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S80 software categories

Miscellaneous Utilities (107)
Games and Entertainment (194)
Multimedia & Graphics (24)
Security & Encryption (36)
Internet (60)
Emulation (18)
Online services (2)
Programming, Development (26)
Finance & Business (46)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (11)
Home (7)
Corporate (13)
PC Programs (12)
Database Management (9)
Learning & Dictionaries (33)
Document Editors/Readers (25)
Food & Drinks (20)
Productivity (7)
Religion (10)
Diaries & Journals (3)
Health & Medicine (29)
Banking (4)
Contacts Management (6)
Anti-Virus (5)
Calculators & Math tools (16)
Localizations (17)
Time (18)
Runtimes (2)
Astronomy (2)
Agenda (8)
UI customization (5)
Software Bundles (2)
Other (3)
Professional tools (1)
Fonts (3)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (17)
Drivers (2)
Car (3)
Benchmarks (1)

Total: 812 programs

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Top rated Series 80 software:

(Up to twenty applications with the best user rating / number-of-votes ratio. Only applications with more than 50 votes are shown)

PuTTY by Petteri Kangaslampi in Internet
PuTTY is a free SSH client developed by Simon Tatham and others. This is a port to the Nokia 9200 Communicator series. The current version contains basic SSH protocol support, terminal emulation, and a bare-bones user interface. More documentation is avai...   User rating: 90%, 89 votes, Ratio: 9.4607

Advanced Call Manager by WebGate in Miscellaneous Utilities
You are busy, constantly in important meetings and discussions and your mobile is always ringing in a bad moment? All you need is the Advanced Call Manager. It will handle the incoming calls for you and personalize your approach to the callers - answer wi...   User rating: 90%, 57 votes, Ratio: 9.2807

Pocket Quran by Jalal in Religion
The complete Holy Quran in Arabic for Nokia 9200 series for FREE. Pocket Quran runs natively on Symbian OS and does not require Arabic support. The text has full "Tashkeel" and is displayed using large, easily readable letters. Fast scrolling and display....   User rating: 80%, 179 votes, Ratio: 8.3296


Doom 9210 by WildPalm in Games and Entertainment
Wild Palm has also released their own implementation of Doom for 9210. The game works very smoothly and needs less operating memory than CDoom by Hannu Viitala. Additionally, it supports 4-channel sound and is compatible with all Doom versions. Below you ...   User rating: 70%, 55 votes, Ratio: 7.8727

Triple Pop by Nokia in Games and Entertainment
Struggle to keep control as energy balls come at you from all directions! The challenge is to keep gaining energy without expanding beyond the core. Use the power balls to release extra energy and keep the core from growing too large. ...   User rating: 70%, 62 votes, Ratio: 7.7742

iDesk by Arjen Broeze & Roman Keller in Miscellaneous Utilities
iDesk is a small but extremely powerful application that allows you to organize all your files, folders and URLs in an easy folder structure for quick access. iDesk also provides customizable hotkeys for every internal function, application, file or folde...   User rating: 70%, 51 votes, Ratio: 7.6471

Infrared Remote Control by PSI NT (Psiloc) in Miscellaneous Utilities
All multimedia devices around your home are now controllable using your mobile phone. The TV, HiFi set, CD, VCR and DVD player can be all controlled by your Communicator. You will not have to fight with your family members for a remote control anymore - y...   User rating: 70%, 106 votes, Ratio: 7.3208

3D MotoRacer by Digital Red in Games and Entertainment
After the 7650/3650 edition and P800 edition of 3D MotoRacer, Digital-Red now bring this most popular game to 9210/9290 users. MotoRacer 3D is the first RunTime 3D game published by Digital-Red on Nokia 9210/9290 devices. The development of the game took ...   User rating: 60%, 83 votes, Ratio: 6.8916

CellTrack by in Miscellaneous Utilities
CellTrack Light is able to track the position of your mobile. It uses internal information of the GSM operator. Information consists of MCC, MNC, Local Area Code and Cell-Id. Each location can be named either manually or automatically. CellTrack Light can...   User rating: 60%, 57 votes, Ratio: 6.6842

