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  Nokia 7700 in short
- Not available commercially
- Symbian OS 7.0s
- Series 90 1.0
- 16-bit, 640x320 pixels
- touch sensitive screen
- MMC memory card expansion
- VGA camera
- Tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Bluetooth and USB
- handwriting recognition
- built-in FM radio
- stereo sound
- support for themes
- 150 MHz ARM-9 based CPU
- 32 MB RAM (18 MB free)
- 90 MB storage memory
  Series 90
Designed for high-end mobile devices with high-resolution, touch-sensitive color screens - the largest ever available on a Nokia handset - Developer Platform for Series 90 is a complete and feature-rich development platform providing an excellent environment for media consumption, mobile services and a true Internet experience. Included in Series 90 is an intuitive new touch-screen graphical user interface (UI) based on a 640x320 pixel screen with 65536 colors. The UI features interactive onscreen components, such as handwriting recognition and an Onscreen/Virtual keyboard, enabling the user to control a device with a stylus or hardware keys. Series 90 also features customizable skins, allowing users to easily change the entire graphical look of their device.


General data:

  • Product name: Nokia 7700
  • Dimensions: 165 cc, 133.7 x 79.5 x 21.6 mm
  • Weight: 183 g
  • Bands: GSM 900/1800/1900
  • Antenna: built-in
  • Speech coding: HR, FR, EFR (where available)
  • SIM card: small plug-in card, 3V or 5V
  • Operating system: Symbian OS v7.0s with Series 90 1.0 User Interface
  • Processor: 32-bit RISC ARM9 based @ 150 MHz
  • Operating memory: 32 MB (18 MB free)
  • ROM size: 32 MB
  • Internal user storage memory: ~90 MB
  • External storage: Multimedia Cards
  • Talk time: up to 3-4 hours
  • Standby time: up to 10-11 days
  • Battery and Charging time: BP-5L (1300 mAh Li-Polymer), up to 2 hours
  • HSCSD maximum data rate: 44,1 kbps
  • GPRS: multislot class 10 (4+2, max 5)
  • E-GPRS: multislot class 4 (3+1)
  • Screen type: TFT, touch sensitive, back-light
  • Display size: 640x320 pixels, 81x41 mm. Partial mode display (640 x 48 pixels) for saving power.
  • Colour resolution: 16 bit, 65536 colors. Adjustable brightness and contrast.
  • Audio: stereo
  • Input: Touch-screen, pen-based input with stylus and/or finger. On-screen keyboard and virtual dial pad, Handwriting recognition
  • Physical Keys: Scroll key (up, down, left, right, select), Back/Cancel key, Home (Apps) key, Menu key, 2 application specific keys, Call key, End/Exit key, Voice key, Power key
  • Third party application support: C++, Java Personal Profile, Java MIDP 2.0, OPL


  • Handsfree options: Built-in speakerphone, Portable handsfree, Bluetooth headset, Stereo headset
  • Picture phone book: Picture of contact when making outgoing call; Picture of caller when incoming call CLI matches entry in Contacts; Pictures of contacts shown on speed dial
  • Personal ringtones: Sound clips as personal ringtones and alerts: MP3, AAC, AMR, MIDI, RMF, WAV and RealAudio
  • Voice control: Voice dialling, Voice recorder
  • Other features: Access most applications whilst on a phone call, Flight mode (use 7700 as a PDA in locations where radio transmitters must be switched off), SIM Application Toolkit, USSD, ALS (Alternate Line Selection), Visual Radio, Office applications

PDA features:

  • PIM: Contacts, extensive calendar, calculator
  • Timed profiles
  • Extensive calendar
  • Office: Word processor, Sheet, and MS Powerpoint viewer; calculator
  • To Do list (up to 30 entries)
  • Automatic key guard
  • Alarm clock
  • Extensive converter
  • Flight mode: all radio-related activities turned off

Integrated camera:

  • Image size - still camera: VGA (640x480 pixels), 2x digital zoom
  • Storage format - still camera: JPEG/JFIF, 3 quality (compression) levels, user-selectable
  • Video recording: NO
  • Other features: 2x digital zoom.

Images (Image viewer):

  • Formats: JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, MBM, PNG, TIFF/F, and animated GIF formats
  • Sharing via: Bluetooth, MMS, email, PC file transfer, Memory card

Sketch (Image Editor):

  • Usage: Available from the Pictures application and when composing MMS messagesEdit images (crop, zoom, rotate, and flip) and draw your own. Add images to contacts or send them (via MMS, email or Bluetooth).

Video Player:

  • File format: MPEG4, H.263

Music Player:

  • File format: supports MP3, AAC, RealAudio 7 and 8, WAV, MIDI, and AMR file types
  • Audio: Stereo via PopPort compatible stereo headphones


  • SMS: create, send, edit, and receive text messages (SMS). The browser also supports SMS Tags, so you can trigger SMS requests from within the browser.
  • MMS: send and receive messages containing text, images, audio and video. Supports the 3GPP SMIL profile, which allows you to send short presentations via MMS.
  • Email: Access your work and private email accounts; supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and APOP protocols; Push email.

Document viewers:

  • Onboard: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, plain text
  • Also available: Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer, Mobipocket Reader

Internet browser:

  • Languages: HTML and xHTML Opera browser
  • WAP version: WAP 2.0
  • Features: supports Macromedia Flash 6, Javascript and SMS Tags
  • Enhancements: Download plugins for your mobile browser
  • DRM: OMA DRM - forward lock for content protection

User personalisation:

  • Wallpapers
  • Ringtones
  • Skins


  • Pop-Port: USB connection
  • Bluetooth: data and audio connections, up to 10 meters (33 feet)
  • Supported profiles: Serial Port, Dial-Up Networking, Object Push, File Transfer, Handsfree


  • Remote: SyncML
  • Local: PC Suite 6.x
  • Protocol: SyncML 1.1.1

Visual Radio:

  • Listen to music and interact with your favorite radio stations
  • Find out what song is playing, who sings it, and other artist information
  • Enter contests and answer surveys, vote for your favorite songs
  • Download the songs you buy direct to your phone

Call Management:

  • Click-to-talk: Easy dialing with the touch screen interface
  • Contacts: Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and email details per entry; also supports thumbnail pictures and groups
  • Speed dialing
  • Logs: Keeps lists of your dialed, received, and missed calls
  • Automatic redial
  • Voice dialing
  • Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer
  • Automatic and manual network selection
  • Caller identification with image
  • Closed User Group
  • Supports Fixed Dialing Number, which allows calls only to predefined numbers
  • Conference call (chair and up to 5 participants)

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