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S90 software categories

Miscellaneous Utilities (12)
Document Editors/Readers (3)
Programming, Development (2)
Religion (3)
Multimedia & Graphics (5)
PC Programs (2)
Internet (8)
Emulation (4)
Games & Entertainment (14)
Security & Encryption (3)
Learning & Dictionaries (3)
UI customization (1)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (4)
Calculators & Math tools (1)
Antivirus (2)
Benchmarks (1)
Localizations (1)
Fonts (1)
Time (1)

Total: 71 programs

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Top rated Series 90 software:

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Super Miners by Infinite Dreams in Games & Entertainment
New game from creators of best selling SkyForce! Join Miss Rusty and Dr. Drill in their incredible underground adventure. Help them finding treasures hidden in the mines all around the world. Incredible graphics and sound, over 100 levels to complete,...   User rating: 70%, 45 votes, Ratio: 7.3778

Explode Arena by Infinite Dreams in Games & Entertainment
Addictive gameplay perfectly suited for bluetooth mobile segment. Based on proven classic games like Bomberman and Dynablaster. Jump into the first true multiplayer action game available for mobile phones. Up to 4 players can play via Bluetooth. If there ...   User rating: 70%, 45 votes, Ratio: 7.1778

Sky Force by Infinite Dreams in Games & Entertainment
Famous S60 shooter now available for the Nokia 7710! Ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. See how to push the limits of your Nokia 7710 to the ma...   User rating: 70%, 81 votes, Ratio: 7.0123


Pocket Quran by Jalal in Religion
The complete Holy Quran in Arabic for Series 90 (e.g. Nokia 7710) for free. Pocket Quran runs natively on Symbian OS and does not require Arabic support. The text has full "Tashkeel" Fast scrolling and display. Includes verse numbers, division markers and...   User rating: 70%, 79 votes, Ratio: 7.0000

S90Capture by in Miscellaneous Utilities
With S90Capture you can make a screenshot of Nokia 7700/7710 screen and save it as JPEG picture. ...   User rating: 60%, 22 votes, Ratio: 6.8182

Marble Manic by Mabax Interactive in Games & Entertainment
Marble shooting arcade with 4 game modes, special items, fun bonus rounds, online highscore system and much, much more. Marble Manic is the ultimate stress relief game, combined with playing-modes that need fast reflexes and sharp mind. 4 different...   User rating: 60%, 22 votes, Ratio: 6.5909

Picodrive by Neil Davis in Emulation
Picodrive is a Sega Megadrive/Genesis emulator. It was originally developed by Dave of Final Burn for the PocketPC. This version is for Symbian OS Series 90 devices. Usage: Up/Down/Left/Right - use the pad. A/B/C - use the keys on the right hand ...   User rating: 60%, 168 votes, Ratio: 6.4405

TaskSpy by in Miscellaneous Utilities
TaskSpy is a task manager for Symbian devices. It allows you to get more control over running applications on your phone. You can quickly switch, close, kill applications, processes and threads, free unused memory, track cpu load and free memory, and many...   User rating: 60%, 29 votes, Ratio: 6.3793

MapViewGPS by Wild Mobile in Maps / Navigation / GPS
MapViewGPS is an advanced navigation and moving map software for Symbian OS smartphones. Main features of MapViewGPS: 100% compatible with OziExplorer maps and data files. Can read and write .plt, .wpt, .map, .names files Create and calibrate b...   User rating: 60%, 65 votes, Ratio: 6.2308

Best FullScreenCaller by Smartphoneware in Miscellaneous Utilities
Best FullScreenCaller shows a big picture and detailed information about the contact during incoming and outgoing calls. It has many options allowing easy customization of "incoming/outgoing call dialog". Best FullScreenCaller features: Full cust...   User rating: 60%, 57 votes, Ratio: 6.0175

Agile Messenger by Agile Mobile in Internet
Agile Messenger is an Instant Messenger for your Series 90 mobile telephone supporting ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, QQ and Wireless Village. Agile Messenger is the most feature rich and versatile Instant Messenger for mobile phones on the market today. Agile...   User rating: 50%, 53 votes, Ratio: 5.9057

Pocket Oxford Dictionary by Mobile Systems in Learning & Dictionaries
Click here for full list of available languages. This is a reissue of the ninth edition of the world's longest-established pocket dictionary by Oxford University Press. It is one of the new generation Oxford dictionaries derived from the database of th...   User rating: 50%, 21 votes, Ratio: 5.9048


Best CallRecorder by Smartphoneware in Miscellaneous Utilities
Best CallRecorder allows you to record easily and conveniently all or selected incoming and outgoing phone calls. Multiple rules let you define automatically and interactively whether to record a conversation or not. Best CallRecorder can also delete old ...   User rating: 50%, 36 votes, Ratio: 5.8611

Mobile Media Maker by Makayama Software in Multimedia & Graphics
This software lets you convert films, TV and other video to your phone and watch it in great quality in full screen landscape mode. A memory card as small as 128 MB is sufficient to store a full length feature film or 100 minutes of home movies or TV reco...   User rating: 50%, 55 votes, Ratio: 5.8545

Nokia 7710 Theme Studio by Nokia in PC Programs
Nokia 7710 Theme Studio for Symbian OS is a PC tool for creating themes for Nokia 7710 smartphone. A theme is a definition for the appearance of the phone's user interface. With the tool, a user can create, edit, and view themes to customize wallpaper, ap...   User rating: 50%, 233 votes, Ratio: 5.8197

Sky Force Reloaded by Infinite Dreams in Games & Entertainment
The best Nokia 7710 shooter is back again with more levels, more graphics, more music, more ACTION! Have you played the original Sky Force? Loved it? This one will bring even more enjoyment! Incredible graphics, sound quality and pure fun! Featur...   User rating: 50%, 33 votes, Ratio: 5.7879

Best BlackList by Smartphoneware in Miscellaneous Utilities
Automatically rejects unwanted callers. Real-time incoming number analysis and instant reject. Easy to configure and use. Your phone will be always busy for unwelcome calls! Best Blacklist highlights: Real-time incoming number analysis. When you h...   User rating: 50%, 38 votes, Ratio: 5.7368

Super GoBoy by WildPalm in Emulation
Super GoBoy is the original Gameboy Color Emulator for your Nokia 7710 - play thousands of GameBoy classics! Features: Emulates all GameBoy and GameBoy Color roms Full quality sound support, with volume control Runs games directly from Inb...   User rating: 50%, 30 votes, Ratio: 5.6667

Nokia 7710 Themes by Mumu Designs in UI customization
Mumu Designs offer a very rich selection of Nokia 7710 themes, both free and commercial ones. Below are some example screens. Click here for full list of available themes. ...   User rating: 50%, 81 votes, Ratio: 5.6543

Best FileMan by Smartphoneware in Miscellaneous Utilities
This application is a quick and handy File Manager with all the necessary functions, which also lets you create and unpack Zip archives. ...   User rating: 50%, 23 votes, Ratio: 5.6087


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