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PowerFile by Symbianware


PowerFile is the most powerful file manager ever developed for Nokia Communicator and Series 90 smartphone. The application is fast and easy to use and offers many essential and additional functions like create und unpack zip archives.

  • Two panels view: in this mode both left and right panels will be switched to list view
  • Explorer style view: in this mode one of the panels will become a list view and another one - a tree view!
  • Quick info: this informational panel shows information about the selected file in the other panel
  • Drive info: this informational panel shows information about the current disk in the other panel
  • Swap panels
  • Zoom in/out (hot key: Chr+Up/Down)

  • Copy/Move: copy/move selected file(s) or/and folder(s) to the other panel. If a file cannot be copied/moved to the other panel, it is moved to clipboard, and after that it can copied/moved to a desired place by selecting Paste command
  • Cut: cut selected file(s) or/and folder(s)
  • Paste: paste copied or cut file(s) or/and folder(s)
  • Rename: rename file or folder
  • New folder: create new folder
  • Delete: delete all selected file(s) or/and folder(s)
  • Set Attr: set attributes of files or/and folders. This function works recursively - it sets attributes for all files in subfolders.
  • Add shortcut: assign a folder shortcut. With the help of this feature you can navigate fast in PowerFile. E.g., if you assign a shortcut to "Shortcut 'Shift+1'" you can press Shift+1 to open a previously selected folder. In order to create a shortcut use Ctrl+Shift+N (N is digit from 0 to 9)
  • File searching
  • Create new archive

File(s) or folder(s) selection:
  • Mark/Unmark
  • Mark all
  • Unmark all
  • Invert selected.

Send file(s) via:
  • Infrared
  • Bluetooth
  • Email
  • MMS.

Sort order:
  • None
  • Name
  • Extention
  • Size
  • Date
  • Type
  • Descended
  • Folders first.

Other features:
  • Custom colors for different files
  • Mailbox filter
  • Use MIME recognizer to retrieve file icon
  • Show/hide system folder
  • Show/hide ROM drives.

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