an optional allowance, vehicle rate and operating currency. You can define categories for classif...

RMR Fuel by RMR Software
RMR Fuel - allows you to monitor the fuel consumption of up to 10 vehicles. It maintains a record of Amount Paid, Cost per Gallon/litre, Distance covered and Fuel Consumption, and presents it in a text format and as a graph. A reminder function is built i...

RMR Home by RMR Software
RMR Home - Home Inventory is based on the Quicken Home Inventory module. You can keep a record of your possessions, including date of purchase, description, value, and serial number. The program then allows you to view them by room or category, as well as...

RMR Invest by RMR Software
RMR Invest - Investment Performance Monitor allows you to keep track of the performance of multiple portfolios of shares, stocks or bonds. The main screen holds all the details of each investment, including latest price and total value of the portfolio....

RMR Notes by RMR Software
RMR Notes - Note Taker / Jotter is designed to complement the rather 'strategic' RMRTask with a simple 'Jotting Pad' program. The program will sit in the background and can be pulled to the foreground with a 'short-cut' key, ready to enter a simple note. ...

RMR Art by RMR Software
RMRArt is a powerful drawing and graphics manipulation package, with the standard array of tools you would expect, plus a range of advanced features, many of which are unknown in most other graphics applications found on palmtop and similar devices. ...

RMR Task by RMR Software
Extended ToDo Manager is a program designed as an alternative method to the To-Dos in Agenda for recording and managing your tasks that have to be accomplished, whether at work, at home, for hobbies or for personal goals. It uses the principles of good ti...

RMRPush by RMR Software
RMRPush is an addictive game that offers a blend of a familiar puzzle game style with a unique gameplay, original in design. Push blocks of perpetual motion around each level, interacting with the other tiles and blocks until they are all safely in their ...

RMR Euro by RMR Software
RMR Euro - Euro Converter for RMR Programs. This freeware program is for the transition of European currencies to the Euro in 2002. RMRBank had a built-in converter, so this program will convert the data files from RMRFuel, RMRHome, RMRInvest and RMRExpe...

RMR Fruit by RMR Software
RMR Fruit - classic Fruit Machine program. All the fun of the casino at no risk! ...

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