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  Motorola A925 in short
- Symbian OS 7.0
- UIQ 2.0
- 16-bit screen
- 8 MB internal memory
- MMC/SD memory cards
- Integrated VGA camera
- Built-in A-GPS
- Java MIDP 1.0
- Personal Java
- Bluetooth
- Only available in "3" network
UIQ is a customizable pen-based user interface platform for media-rich mobile phones based on Symbian OS. UIQ offers users enchanting interaction through its pen-based user interface and large display. It is designed to offer easy access to the wide variety of data services in 2.5 and 3G networks. UIQ phones use large, touch sensitive screens (208-240*320 pixels, 12 or 16-bit color). The latest UIQ 2.1 release brings advanced UI personalisation with Themes, Java MIDP 2.0 and enhanced multimedia and network support.

Motorola A925 Communicator - First impressions

Motorola A925 is an improved version of the A920 model. The most important change is that the A925 is now "unlocked", which means that it allows downloading and installing Symbian OS UIQ applications without '3' certification.

The A925 has the same weight (212 g) and size (148.5 x 60 x 24 mm) as its predecessor. Battery life has been slightly improved (from 70 to 90 hours). The user interface is still based on the UIQ 2.0 version, which means no themes support. Bluetooth is now unlocked and can be used for data and audio connectivity.

The Motorola A925 is the second 3G smartphone to be developed jointly by Motorola and 3. Based on the UIQ user interface it incorporates a touch screen and handwriting technology. The A925 features 2-way video calling, video streaming and downloading, location-based services with built in AGPS, Java gaming and advanced PDA functionality. Please, check the Motorola A920 page for more information that also applies to the A925 model.

Motorola A925 - PROs AND CONs

ADVANTAGES (compared to A920):
  • improved battery life (from 70 to 90 hours)
  • unlocked - possibility of installing applications without '3' certificates
  • working Bluetooth hardware
  • still big and heavy
  • still short battery life
  • UIQ 2.0 and not 2.1
  • external antenna
  • only available in "Three" networks

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