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S80 software categories

Miscellaneous Utilities (107)
Games and Entertainment (194)
Multimedia & Graphics (24)
Security & Encryption (36)
Internet (60)
Emulation (18)
Online services (2)
Programming, Development (26)
Finance & Business (46)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (11)
Home (7)
Corporate (13)
PC Programs (12)
Database Management (9)
Learning & Dictionaries (33)
Document Editors/Readers (25)
Food & Drinks (20)
Productivity (7)
Religion (10)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Health & Medicine (29)
Banking (4)
Contacts Management (6)
Anti-Virus (5)
Calculators & Math tools (16)
Localizations (17)
Time (18)
Runtimes (2)
Astronomy (2)
Agenda (8)
UI customization (5)
Software Bundles (2)
Other (3)
Professional tools (1)
Fonts (3)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (17)
Drivers (2)
Car (3)
Benchmarks (1)

Total: 812 programs

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Application(s) found

BtKey 9500/9300 by Yellow Computing
BtKey enables user to control smartphones with keyboards via Bluetooth wireless technology. Communication is encrypted, so sensitive information is protected. BtKey emulates some device-specific keys, making it possible to choose the proper layout for key...

Yellow FaxEditor by Yellow Computing
Do you know what the problem is with a received fax on the Nokia Communicator 9300/9500? You are able to view it, but it is not possible to add an annotation or to select a certain part of text. FaxEditor will change this. Receive faxes and edit them for ...

YData 9500/9300 by Yellow Computing
YData is a powerful database application which helps you to manage all kinds of data. Administrate/gather data with YData: Notes taken on meetings Your MP3-List Your CD collection Your monthly fuel costs Borrowed items (Books, Movies, CDs,...

YFTP 9500/9300 by Yellow Computing
YFTP is an FTP client and filemanager for your Nokia Communicator. You can use it to update your website at any time while you're away. With YFTP you can download and upload files of any kind (e.g. pictures, scripts, HTML, text) directly from your Comm...

YEdit for 9500/9300 by Yellow Computing
YEdit allows you to edit text based files directly on your mobile phone. You can create and edit INI-files, HTML-files, configuration files for your router, even Linux scripts and many more non-formatted files. One of the best options YEdit provides is th...

YCalc 9500/9300 by Yellow Computing
The universal calculator and converter for your NOKIA 9500/9300. This is what you need: a simple to operate calculator for the daily use on your Nokia Communicator. All functions are accessible via direct keys - no shift or other finger twisting is needed...

ProLingua 9500/9300 by Yellow Computing
The ProLingua Translator offers an extensive vocabulary of over 100,000 words and phrases, both German-English and English-German. It's database has a wide range, from common colloquial language to specialised business usage and many other topics. ...

YCALC by Yellow Computing
A simple to operate calculator for the daily use on your Nokia Communicator. All functions are accessible via direct keys - no shift or other finger twisting is needed. The features: Large 10-digit display Basic calculations and percent % Cur...

YCALC Skin Pack by Yellow Computing
Skins for YCALC application. Includes: 1 DaimlerChrysler Skin 2 Vodafone Skins. ...

GPS Locator by Yellow Computing
GPS Locator is an application for the automatic positioning of a Nokia Communicator with a GPS aerial connected to it. Ideally, the aerial should be connected to the Nokia car kit. As soon as the 9210 has been mounted in the vehicle, positioning can start...

YZIP by Yellow Computing
Yellow Computing has sent us a copy of their YZIP application for test. YZIP is a ZIP compressor/decompressor - similiar to WinZip. The most important advantage of this application is that it exists! This is the best proof that N9210 software market is...

Card Mover by Yellow Computing
Card Mover is an application designed to allow the easy transition of all the data from an used memory card to a newer, larger memory card. With a few very simple steps you can move the data directly from one card to the other. The complicated and time co...

YFTP by Yellow Computing
YFTP is a FTP client for N9210. First of all, YFTP was written in C++ which makes it very small (only 46 kB and max 500 kB of free RAM) and very quick. Now you can upload any kind of files from your Nokia Communicator directly to any FTP-Server. This c...

ProLingua by Yellow Computing
Pro'Lingua is a English-German and German-English dictionary containing 100.000 words and phrases. The range of vocabulary is very wide - from words used in common language to highly specialized business and scientific terms. Search function works like...

YEDIT by Yellow Computing
YEDIT is a text editor for Nokia 9210. Just like any other Yellow Computing software, it is small, fast and convenient. YEDIT lets you create and edit plain text files. It has all important functions of a text editor: cut/copy/paste, find/replace, font...

YPLAYER by Yellow Computing
YPLAYER is MP3 player for Nokia 9210 Communicator. It is still not available. Check for details and news....

ROTA 9210 by Yellow Computing

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