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UIQ 2.x software

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Total: 1215 programs
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Emulators for Symbian OS 7 UIQ devices

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Alfonso Martone
ZX Spectrum Emulator   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    4 comments

This Spectrum emulator: emulates the Sinclair Zx Spectrum 48k at full speed; it's written in C++ almost from scratch; uses direct-screen for maximum graphics performance; f...
eCast   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    3 comments

eCast is an Atari ST emulator for UIQ devices. The emulator is currently in a very early alpha stage and many functions still do not work. See description attached t...
EswanUIQ   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    2 comments

EswanUIQ a Wonderswan emulator. WonderSwan is a handheld console made by Bandai. It is only available in Japan. ...
Ed Cross
GoBoy SE   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    6 comments

GoBoy SE is a Gameboy emulator for the Sony Ericsson Pxxx mobile phone series. It is based on the GoBoy800 done by AnotherGuest and DanVan, and GoBoy for Series 60 done by Wildpalm...
Snes9x UIQ   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    6 comments

Snes9x UIQ is a port of well known Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is actually based on OpenSnes9xGP, modified Snes9x for GP32 handheld, which had parts of it adapted to / ...
Peter van Sebille
EMame   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    13 comments

MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with a game's data files (ROMs), MAME will more or less faithfully reproduce that game on your P800. MAME...
Emu48E   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    3 comments

Emu48E is a freeware emulator of the HP 48/49 calculator for Symbian OS. ...
ENes for UIQ   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    9 comments

After Steve released his ENes port for Motorola A92x/A1000 phones, SomeOne (a.k.a AnotherGuest) quickly 'fixed' it to work on all UIQ phones. And here it is: NES emulator for UIQ. ...
Frodo   Freeware!   User rating: 90%    12 comments

E32 Frodo is a Commodore 64 emulator for the SonyEricsson P800. Now you can run all those great 8-bit C-64 games right on your phone! Frodo works in both "squeezed" and full...
FrotzUIQ    User rating: 60%    

Enjoy Infocom adventures on your UIQ smartphone. As well as the classic Infocom games such as Zork Series, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Enchanter Trilogy and A Mind Forever Vo...
GoBoy800   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    21 comments

GoBoy800 is a GameBoy color emulator for the Sony Ericsson P800. Currently it is still in early alpha stage, but even now it works just fine. Just select your ROM file when emulato...
PicoDrive   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    23 comments

PicoDrive is a MegaDrive/Genesis emulator for UIQ ported by SomeOne from Dave's original PicoDrive. It uses Cyclone 68000 as the CPU core. It's very much in an alpha state, but som...
Sarien   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    8 comments

Sarien is an interpreter for the first generation of Sierra online adventure games. Supported games: Leisure suit Larry 1 Policequest 1 Space quest 1 Space quest 2 Manhunt...
SMSPlus   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    12 comments

SMSPlus is a Sega Master System and Sega GameGear emulator with full sound. Controls are pretty the same as in GoBoy800 emulator. SMSPlus for P800 was ported from Charles Ma...
Sprawl & SomeOne
EScummVM   Freeware!   User rating: 90%    13 comments

ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: Scum...
Steves Projects
EGBoy for Motorola A920   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    4 comments

This is a heavily modified port of the WildPalm's Goboy emulator for the Series 60 platform. It incorporates pieces of code from several of Peter van Sebille projects. Also, it inc...
EMame for Motorola A920   Freeware!   User rating: 50%    6 comments

This is a port of Mame for the A92x. This port is almost entirely based on the port to the P800/P900 done by Peter van Sebille. The changes to Peter's version 1.2 port are: An up...
ENes for the A920/A925/A1000   Freeware!   User rating: 50%    7 comments

This is a port of the DarcNES NES emulator to the A92x & A1000. It incorporates pieces of code from several of Peter van Sebille projects and some of Steve's own work. This port on...
T. Lienhard
ZX-81 Emulator   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    3 comments

ZX-81 Emulator is Sinclair ZX-81 emulator for UIQ written in Personal Java. Further information and download on the developer's web site....
White Cloud Software
Spectrian    User rating: 80%    5 comments

Spectrian is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator for UIQ phones. Features: Emulates the Spectrum 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A High quality sound support including the 128K sound ...

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