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S80 software categories

Miscellaneous Utilities (107)
Games and Entertainment (194)
Multimedia & Graphics (24)
Security & Encryption (36)
Internet (60)
Emulation (18)
Online services (2)
Programming, Development (26)
Finance & Business (46)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (11)
Home (7)
Corporate (13)
PC Programs (12)
Database Management (9)
Learning & Dictionaries (33)
Document Editors/Readers (25)
Food & Drinks (20)
Productivity (7)
Religion (10)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Health & Medicine (29)
Banking (4)
Contacts Management (6)
Anti-Virus (5)
Calculators & Math tools (16)
Localizations (17)
Time (18)
Runtimes (2)
Astronomy (2)
Agenda (8)
UI customization (5)
Software Bundles (2)
Other (3)
Professional tools (1)
Fonts (3)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (17)
Drivers (2)
Car (3)
Benchmarks (1)

Total: 812 programs

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Application(s) found

Best AstroNix by Smartphoneware
AstroNix - the high speed action experience full of tremendous graphics, impressive sounds and fast gameplay. Are you ready to defeat the enemies from a hostile universe? The evil ones are planning to destroy the Milky Way and threaten your galaxy ...

Best Converter by Smartphoneware
Best Converter is fast and easy way to convert almost anything to anything else. Over 1.100 units in 67 categories, currency conversions with online rate updates, easy-to-use interface - it's a real conversion power in your pocket. Highlights: 11...

Best Clock by Smartphoneware
Best Clock is a multi-function time tool that offers the following features: improved alarms system, timed "cuckoo" (talking clock) function, world clock, count up/down timer, compare time in different cities. In Clock view you can set up main cloc...

Best eBible by Smartphoneware
This application is necessary for people who are interested in the Bible and want it to be their pocket book. The following commands are designed for work with eBible's view: Fullscreen On/Off Invert colors Keep backlight Zoom in Zoom out...

Best Portfolio by Smartphoneware
Watch your stocks and keep track of your investments wherever you are. With Best Portfolio you can monitor your entire portfolio retrieving stock quotes through Internet directly from your smartphone. Application is easy to learn and even easier to...

Best Day by Smartphoneware
BestDay is a powerful and unique information managing tool that allows you to overview and to work with your daily events, appointments, tasks and messages in a single and great looking view. BestDay is really clear and easy to use but at the same time it...

Best MessageStorer by Smartphoneware
Best MessageStorer lets you easily and conveniently save your SMS, MMS, emails in a text file and send them to your PC. ...

Best Secure by Smartphoneware
BestSecure is the ultimate tool to protect your data from unauthorized use! The program secures your data and allows you to personalize your device by showing owner information when the cover opens. Most PDA and smartphone users have sensitive or c...

Best Profiles by Smartphoneware
Best Profiles allows automatic profiles switching according to your schedule or calendar. For each profile Best Profiles allows selection of additional settings such as: backlight, cover open/close sounds, run custom application. Any user of a Com...

Best Dates by Smartphoneware
Best Dates is a useful utility helping you to organize and view anniversaries, special dates, birthdays in a handy way. This application has a built-in reminder which will remind you about an anniversary and offer to write an SMS/EMail or to call the pers...

Best FileMan by Smartphoneware
This application is a quick and handy File Manager with all the necessary functions and full access to the entire file system, which also lets you create and unpack Zip archives. ...

Best FileGuard by Smartphoneware
Do you care about confidential data on your smartphone, and you don't want to share this very important information? You need FileGuard. It will integrate into your system and become a guard for your special files. FileGuard allows to decrypt files on the...

Best Full Screen Caller by Smartphoneware
Extend the possibilities of your communicator. Do not limit yourself to small photos and scarce information. Full Screen Caller will show a big picture and detailed information about your interlocutor. This simple and yet powerful application will make yo...

Best Safe by Smartphoneware
With Best Safe you keep all your important information on your Communicator - secure, convenient and easy to retrieve. Best usability, countless categories and easy distinguishable icons help you to structure your personal data. All your passwords, insura...

Best vCard by Smartphoneware
Best vCard application provides easy and foolproof import/export of your contacts to vCard files (platform-independent format for exchanging contacts information). vCard automates the exchange of personal information typically found on a traditional bu...

Best BlackList for Nokia 9500/9300 by Smartphoneware
Automatically rejects unwanted callers. Real-time incoming number analysis and instant reject. Easy to configure and use. Your phone will be always busy for unwelcome calls. Best Blacklist highlights: Real-time incoming number analysis. When you...

Best TaskMan by Smartphoneware
Allows to control running applications and tasks, create hotkeys to your favorite applications, documents, calls, SMSes, "Windows Alt-Tab" style task switcher, fast application launcher, remove trash from previously installed applications and much more. ...

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