C2Doom by Markus Mertama in Games and Entertainment
Doom1 is a 1993 computer game developed by id Software, and one of the most seminal titles in the first-person shooter genre. Combining immersive 3D graphics with graphic violence, it became both controversial and immensely popular (Wikipedia). C2Doom ...   User rating: 60%, 61 votes, Ratio: 6.6721

VirusScan Wireless by McAffee in Anti-Virus
Delivering virus protection for all leading wireless platforms, McAfee, a division of Network Associates, Inc., announced that its VirusScan Wireless product will provide anti-virus support for the Nokia 9210 Communicator currently shipping in Europe, and...   User rating: 60%, 99 votes, Ratio: 6.5455

GT Car Racing by Bitween Soluzione in Games and Entertainment
Bitween Soluzione are currently working on a new great game for Nokia 9210/9290 and 7650/3650 called GT Car Racing. Below you can find some screenshots. The game will be available soon from our site. ...   User rating: 60%, 89 votes, Ratio: 6.4607

PVPlayer by PacketVideo in Multimedia & Graphics
PacketVideo's PVPlayer is a wireless, color streaming-video application. PVPlayer supports video clips in MPEG-4 format and GSM-AMR audio and can support data-transfer rates ranging from 9.6 to 384 Kbps with resultant frame rates of 1 to 30 fps in 192-by-...   User rating: 60%, 87 votes, Ratio: 6.3908

Al-Moazen by GlobeSoft in Religion
Al-Moazen, prayer alarm and qebbla compass software, is now available on Nokia 9500. It has nice user interface, English and Arabic, Qebbla compass and new Sun compass, 4 different AZAN sounds. User can select new sound for alarm. Al-Moazen, now w...   User rating: 60%, 80 votes, Ratio: 6.1750

Rebooter by Roman Keller in Miscellaneous Utilities
With Rebooter you can reboot your Nokia 9500/9300 or 9210/9290 Communicator just by pressing a button, without having to remove the battery. ...   User rating: 50%, 85 votes, Ratio: 5.8824

MultiMedia Player by PSI NT (Psiloc) in Multimedia & Graphics
MultiMedia Player (MMP) is an audio player for Nokia 9210 Communicator. It supports a wide range of audio formats: MP3, WAV, RA, AU, SND etc. MutiMedia Player has many advantages over the default system player. It supports playlists, random order, repe...   User rating: 50%, 52 votes, Ratio: 5.8077

MP3Go by in Multimedia & Graphics has made the first MP3 player for Nokia 9210 Communicator called MP3Go. Main features: Supports MPEG-1 layer 3 files with 64k/128k/256k/320k bit rate Listen using loudspeaker, headset or phone speaker Auto pause and resume songs wit...   User rating: 50%, 173 votes, Ratio: 5.7919

OggPlay by Leif H. Wilden in Multimedia & Graphics
OggPlay is an audio player for Series 80 devices. Oggplay is able to use standard Symbian MMF plugins. MMF (Multimedia Framework) is a feature of Symbian Operating System (SOS) that allows (among other things) 3rd parties to use audio decoder plugins. Wit...   User rating: 50%, 66 votes, Ratio: 5.7727

RealOne Player by Real Networks in Multimedia & Graphics
Mobile RealPlayer is a wireless version of RealPlayer for workstations. After installing Mobile RealPlayer one get access to RealVideo and RealAudio files. In current version it only supports playing *.ra and *.rm files in offline mode, but there is a new...   User rating: 50%, 89 votes, Ratio: 5.5730

F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus with Firewall by F-Secure in Anti-Virus
F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus is the most comprehensive solution in the market for protecting mobile devices against harmful content, from undesired messages to malfunctioning applications. It provides real-time on-device protection with automatic over-the-a...   User rating: 50%, 52 votes, Ratio: 5.5192


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